UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire


UAD-2 Satellite FireWire


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B. Horsfield

20. Juli 2012

Hi, this is my second purchase of a UAD-2 Satellite Duo, it just seems that I'm using more and more of these plugins. I would love to see a window button on the side so it can in large the plugin, my eyes are not what they use to be lol. Thank you for the great plugins and keep up the good work

D. Dicks

15. Juli 2012

Love my new uad 2 satelite duo card. I have more than enough processing power.

J. Downing

12. Juli 2012

As a UAD-1 (two cards) owner with a G5 I was a little skeptical at first about updating to a Macbook Pro and UAD-2 Satellite Duo system with latency performance concerns over firewire. After getting the new system that fear is long gone, it performs beautifully. More than surpasses my old system. Works great with my firewire 400 Tascam FW-1884 audio & control surface with no issues, does not effect plug-in count or performance. I have a full UAD powerhouse that is truly mobile finally. Great job UAD!

Jamie Downing
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D. Rennalls

12. Juli 2012

Thank you Universal Audio,

I can remember writing to ask would it you would consider something like this many years ago. Back then it was a dream for me to be on the road and be able work as if was in my own studio. But now it's a reality thanks to inventive vision and dedication to quality and detail. The unit is more than I ever dreamt it would be. It really is plug n Play with a power that relieves my cpu so I can do more. But still keeps the UAD quality. But not just that. The unit looks sexy, it's not something i say to piece of studio kit. Most of what my kit does is sexy. But this unit does it both. Plus it does it on the go as well. Thanks, not more I can say. Great job.

J. Groth

9. Juli 2012

Nice solution, if you are not able to use PCIe. I'm using an UAD-2 Satellite DUO with an apple MacBook Pro and it works great!

Even daisychaining with my RME ff800 is no problem! The firewire 800 bandwidth for the UAD DUO is more then enough. The first that comes to it's limit is the DSP-processing not the bandwidth! It might get a bit short, if you run an UAD QUAD with full DSP-power...?! Unfortunately I can't prove that ;)

Very nice handling and overview of these issues comes with the firewire-bandwidth realtime-view of the UAD-control-panel!

So once more: a very professional and useful mixingtool!

I don't want to add any further comment on the plugin-qualitiy - they are the best I've heard so far ...

best regards


L. Puschmann

9. Juli 2012

Hallo liebe Universal Audio Mitarbeiter und Nutzer,

ich arbeitete seit geraumer Zeit mit zwei UAD 1 Karten, zusammen mit einem PC System unter Cubase. Aufgrund des "Trade In" habe ich die UAD -2 DUO Firewire erworben. Die Integration in Cubase und dem neuen iMac verlief recht reibungslos. Nach verschiedenen Updates läuft das System einwandfrei. Sehr schön!!
Es macht einfach Spass mit den Plug-Ins zu arbeiten. Ich brauche nicht zu erwähnen, dass die UAD Plattform bei jedem Projekt und Mix dabei ist. Und die UAD-2 Satellite sieht einfach schick aus.

Vielen Dank hierfür und für die harte Arbeit!

Mit lieben Grüßen

L. Puschmann

M. Max

9. Juli 2012

Been using the satellite last week on a one week co-write trip for the first time. SO good to have all the plugs! First time it feels like theres no differences or compromises anymore.... One thing i'd recommend is to have at least 1 FW channel per DUO card otherwise you'll run our of bandwidth (e.g. when u use a fw audio interface).

M. Hensley

29. Juni 2012

I traded in my UAD-1 cards this month, (June 2012), for a Quad Satellite , so I could start using it in my audio-post mixes.

Just finishing an ABC Family/Disney Christmas musical with my new mix template using the UAD plugins. Busy show, lots of performances.
All I can say is WOW.
Love the efficiency and sound. Less work to get the dialog sounding the way I like it to sound. The UAD plugins have really brought my dialog up a notch. I can't praise the VOG enough for that. Instant magic for adding more body to thin sounding production dialog. The precision de-Esser sounds fantastic, and the Pultec gives some nice air to the dialog.
And all the music performances were brough up a notch with the SPL Transient Designer, by adding more punch.

T. Nunn

26. Juni 2012

I love plugs that makes a pleasant, audible difference. This thing with the plugs I have (LA2A, LA3A, Fairchild, Manley, 1176, Pultec, Cambridge, etc) makes a.....uh.....pleasant, audible difference. Undoubtedly. I only opted for the Compressors and EQs for now, as these are surely necessary for anyone creating music. I haven't used a plug that's as good as these are. Since I started mixing years ago. The Manley Massive Passive is a hog though. Warning!! I have two audio interfaces, a hard drive, and the UAD 2 solo on one firewire bus. Not enough bandwidth. If possible, use two separate busses. I'm gonna try and use the Thunderbolt as another firewire port.

D. Betts

12. Juni 2012

I've been hooked on the UAD cards for a while now, but I've never been able to take them on the road with me. Now, with the Satellite, I can run full sessions on my laptop wherever I want to. Excellent product. Recommended.

C. Urban

7. Juni 2012

Combined with my Apollo Quad... Amazing! This thing makes life much easier and mixing in the box a lot more fun! Definitely a great addition to my studio.

D. Mizuta

7. Juni 2012

I think its to early to have a solid opinion about the product. But I can say the plugins sounds really good, specially Pultec Pro and Fatso Sr.

I got a crash once or twice, just by opening some instances of Fatso. Which was quite weird, because it was a small project... actually i was only making some experiences with the new plugins.

Well, if I can, I would like to make this review in a few weeks. Probably I'll be more aware about this great device.

Dani M.

M. Navia

6. Juni 2012

Great product!. It's of the best purchases I made so far.

T. Yun

3. Juni 2012

It's a great device, now i can mixing/mastering music on my Mac Book Pro anytime and anywhere, Thanks, UA!!!

A. Michie

21. Mai 2012

Excellent piece of equipment, everything in one small very stylish casing.. Replaces my 2 UAD 1 PCIe cards. Runs more stable and very easy to install. `i would recommend this to anyone who is still running UAD 1. Not much else to say really except that i can now purchase the UAD 2 Plugins :-) Keep up the good work....

A. Moschini

21. Mai 2012

I took the satellite quad to add it to the apollo quad. Fantastic! And I am using also a Uad2 pci in the same system. Flawlessly! I am happy!!!

T. Jessup

20. Mai 2012

As the production mixer for Chicago, I work with one of the most dynamic, musically complex bands of the past 45 years. Chicago has always depended on the wide dynamic range and authentic character of the world's finest analog hardware. Universal Audio has succeeded in creating a no-compromise solution for the band's twin DAW platforms. Rich emulations such as the Ampex ATR 102, the Manley Massive Passive, and the EMT 140 Plate are indispensable tools and ensure that I can achieve the sounds that have characterized Chicago for decades, no matter where we are. Running the UAD-2 Satellite Quad Firewire Accelerator on a MacBook Pro, we have dedicated the Thunderbolt port as a separate Firewire buss, which flawlessly provides maximum instances.

M. Kramer

18. Mai 2012

I've been using UAD cards since their inception. I had two installed in my trusty old Apple G5. I just couldn't live without it, for mixing and mastering. No other plugins even came close to giving me the quality and versatility I needed. When the UAD-2 was released, I bought a MacBookPro for no reason other than to get a UAD-2 SOLO and have access to all the new plugins. Now my old G5 has finally been retired to the back of my closet, and the new UAD-2 Satellite is in place. It's breathtakingly beautiful in its compact efficiency, and the new UAD-2 plugin classic reverbs and Ampex & Studer designs are to-die-for. I couldn't do my job without them. My digital mixes sound analog, and without UA, I just couldn't say that. UA RULES!

E. Allen-rogers

12. Mai 2012

In a word. Wow.

I've been toying with the idea of a UAD-2 for a long time but the cost put me off initially.

Having taken the plunge, I can't believe how much my mixes have improved, even by when sticking to the 1176 and pultec eq and realverb pro.

If you do buy this though, it's well worth getting the Studer A800 to use on most of your channels.

F. Oldengott

10. Mai 2012

Ein großes Kompliment an Universal Audio und alle beteiligten Spezialisten für dieses erstklassige Soundpacket. Ein Traum für alle Fans von analogem Equipment!
Die UAD2 Satellite ist absolut zuverlässig und stabil im Arbeitsprozess, die Sounds umwerfend und bereichernd für jede digitale Produktion. Meine Favoriten: EMT 250, die Bandmaschinen und natürlich Bruce Swediens Harrison EQ. Thank You All!

141-160 von 182 Ergebnisse