V76 Preamplifier

V76 Preamplifier



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V76 Preamplifier


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P. Nichols

30. Juni 2020

HiFi Sounds

Brings things to life with texture and clarity. Many tube emulations have a starved-plate vibe but the V76’s sonic character aligns with my experiences with higher-end and well-maintained outboard tube gear.

Have only used it on mixdown so far on drum and vocal busses and jazzy guitar DI tracks to create glorious tube heat. Am pairing it with UAD Fairchild on toms for “that” sound. Hasn’t been the right tool yet for the bass on these sessions but has found its way onto the master bus

J. Schwab

16. Juni 2020

low end!

adds nice low end, when used as a DI for electric bass. better in that regard than any other of the unison preamps, as far as my experience goes.

G. Thompson

29. Mai 2020


Smooth silky saturation. This is such a simple preamp but adds a beautiful feeling and texture so vocals. One of my first unison preamps and I’m loving it so far!

S. Shaw

22. Mai 2020

Love its saturation

V76 has rich saturation content and when out of ideas, I try this and sometimes it does the magic! I love it the most on bass when it is too weak in the mix. It makes things so much fuller.

A. Escribano

3. Mai 2020

Really GOOD!

I love it on practically Everything. Guitars, Drums (what a room sound, man), bass and specially vocals.
In my opinion the best, most musical preamp distortion you'll get. So close to using its hardware counterpart.


29. April 2020


This preamp should be called INSTANT HAPPINESS


29. April 2020


This preamplifier should be called instant happiness

Y. Zhang

27. April 2020



C. Jolley

25. April 2020


The best in the box pre-amp I have. Slap it on anything with a microphone and it's improved. Just lovely.

s. Pfeiffer

25. April 2020

Whaa? Tube "warmth"

I don't know if even half these reviews make any sense! Do people read tube and assume warmth? my engineers and I did a double-blind test at the studio with my six other UA pre's-flat, no EQ, and the V76 by far had the most presence Hi-Fi, yes. but Warm-No. It came in last place with 3 trained studio ears in that test. As UA claims it is truly "Hi-FI' sounding, and has a cutting presence. I'm sure it could be eq'd or run to a tape plug in biased to sound warm to produce a warm character. And I believe, (it wasn't used with a bass that it might shine on.) It's cool that you can drive it into a "Revolution" type distortion as well. But Warmth, uh, uh, that's the last thing to expect. Still killer for the hi-fi clarity and presence, but you can't believe everything you read from these reviews. Go ahead-demo it, see what you find...

R. Daniel

25. April 2020

Awesome piece!!!

One day I had to record a cello and had no API or SSL preamps and I reached out to a friend who had this. He was welcoming to let me bring my session over and tracked thru this pre... the results were phenomenal... I'm now a proud owner of this plugin!!


1. April 2020

Was cheap so I thought id give it a go!

Nice, smooth, does its job.

F. Lockwood

28. März 2020


Donne une très belle couleur !

a. kamal

26. März 2020

Great sounding product

I use the originals and was curious how the emulations sound. Hooked up a pair of KM 84s to record an acoustic steel string(Santa Cruz OM-M) for a song I am producing. Compared the tracks and then decided on using the UAD versions which sounded identical albeit without the hiss, which was a bit more on the hardware tracks. Very,very good version, easy to use,fantastic results. Another one which goes into my Gallery of the Great Plugs!

J. Heywood

25. März 2020


Probably the best of the pre amps to my ears. Basic operation but very instant satisfaction- warmth, character and saturation. Favourite at the moment with the Avalon a close second. Well done UA- another winner.

j. mouflin

20. März 2020

My favorite UAD preamp!

Yes, I tried everything and my favorites are this v76 and the API channel strip. 2 different beasts, and the v76 is the warmer, phatter unison pre for my ears (helios isn't far though...) with that slight rounding thing done to the transient. When you push it, the saturation is very nice too.
Simple and efficient!

UAD User

17. März 2020

My Review V76

This preamp makes my Neumann TL103 sound like a 87 ai.


7. Februar 2020


Used to record particularly difficult vocal for an album track. Took one take and a couple of drop ins to make a performance that was made at speech volume into the weighty centre of a mix with piano, electric guitar, drums and big effects. Little post processing required. Clean and natural response. Very pleased.

e. nolte

4. Februar 2020


I love this preamp for recording vocals, guitar, and synths. I am especially fond of the golden era tone preset. I feel spoiled to have so many preamps at my disposal and there are so many beautiful choices. Out of all of them, I find myself drawn to this simple little golden gem more often than not

D. Widmar

31. Januar 2020

Stunning, Stupendous, Incredible

I've heard a handful of top end hardware preamps over the years, and I own a few. I was A/B ing some preamps and came to this and literally, my jaw dropped and I started laughing. I was floored with how rich and analog this thing sounded. This preamp definitely has color and character to it, but its so rich and detailed and silky smooth I could not believe I was hearing a plug in. It instantly brought my thoughts back to the days of some of the best singers, and with it a laugh and a big smile. It just blew me a way. Incredible.

1-20 von 104 Ergebnisse

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