UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

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UAD-2 Satellite FireWire


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UAD User

23. Februar 2016


With these plugins you need nothing more ... 100% professional productions without using the resources of your computer this is the best at what you can spend for your study.

G. Jackson

20. Februar 2016

Great gear and essential tools.

Ok, yes UA is expensive, you can tend to use up the DSP quite quickly if your not paying attention (specially on a 50-60 track pop mix) however as a professional studio our end user experience is so much better for using the UAD hardware and software. There are some draw backs but only minor in our opinion, such as it could have a tad more DSP - we have a 12 core mac pro maxed out running logic so its uncommon that we have any issues running stacks of plug-ins. However its nice to take some load of the mac beast with a helping hand processing the DSP. UA is not cheap, the plugins are expensive, BUT they are fantastic. Quite frankly totally worth every penny!! Listen to the majority of reviews! These are the bees knees!

G. Clarke

10. Februar 2016

More power and more fun

Well I can't say enough about how I've enjoyed the UAD plugins so having more horsepower to have the freedom to run my fav UAD stuff all over my tracks, we can never go wrong with that!

UAD User

26. Januar 2016

apollorack firewire UAD satellite

best of best ~

D. Barrington

16. Januar 2016

Needed, but clunky extras to your Recording System.

You typically need this to add DSP to you UAD Audio Interface or for Laptop mixing elsewhere. It's not BUS powered so you need the wallwart power. The problem is, it's all very clunky. Hooking up firewire, power supply, then this large metal thing for DSP.

I put up with it ONLY because the plugins are amazing, but let's face it, Universal Audio is forcing you to buy this as a LARGE DONGLE and not because your CPU can't handle their plugins loads. Even with this DSP, you will use it up with 4 Neve 1073's. At 75% it will not let you go to a 5th. (the Neve is OMG though)

So part of the issue is their security forcing you to buy this. That said, it's a solid product, if a bit clunky to your setup.

UAD User

6. Januar 2016

This is a great system.working anywhere with had

thankful of the company.great support fast response and all the products are really the best in the market.thanks again

S. Dawood

5. Januar 2016


Geat Improvement to the Apollo Quad firewire,,,,,more DSP power and very stable

m. aamer

27. Dezember 2015

UAD2 Satellite Quad

really good Solution for my Studio
Thank you Universal Audio

A. Liedtke

20. November 2015

One of the best purchases ever

UAD is above usual plugins, its very noticable. For everyone heading towards analog gear on a budget UAD is THE solution. Plus you have total recall of your projects.

I buyed this thing especially as an alternative to a decent 2bus compressor. If you want good analog 2000 EUR is your investment. Now UAD with LA2A and Neve 33609 was my solution I am happy with, I dont like the sound of all the software comps even the very good ones.

P. Lajoie

14. Oktober 2015

UAD2 Firewire Quad

Well I knew in advance that this bit of kit was to be used for mixing only.

So if you're considering buying the firewire version, be aware it's meant to be used for mixing only.

I've totally enjoyed my recent purchase and I can hear an instant improve in the sound quality of my work.

I'm busy re-mixing a lot of old tunes now utilizing the UAD2 plugs, so I'll be off.

Just do it.

R. Pearce

9. September 2015

Love the plugins, though way too expensive for the amount of DSP

While I love the sound of the plugins, it is very disappointing how quickly the DSP is used up. The SHARC processors used cost next to nothing and when you compare to the kind of computer you could buy for a couple of quads it is quite astonishing. Would be great if they could also make use of your computers native DSP.

S. Peschl

29. Juli 2015

Best purchase of my Home Studio

Since i have bought my UAD Satellite Duo, my Macbook Pro i5 is a really good Solution for my Home Studio!

All my Tracks ar running thru a StudioLive Console and so i can mix in an "analog" way with digital features.
All Effects, Eq ing, Comping, etc. is done on my UAD Satellite now, with stunning results.

Before, my Macbook had Audio Dropouts etc. and was totally overloaded. Now, this is history and it also sounds way better.

Thank you Universal Audio!

M. Liberty

13. April 2015

Sounds Great

I don't have to say much here UAD has been an icon throughout the decades. Amazing how realistic the virtual hardware sounds! No errors, runs smoothly and makes my productions sound fabulous!!

M. Liberty

13. April 2015

Sounds great!

I don't really have to say much here, UAD has been an icon for many decades. Amazing how realistic all the virtual hardware sounds! System works great no errors, so runs smoothly! Great experience and makes my productions sound fabulous!!

J. Dryden

10. März 2015

UAD Satellite is Other-worldy

I can fit my Mix rig in my laptop Bag, need I say more?

I Acquired my uad satellite during the uad 1 trade in promotion and basically quadrupled my plugin power.
I Mix at my studio on my Westlakes and edit at home on a pair of NS10's & KRK VXT8's.
I can run a huge session with 96 tracks on my laptop with multiple plugins if needed.

My previous rig was a G5 dual 2.5 8 Gigs of ram with 4 uad-1's in a Magma Chassis which was cased in a 17 space rack for silent operation. hahahaha, this rig fits in my laptop bag and gets 4 times the plugins and twice the track-counts, no brainer portable system.

A. Bakker

9. März 2015

UAD 2 + 4

I record my music in Logic with an Apollo Twin. And Bought the UAD2 Quad as an expansion to have sufficient horsepower to mix the recorded audio in Protools thereby using the DSP of both the twin and the quad together. This gives me great flexibility with the capacity that I need. Very happy with both my systems.

C. Paschall

3. März 2015

Mobile Rig

Since I play professionally in addition to producing and engineering, I often find myself needing to edit on the road. I already owned an apollo 16 but traveling with it was cumbersome. Enter the satellite!! Compact, easy to set up, and now I have the power of all my UAD plugs on the road with me as well. Awesome.

J. Steck

25. Februar 2015

Just great!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you UAD!

J. Steck

25. Februar 2015

Just great!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you UAD!

F. Martino

25. Februar 2015

UAD2 Satellite Quad

Hello everyone,
I have been the owner of the UAD-1 since it came out ... and now happily use the UAD2, Satellite Quad and Duo PCIx.
What about ... beautiful, very easy to install and use and plugins .... the best on the market!

101-120 von 189 Ergebnisse