UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire


UAD-2 Satellite FireWire


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e. david

27. September 2017


love those plugins :)

UAD User

29. August 2017


It sounds incredible ! I'm recommending it to all my producer friends in Argentina

UAD User

29. August 2017


It sounds really incredible, I'm recommending this gear to al my producer friends in Argentina

M. Virden

2. August 2017

Back in UAD Heaven

Got my UAD Satellite back from repair (actually received a replacement unit) and with the Apollo interface and UAD-2 card I can mix with my favorite plugins again!!! Thanks UAD and Sweetwater for making this happen. More plugins, here I come!!!

R. Dent

14. Juli 2017

Great product (And just as good as Thunderbolt with converter)

I make electronic music and need to push my samples hard to get them loud enough to cut through. Using Waves or other VSTs just didn't work. Everything always ended up in a digital mush. Not so with UAD. Everything sounds natural. V happy!

C. Justice

1. Juni 2017

Plenty of Firepower!

Added the extra processing firepower I need to mix due to my infatuation and love of all of the UAD plugins.

W. Ryan

18. Mai 2017

Access UAD powerful plugins

These plugins are a must have in the audio production process. Discover what your mixes are missing with the tools to make critical listening decisions. With the quad satellite you get a comfortable amount of headroom. A must have !!!!


20. April 2017

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

very efficient tool for mixing and sound design, thank you uad!!!!

t. takamasa

16. April 2017

UAD-2 Satellite Quad

very good product.Can't mix without my UAD satellite

R. Warriner

10. April 2017

UAD makes it tough if you don't want to use the apollo....

I Love the Plugins and UA is a great company as I own hardware in compressors and preamps, but.... The UAD-2 Satellite FireWire is one product I can't get behind. The unit Doesn't play well with others. When I run my Avid Artist Mix it always crashes, and most of the time if I have a massive track count, it disables one or more plugins and I Have to call up a backup session to continue. Frustrating because the plugs are well worth the price (not the hardware) so makes for a long day mixing.

T. Stevanovski

6. April 2017


I still can't make it work my sattelite, i have a problem with firewire card connection still not fix this problem and can't tell yet :)

D. Morgan

4. März 2017

Thunderbolt II

Yes very good process in Computer...;)

A. Koné

3. März 2017

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

It does the job !!!

l. petze

28. Februar 2017


I travel with a small setup and leaving my Apollo in my home studio I was really missing my UA Plug-ins. My issue was my Laptop does not have Thunderbolt technology.
So my option was to purchase the UAD 2 Satellite Firewire and that gives me all the UA Plug-ins that I utilize in everything I do.
It's the most convenient way for my situation and I'm extremely happy with this little beast.

T. Fielker

23. Februar 2017

Excellent, but..

The Hardware is great. Nicely built, sturdy and everything. Good connectivity with the 400/800 ports on the back. And no need to discuss the sonic excellence that the plug ins provide :-D But i would like to share with you an experience i had with the satellite. I already have a PCIe UAD Quad card installed so i wanted to expand on that. plugged the satellite in ( btw.. installation / registration is super easy and comfortable ). Then when testing it no sound comes out of the speakers.. ( using a Focusrite Saffire LS 56+ octamic plugged into FW 400 PCI card. So the Satellite was plugged into the same FW 400 PCI card which turns out to have not enough bandwidth to handle these devices. So i bought a FW800 PCIe card to connect the satellite, Interface stays as it was on a seperate card and it works. + i can use 100% of the FW 800 bandwith for the satellite which allowes to use the full DSP Power - which you can't if you have to share the bandwidth with any other device. So i would recomend to solely use the Satellite on a port of its own.. otherwise you cannot use all DSP Power - and that would be a shame because - that shit ain't cheap :-D I hope that was understandable :-D

d. guiz

12. Februar 2017


Encantado con mi nueva UAD.
Tanto por la calidad de los plugins como por el hecho de poder liberar de proceso a mi ordenador del estudio o al portatil cuando me llevo mezclas a casa.

a. possis

10. Februar 2017


it's perfect for my macpro mid2010 with fw800, and rme ff800 with fw800.
Work very well on my system with ableton live.

J. Leal Benitez

2. Februar 2017

Excelente producto

Muy estable, potente y fácil instalación.
La mejor herramienta que he comprado desde hace tiempo

A. Glez

26. Januar 2017

warmth and transparency

I really like the sound! Gives you warmth and transparency ... precision in many parameters ... I have only a month of having acquired the UAD 2 satellite FW and I already love the plugins

T. Veranta

8. Januar 2017

good > great > Universal Audio

I was always wondering, how to get this warm sound, without buying for 10.000 of dollars analog equipment. I never thought that plug ins can make this analog sound. but UA can do it. I worked for years with different products, for example Slate Digital, great plugins but its not the same sound like UA, with UA you will always have an warm analog touch.

It would be great if you could give 2-3 plugins more.

61-80 von 182 Ergebnisse