UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

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UAD-2 Satellite FireWire


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J. Geiser

15. Januar 2019

UAD-2 Satellite: more SHARC!!

Although I’m still new to UA and all that they offer. I still feel that UAD-2 and accompanying plugins are some of the best I’ve heard. Some say they’re spendy, I think you get what you pay for

R. Patton

28. Dezember 2018

You do not want me reviewing your gear

You do not want me reviewing your gear. Despite all of my research, setting up an optimal system and getting reassurance that this would work seamlessly with my hard and software...and paying in excess of $1000...not only did it not work, but it was like dropping a bomb on my system. If there was a -5 I would give it a -10. Not only did it cause havoc, but now I can only return the hardware and am stuck in the muck with a $400 bill for useless software because you guys won't take your destructive shit back. Thanks pals, you asked

E. Nunez

26. Oktober 2018

UAD Satellite Quad

Works great and gives me lots of extra headroom to run more plugins. Can also have my UAD plugins for when I travel too.

c. madden

10. Oktober 2018

Great gear!°

This product opened up some of the most realistic, clean and beautiful sounding plugins I've ever heard it worked with.. wonderful gear.

t. srina

10. Juli 2018

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

I love and impressed

R. Tulloch

9. Juli 2018

Still worth it's weight in gold

great little box to have the connections may be old on it but they make thunderbolt to firewire 800 adapters so it's still relevant in 2018 major win for UAD and it's compact size over my other bulky thunderbolt satellite so it's first pick when going on the road only draw back why I gave it 3 stars the SHARC chip are gobbled up fast on it UAD I think it's time for some much powerful SHARC chips

E. Fong

5. Juli 2018

Is good

Is good!

M. Canazio

16. Juni 2018

Feels like home !!!!

Well, I was never a great fan of plug ins, and I use very few, but recently , working in a studio that offered UAD stuff, I was amazed with some of them, and right now I own a satellite and UAD plug ins and every single one that I explore impresses me quite a bit.... Great Job guys, UAD products are developed by folks with ears.....for music. Thanks

B. Rogers

30. April 2018

must have device

This makes all the difference in using all the plugins you want. I'm so glad I got in on the deal with the free satellite while it was offered! Great addition to my systems.

M. Czyz

22. April 2018

Loving UAD's

I honestly enjoy my Apollo and Satellite 2. I like using console with the combination with my digital mixer. I really like my set of plugins and I would definitely recommend Universal Audio to any musician and producer. I like the analog feel of all plugins. I think it is worth investing and I will be looking to expand my plugin library in the near future.

L. Sojli

12. April 2018

Simply perfect

I took me 2 minutes to install and it works perfectly. It allows my CPU to breathe and my DAW became way more stable and faster. Of course, the plugins are excellent. Why didn't I buy this before ? Thanks Universal Audio and keep rocking.

D. Oprea

9. April 2018

Happy but not very happy

This is definitely a big help if you have lots of $$$ spending for the good pluggins which I found ridiculously expensive!

B. Stanisic

5. April 2018


The analog studio in a pocket.

L. Bermudez

28. März 2018

Uad2 satellite firewire

Is on fire excellent, the customer service very knowledge of their product..thank universal

j. hamilton

27. März 2018


Initially disappointed with the limitations with firewire connectivity. The big one was not being able to externally control monitors. That compounded with the fact that ONLY Main 1-2 can be used for studio stuff unless you set up the "mirror" option. I won't go there.

Other than that, the UAD-2 Quad - Firewire is solid. The UAD plugins that come with it along with the promotional offers make this a real deal. Support (via email) is great, thorough and fast. That in itself is worth the price of admission.

Bottom line is that you check this interface out before buying. Read the forums, reviews, etc., and then make your decision. I would not buy it again, but I have no plans to replace it either.

L. Bermudez

27. März 2018

Uad2 satellite firewire

Excellent piece plug in can be as close as hardware is amazing, but need to buy arrow or universal hardware to made the console work. A can use it in pro tools but no in the universal console.

L. Bermudez

27. März 2018

Greats plug in package

Unbeliever plug in sound very similar to hardware,only thing that the hardware to record need to buy extra line an arrow or Apollo 8 to used as console of uad.

D. Oprea

26. März 2018

good product

I was happy with Apollo sound clarity right after installed it however I discovered the drivers are not always stable with win10 as I'm getting once in a while sound 1 sec mute sound while recording, the satellite accelerator came handy but I feel the cost of plugins are ridiculously pricy for struggling musicians who are on a tight budget! what's the point UAD in offering a free platform accelerator if you charge more than your actual gear for your plugins?! i wish i would had gone for Antelope's card they offer a lot more free plugins with their packages deals!

c. patrick

22. März 2018

Merci UA top..........

Merci UA top..........

s. koci

7. März 2018



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