UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards


UAD-2 PCIe Cards


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a. campbell

12. März 2015

UAD sattelite 2 x 2

I had purchased my 1st satellite as I wanted to see and hear if there was a difference in sound quality between a number of plugins I use vs similiar named plugins from UAD. I have a newer HDX system. After installing the UAD satellite 2 , I immediately noticed improved clarity and greater definition in tonal quality, improved separation of insturments....
After hearing the difference, I went back to what I thought were completed songs and in some cases further improved them using the UAD tools...this was not new product infatuation, as Ithe listening experience was truly improved that I have some large sessions, I noticed I was on the verge of getting near the edge of capacity, so I purchased a second UAD satellite..MONEY WELL SPENT

R. Hashash

25. Februar 2015

Moar Juice!

This and a satellite and i've got all the UAD goodness I need!

C. Vonsneidern

7. Januar 2015

Go All The Way

It's a good feeling to have as much power as I can get from a UAD-2 card using only one slot in my PC. In general, in time, you tend to use MORE power as you go on, not less. I read stories of folks starting with a Solo or Duo, then a Quad Satellite, etc...why not start out right with all the power you'll want within weeks or month? Save yr dimes!

J. Carmo

4. Januar 2015

Works Great with great support

To use many UAD great plugins without stress, this i s a great solution and very compatible with PCs, MACs, vsti, Rtas etc. I like the way UA support many platforms. I know my money is spend in something that i can work next years because they really have a great support. I remember one time i´ve buy 3 plugins and choose one plugin by mistake, the next day i talk by phone with UA support and the change my plugin immediately with no stress...Great support. Trust in UA !!!

J. Kaplan

2. Januar 2015

Seamless integration...

I moved over from my PCI card mid mix and i was up and running in minutes without a hitch. As always - sounds great and works great.

UAD for life!

Jon Kaplan

J. Nathaniel

31. Dezember 2014

I fu***ng love it!

What can I say, more power to the people! This allows me to have more plugins for my crazy sessions. The only thing missing now is a universal adaptor so I can travel to Europe with this bad boy!

L. Kagenaar

30. Dezember 2014

Why UAD ?

Besides the excellent sound quality of uad plugins there is another important advantage for the pro user that works in different studio's around the world;
Most of the plugins relate to real stuff available in studio's
So that makes it very easy to replace hardware with plugins or vice versa.
Then there is unison technology so you can just plugin a mic where ever you are.
So needless to say I'm very happy with my investment in an apollo twin and two satellite thunderbolt2 together with the ultimate plugin collection.

L. Grunbaum

26. Dezember 2014

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Core

(Used it with an Apollo 8 quad)

What a great fresh breeze of bandwidth to my system! Have never run out of DSP again (yet!). The Octo core is working flawlessly.

My DAW and myself thank you, UAD ;-)

C. Grehan

25. Dezember 2014

TB satellite

I avoided going the UAD route for many years. But when I heard about the Thunderbolt satellite I knew it was finally time to get one. I'm pretty very impressed by most of the plugins, and there are several that I would not want to work without.
Integrating the TB satellite into my existing system has been very smooth.

D. Thum

21. Dezember 2014


Very easy to install, works as exactly advertised.

M. Yammouni

18. Dezember 2014

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Custom

I'm super happy in my
UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Custom. I can freely use and abundance of plugins without fear of running out of grunt. With my Apollo 16 I now have 12 cores of power. What more can you want :-)

D. Huang

15. Dezember 2014

Very easy to install.

Recently, Just bought a UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Custom Version.
Installing on my Mac Pro ( Late 2013).

Just hook up the TB in between and download the driver. it just works fine without any problem.

I am a long term user since Mackie UAD -1 . so This TB version is more easy to install then before.

Thanks UA , You do a great job.

H. Zwarts

14. Dezember 2014

second octo card

This is my second octo card in my system. I like the uad plug ins and use a lot of them in my mixes. I still prefer to mix as much as possible outside the box but when I use plug ins I want to use the best available. I really would like to see more DSP power on the cards. I use 2 Octo Cards and still I'm able to get it around 80% on a avarage project.
I really would like to see new cards with 2 a 4 times more power so you only need one slot in your computer :-)

UAD User

13. Dezember 2014

Pro tools HDX 10

Dear sirs,
Happy with the sound of your products but worried with some problem I ve being having with PT10HD. I read that could be incompatibility with UAD products.

B. Gregory

10. Dezember 2014


I have 3 UAD Cards in my pc config ! And with my last OCTO I have a Best Config !!
It's Very TOP ! No limit ! No bug in my Cubase session ( 30/40 Tracks) Very good !!

C. Park

5. Dezember 2014

It's my best weapon.

I waited for the Thunderbolt version released

Better than expected !!

Fast response speed / Cool design

I'm using it on every mix.

F. Voon

2. Dezember 2014


Performs flawlessly. Looks great. Go buy one!!!!!!

M. Eilbracht

2. Dezember 2014

Just a little gettin' used to..

the cpu meter...before I had to be careful not to push it to far, with the OCTO I'm not even half way opening the same projects in Pro Tools. Should have bought it straight away. The "sell your other card" option is working properly!

To be honest it is a bit of a bummer that only the OCTO is compatible with the new Mac Pro (not that I have one, but still...). I would have expected a hardware trade-in option for those willing to move over to the new Mac Pro.

P. Chovanec

26. November 2014

Peter Chovanec

Thank you for asking - card works brilliantly.
The only thing I would like to write it whatever you as a great company UAD .. super virtual instruments. Do not be afraid of it.
Thank you, you're one y ... Top arrange still SLATE DIGITAL ... they are also emerging, and I think that you two - UAD + SLATE DIGITAL ... could make a good deal.
Good luck.


I. El-kasti

25. November 2014

UAD 2 octo

i am sixty years old used to work with analog equipments not pro now working with digital pro equipments still feeling something missing in my ears, i thought maybe my hearing is getting old until i bought the UAD 2 octo i was shure that's what i want . I really dont believe what i am hearing
thanks to every one of your teams

181-200 von 658 Ergebnisse