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OTO® BISCUIT 8-bit Effects


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h. mayanja

13. Februar 2018

indispensable tool, for any edm producer

man lovee this tool on loops,snare,kicks you name it,i gave it one star less because of the dsp it takes of the uad2 card

P. Jonsson

14. Januar 2018

Great creative tool

Great creative plug-in for sculpting your sounds and songs

P. Marriott

13. Oktober 2017

I never knew how much I missed out until now...

The original hardware unit is owned by quite a few of my friends who are a part of the now wildly popular lo-fi hip-hop scene, but I always ignored and dismissed the unit as another trendy audio device that will pass.

Besides, isn't there all sorts of plugins that can do this stuff, Right? I was wrong... very wrong. The OTO Biscuit plugin changed my perspective in ways I never entertained before. I highly recommend it to anyone!

P. Perfetto

16. September 2017

Wild and unique

I have all of the UA plugins, and this is completely different. Really cool effects and noises, love it! Useful tool for electronic music producers. :)

K. Gleason

31. Juli 2017

Pretty fun for guitar

This one surprised me. I mainly use UAD plugs for guitar and got this one on a whim because I'm running out of modulation/special plugs to get from UAD. This can do some fantastic non-bitcrushing sounds. Drive is majorly bland and the filter is generic - get the Moog filter for that stuff. Softtube never seems to get these aspects right but the rest of the plug is very useful.

S. Park

18. Juli 2017

Creativity machine!!

Real one sounds Better than Demos??

M. A

14. Juli 2017

These FRENCH girls know how to bake COOKIES

Im in a relationship with BISCUIT also

S. Roth

30. Mai 2017

Most underrated - i love it

I thought this is just a bit reducer..but it's a great tool to freschen up the filter and delay. I was tired of more vintage compressors or eq's - this is a grea new direction for uad

A. Theunissen

2. Mai 2017


It looks great and you can get an awful lot of great sounds of this plugin. But compared to the hardware i own, it's got less "balls" especially the DRIVE knob. This drive makes everything come alive. I am a huge UA fan but this one thing just doesn't cut it. Will be using the hardware and not this plugin because of that. Hope they will update this one soon!

K. Smith

30. April 2017


What an amazing plug in. UA please give us more like this!
I have not tried the hardware which is no longer available however this plug is now part of my go to plugs regardless of vendor.
Sound quality superb, the modulation delay filtering crushing etc possiblilities are literally endless.
Super easy to find dynamic , musical, freaky creative effects on any part and to bring interest otherwise dull parts .
Use on anything synths,bass,vox,drums,loops it will transform the part to cut through any mix, use with midi controller for mind blowing live performance

S. Arocha Morton

29. April 2017

Absolutely spot on emulation!

I've been using the original for a few years now and was shocked when I saw this, and skeptical. After A/Bing I can tell you they modeled the filter and converters spot on. For any veteran users of the hardware, one of the quirks was if you add very little gain starving the drive, it calm most gates the sound, I was floored that they captured this, incredible.

C. Blackledge

19. April 2017


Never owned the hardware version of this but can safely say, this is the best sounding bit crushing plug-in I've ever heard but also the most in-depth too.
Lots of possibilties and choice. All in all, a big thumbs up.

M. L

17. April 2017

Wow !

Use to own one now i own one again...

P. Mousley

12. April 2017

Fun on the fly

I owned the hardware version of Biscuit and loved the hands-on live manipulation capabilities. The Softube/UAD version has the same feel, especially if you assign parameters to a MIDI controller. Still a unique take on filtering and mangling. Cannot imagine life without this.

C. Witt

8. April 2017

Modern Art

This is a real creativity enhancer. A awesome modern, classic, sound design engine! A must have.

T. Frederiksen

29. März 2017

absolutely great

Probably the best FX plugin I've ever tried. Brings life to electronic productions like nothing else.

R. Graterol

19. März 2017

lo-fi heaven

This can help your lifeless soft synths come to live. There are so many organic and dirty textures on this thing. I bought it shortly after trying it. It can be very musical as well. I'm happy that UAD released a creative tool like this, not another mixing tool, now I can track with it in my apollo and print it in my DAW. Love it.

R. Graterol

19. März 2017

This is a fantastic sound design tool

I bought this a few minutes after trying it. It's simply unreal. So many organic dirty textures on this thing and it's super versatile, it can be very musical as well and can warm up digital synths very good. It's just great that I can now track with this effect in my apollo and print it in my DAW. Finally a very textural and creative effect on the UAD range, not just mixing tools.

J. White

17. März 2017


I dropped the Biscuit on a drum buss aux send and it itstantly and easily added textures, grit and delays that I've never heard before. It seems to be targeted for EDM but I do HipHop and I will be using this beast.

R. Nagy

14. März 2017


I own the real one unit and what can I say?! You must own this plugin and hear it... enjoy
Very well done!

21-40 von 41 Ergebnisse