Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler


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E. Shacham

16. Mai 2022

very transparent and usefull -

a lot of times I want to use copm/limiter and regret due to the additional characteristics that influence the sound 2 much. the L3A is like looking in a mirror. WYSIWYG with additional soft warmth.

A. ikuma

16. April 2022

The advantage is that there is no color.

"Compression without color" can be easily used for various tracks while having a sense of saturation. The advantage is that there is no color.
LA-3A has a natural compression and does not change the balance of each instrument or the mutual groove relationship.
Compared to that, the LA-2A has an impressive sound of the tube, so the track used is conspicuous. We both want to have.

Y. Zolberg

19. Januar 2022

Crystal clear!

I use it toglue a guitars grp. But I'm sure it would be great for snare as well and other things.

C. Jones

16. Januar 2022

Hi quality

Smooth those curves! Superb at pushing sounds through the mix.

L. Petersen

16. Januar 2022

Very good

This is a very good product. Surprisingly versatile. I use it a lot on guitars.

K. Oforha

13. Januar 2022

Ah! That Tone!

Worked like magic immediately I placed it onto my vocal chain, everything just came alive. Since then it's been set as a default plugin on my console. Oh! And the presets are also awesome. Combined with the Neve 1073 and the Struder Tape plugins... 7th Heaven!

F. Galvano

7. Januar 2022


makes the guitar sound professional

UAD User

28. Dezember 2021


Best la3a plugin of them all

S. Kavlentakis

19. November 2021

Smooth and warm sound!


J. Geary

11. November 2021

Good, but not a 3A

First and foremost I love UA and get lots of mileage out of all their plugins including this one. I also appreciate the recent update with retina support and additional features ! With that being Im not sure why UA decided to model such an uncommon "golden unit" for this plugin. Compared to my OG 3A as well as a pair of DIY 3A clones the modeled T4 attack time is MUCH faster giving it a character I dont commonly associate with the 3A. (plugin is ~1.5ms while my hardware and other 3A plugins sit ~30ms) Is the plugin still useful? of course! But Id greatly appreciate the option to switch between both attack times

F. M

18. Oktober 2021

a thing of beauty

So many compressors, but this one is so smooth (and simple to use), and it doesn't alter the tone as much as some others do.

B. Sirijamonkul

6. Oktober 2021

Great Classic

Level Very nice

V. Basyul

7. September 2021

Good stuff

Качество не передать словами!

M. Bilderbach

6. September 2021

Super Great All Round Comp!

This was a recent add for me and its been really great. It's super musical just like an la2a is concerned but seems to be a bit more subtle. I am a huge fan!

L. Rocha

3. August 2021

Muito bom

Fantástico compressor, bastante útil

s. donat

29. Juli 2021

get update to a classic

love it on synth guitars and drums bus.. and great feature on the update

B. Tarco

10. Juli 2021

shine shine

nice top end right in vocals I put this in the mostt important tracks

c. An

3. Juli 2021



D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021

A classic.

It's a classic!

h. kim

16. Juni 2021



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