Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler


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Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler


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C. Colombo

17. Juni 2011

just the perfect tool
for vocals of course, or on guitars, bass, even to squash a drum bus....
it's amazing and simple to use.

two parameters, two switches, that 's all.
i love this plug in
in a rock track it's my "go to" compressor.

thanks UA !

S. Gora

16. Juni 2011

It can be used as a comp or as a limiter ...
What I like most is the next "round" it gives, i'is not a "transparent" plug feel when he is assigned to a track.
On low frequencies it's really very nice, with Eq upstream we come to cut the sound you want!

A. Bews

16. Juni 2011

Very nice emulation. I've put this on the master mix and always happy. Thanks UAD!

J. Newman

15. Juni 2011

The LA3 is my go to comp for electric guitars and background vox. I love to auto attack and release, it sounds really smooth for electric guitars.

C. Soulos

29. Mai 2011

Whoops, wrote on the LA-2A about this plug.

Vocals and guitar, stray synths, hand percussion.
I like it.
I use it in Limiter mode as much as Compress as the Limiter keeps the dynamics relatively neutral.
Slam it all on full for that in your face rock vocal.
My 4th busiest compressor in UAD2 land.


F. Cerbini

17. Juni 2008

Just got my LA-3A today... WOW...I own the LA-2A, 1176 and the Fairchild, and HANDS DOWN this is THE Compressor for Vocals.....The faster attack, and better midrange cuts better than the LA2A which was my go to Vocal compressor before...

Nice JOB!!!

J. Allen

17. Januar 2008

The hardware LA-3 is my goto guitar tracking comp, and the software version does not disappoint!!! Excellent response and excellent quality. It goes on every guitar track I cut and then I freeze away. Guitars and snares grow in size and really stay put in the mix. A CLASSIC! Buy it now.

M. Beyer

3. Januar 2008

I was very excited to see that UA finally released the LA-3A for the UAD-1 when I puchased my first card. I had used the original hardware version and always wanted to own a few. I immediately purchased the UAD-1 version and was thrilled to find it dead on to the hardware and of course, plug-in quiet! It has that amazing transparency, smoothness, and adds a depth that you just don't find in other comps. It is the pinnacle of the Opto sound!

A. Vax

26. Oktober 2007

sound's a bit like LA-2A, but with faster attack (read "for vocals") and with bright middle range excitement.
good option for LA-2A users!

D. Ralph

1. Oktober 2007

I thought i would take advantage of the extra october coupon and the 20% discount on comps to get the la3a.
When i first ran he demo i didn't see too much of a need for it to be honest, for the most part i have been running vocals through the 1176ln and considered it pretty much up to all the tasks i had thrown at it.
To cut a long story short the la3a is my prefered choice for vocals now.
It creates so much dephth and really brings out incredible detail, amazing on vocals with just a tiny bit of reverb.

It is however very colored, with even just a few db of gr it is obvious that the la3a is in the chain, but having said that i do not find it an unpleasent sound.
But if your looking for a cleaner vocal i would suggest the same amount of gain reduction via the 1176ln, but for depth the la3a rules.

J. Wirtz

17. August 2007

Having the UAD-1 since 2001 I know all the plug-ins pretty well, and I couldn´t live without them...
On first sight, I thought the LA3A is not much different than the LA2A - but then came the day I used it on Vocals and... WOW - this is for me THE best darn thing for compressing Vocals!

301-311 von 311 Ergebnisse

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