Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler


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Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler


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j. billson

27. Dezember 2015

Uad Vs waves cla-3a

I used the waves cla-3a for a long time before I decided to get this plug. It doesn't look as cool as the waves la-3a, but it does sound slightly better, and it can be dialed in much faster as you don't have to deal with the poor default gain staging of the waves version, which is important to me. Since I got this the waves cla-3a has seen zero usage. This is a great plugin that works in a lot of situations, and I personally think that everyone needs an la-3a flavor for mixing. At this point in time this plugin is my go to for la-3a compression. I know it's not a real important aspect, but I do wish it looked better, so I'm giving it 4 stars.

J. King

27. Dezember 2015

Great sound

Loving this plug ins for my bus tracks mainly for ad libs.

F. Ortiz

22. Dezember 2015

Excellent Plugin

I love this plugin, because it is very easy to use. Good quality sound and it is what I was looking for.

O. Sadle

20. Dezember 2015

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler Plug-In

I've been using this for about 30 days now and I've noticed that I tend to use this compressor when the 1176, LA-2A or Fairchild just isn't right. Operates like the realt thing!

F. Ortiz

18. Dezember 2015

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler / Makes my life easier

Definitely, this plugin together with LA2A and 1176 makes my life easier. Easy to use and a very good transparent sound.

E. Bugnut

15. Dezember 2015

Good On Guitar Busses

Got this for smoothing and evening out L/R balances of guitars on stereo busses. Does that perfectly. I preferred it to the Waves version which I found to be a little grungier.

Also useful on the occasional vocal.

UAD User

14. Dezember 2015

Great Fun!

I've only had the LA-3A for a short time, but it's so much fun. I tend to work in a fairly unsubtle fashion, and it's perfect for me, often with both knobs turned all the way up (I got that tip from watching one of the UA videos about the LA-3A). I find it's wonderful for lead guitar--especially one without much fuzz; it makes it really pop out. It doesn't work for everything I've tried it on, but it's great at helping a sound shove it's way through a noisy scenario. I resisted buying it for a long time, because it seemed so simple, but it's got something very interesting going on, especially when I push it pretty hard.

A. Gorman

14. Dezember 2015

La-3a and guitars!!

Great plugin version of a classic. My go to for guitars and occasionally it ends up on a vocal..

Gotta say I'm looking forward to a MkII and a bigger GUI!

A. Edenroth

14. Dezember 2015

Pure control

Holds my vocal tracks together without too much coloring.

L. Arcoraci

13. Dezember 2015


I use it in conjunction with other compressors to add that special depth to the Bass guitar.

D. Caruso

11. Dezember 2015

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler Plug-In

I find this plug-in usable for just about anything. You can't beat the price even though it is from the original suite of uad-2. UAD's plugins are always superior to anything out there. You can never have too many compressors and the ease of use and low over head on my solo flexi makes it usable on Drums and Acoustic and Electric Guitar are my favorites to use the LA-3A but it sounds good on everything. Great price too. This is a must have plug-in.

M. Park

9. Dezember 2015

UAD makes the best opto compressors

Makes my acoustic guitar sound classy and smooth. I'll sometimes double track an acoustic guitar part and have the LA-3A on one track and a UAD LA-2A on the other. Really gorgeous and lush, and makes the acoustic guitars gigantic sounding. I tried the Waves opto compressor plugs, but they didn't even come close to the UAD versions. Hard to go wrong here - it's simple, inexpensive, and sounds great.

E. Halterman

27. November 2015

LA3A Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Butter! Best way to describe this one is like a combo plate of a 1776 & LA2A, if that makes any sense? Nice plugin!

d. ralph

21. Oktober 2015

mixed bag

This sounds nothing like waves cla-3a IMO so if they are supposedly modelled upon the same compressor somebody is trekking porkies.
The UA version has a much much shorter attack, can trash most transients in about 3db gain reduction, which at times is perfectly wonderful. The waves version sounds more similar to UA la2a IMO. I own both and use both as they are both different enough, as to accuracy, jury is out

F. Torres

12. August 2015

Great COMP

I use mostly for voices and drums love it ! sound very similar to the CLA 3 A but way more solid than waves plugin !

R. Hartley

7. August 2015

Not Just Another Comp...

I already have the L2 and 1176 collections plus the Fairchilds; I really thought the LA3 couldn't keep up...until I tried it. This little compressor brings a sweetness to everything; try it on the output of your 224 or EMT140... Awesome.

UAD User

6. August 2015

Great Plugin, Easy to use sounds great

If you're liking for a good compressor that's quick and doesn't hog DSP this is it. Doesn't slow you down and once you learn it dialing things in becomes second nature. Great for sound design and the production stage.

M. Galletti

29. Juli 2015

Great Compressor, but new version please!

Man- this thing has it all. The La-3a is simple, practical and for some drum mixing, it is all it really needs to go through to get the job done. Really enjoy working with this! The only complaint is that the GUI is so dang small! My eyes are bad, but even with glasses, I find it hard to see. I hope the new version includes a larger screen! My EYES are not a fan, but my EARS love it!

H. Petersson

16. Mai 2015

Surprisingly good! But dated GUI.

This is really a good and clean sounding compressor plugin considering that it was released 8 years ago. I have never worked with the hardware unit so I can't say what's missing in this one, but it does a great job. I especially like it in series with another compressor on something like vocals.
The DSP usage is pretty low by todays standard. I fear that an MkII version would be a bit over the top in that regard. But the GUI really needs an update! It's way too tiny on a modern screen and looks really dated.

D. Morgan

29. März 2015


Excellent Comp/Limt in Optic

141-160 von 306 Ergebnisse