UAD-2 Live Rack

UAD-2 Live Rack

This product has been discontinued. Please visit our UAD Accelerators page for similar options.

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UAD-2 Live Rack


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M. Louis

12. September 2021

UAD Live Rack - WTF Happened

Looking at this Live Rack for a few years, exactly what I needed. Bought the Rack "Brand New", found out it was unsupported, sent it straight back. Very Disappointed.

F. Darnell

19. Juli 2021

I sent four of these racks back quite quickly...

These racks are not future proof unless UAD updates the software to be able to work with chip-based Macs. The work-around does not work on the M1 computers.

越. 余

6. Juni 2021

Why no update?艹你

Need update for macOS Catalina !!!M****F**K uad

UAD User

2. Juni 2021

Discontinuing this product is a huge failure for UA

Abandoning the live industry is a terrible decision. As live mixers, we longed for this product. It has been an absolute game changer for live engineers. Sonically it’s far superior to anything else out there. But discontinuing updates, manufacturing, etc. is a huge failure on your part. Makes me rethink a lot of decisions I will make for my studio and how I will go forward with hardware and software there too.

UAD User

18. Mai 2021

This is a really stupid move

Thanks for alienating live engineers from your platform. This was and could’ve been and continued to be the best live plug in format available

UAD User

18. Mai 2021

This is a really stupid move

Thanks for alienating live engineers from your platform. This was and could’ve been and continued to be the best live plug in format available

N. Wood

3. Mai 2021


This thing could be such an awesome product line but it’s under powered and under developed. Come on UAD. Professionals want this to not suck

g. craveiro

10. Dezember 2020

LIVE RACK UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love UAD Products - but UAD ignores the Users of the Live Rack... NO UPDATES for a long time and i cannot use more than 4 Autotunes at the same time... Not enough power to use more??? Thats a shame for so much money... Time to change!??? Waves?
I'm really disappointed...

A. Nkosi

30. November 2020

No updates

After having purchased two of these units, I am really disappointed this platform does not get any latest updates of the plugins and Mac OS. It does not support the latest MacOS which is very disappointing.

We need updates please

z. cong

30. November 2020

macOS 10.15.6?

macOS 10.15.6?

C. Braun

24. November 2020

An expensive memory

There’s no question that UAD plugs are good but this unit has been left behind by UAD.

No updates to plugins for quite some time even as they come out for the studio accelerators and only “officially supported” by an old version of High Sierra, not even the most of to date version of HS shows that this extremely expensive quad processor is being neglected.

After asking about updates multiple times, the question is deflected with “not at this time”.

For something that had so much potential, I’m pretty disappointed with the purchase in the end. I had planned on getting a second but won’t be wasting my money.

Please apply updates ASAP and support the unit as you do the studio range. Show it some love!

M. Mayer

2. Oktober 2020

No updates since ages, totally neglected...

after investing € 3500 in plugins and € 3000 in the hardware, it is extremely disappointing to see that the live rack gets no updates at all. none of the newer plugins are working. it seems to me ua has abandoned this unit... very sad!

W. Schmidl

25. September 2019

Could be nice...

But the software ist very old and no updates. So all the new plugins are not working.

M. Correia

9. Juli 2019

Portugal Tour with Live Rack

This is now a game changing position for me.
I have all the processing I need with my 2x UAD Live Rack. Being a "parallel compression guy" this made my life a lot easier and better :) - Mário Correia / FOH / D.A.M.A

O. Söderlund

1. Mai 2019

Touring UAD-2 Live Rack with Zara Larsson 2019

On this 2019 Touring year we went for the UAD-2 Live Rack to take control over our vocal FX's backbone. And we are extremely happy with the sound and stability of the UAD-2 Live Rack. We use Allen&Heath dLive consoles with Super Made option cards. - Oscar Soederlund/ParashootFOH Zara Larsson


30. April 2019


3 Grand for the rack unit and it's only a UAD-Quad? Something like this should be specced as high as the most currently available UAD2 Satellite Octa - which 2/3's cheaper.

Also - the connectively for remote control is way too system specific and would have benefited from iOS or an embedded VNC Server (such as the Trinnov DMON series). That way *any* system or tablet could control it, Dramatically widening your customer base.

I would have loved to use this as part of my hybrid studio using dedicated MADI ADC/DACs like a ferrofish A32.. and mixed and matched signals fwith my real analog outboard.. but it just seems too cumbersome and underpowered for the money.

With these two factors, I'm sure these aren't flying off the shelf.

l. wade

10. April 2019

Dante and p.c.

why not make things for both platforms i got usb3 usbc and thunderbolt but cant switch from p.c to mac its a lot of money being spent on gear that wont interchange or please send me a link to fix this lol

t. xing

27. März 2019

Hope to update the 9.8 new version driver as soon as possible

Drivers are not well updated and supported

Why can't you support PC?

N. Wood

13. März 2019

Same great unit with a face lift!

Just as good as the ole Real Time Rack except needing a thunderbolt to USB-C adapter now. Can't wait for a more robust MK2

v. vemuri

26. Dezember 2018

why is UAD-2 Rack Live gadjet not for pc

are not loosing a big chunk of market by excluding PC music producers from using this gadget and denying them this privilege especially when windows 10 is the new favourite with music composers....!

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