UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards


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UAD-2 PCIe Cards


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J. Rouse

8. Juli 2020

Great processing power for great plugins...

I love UAD plugins and had to have something to run them. This is an efficient unit and takes up no real estate since it is a PCI card. The first became defective after a couple of months, but Sweetwater took care of it. I will add another eventually.

F. Santos

7. Juli 2020

The best part of my audio set up

In addition to the quality and incredible stability, the UAD plug-ins became the best part of my audio setup. It's amazing how the production possibilities have increased exponentially!

D. Scheffler

29. Juni 2020

So good, I bought a second one

I'm a slave to UAD plugin-ins, and a somewhat solid user of Waves. There are a few products that Waves have that I do like, however, if I want that true analog recreation, it's UAD all the way. I found I was using so many of them on my mixes, that I need a second I did!

A. Surace

7. Juni 2020

Worth every cent.

So I finally jumped on the UAD bandwagon. The pcie card and plugins are absolutely amazing. Everyone needs these in their lives.
The clarity is perfect.
Well done UA! Well done

a. quattrini

3. Juni 2020


su windows installazione facilissima !

D. Martin

14. Mai 2020

Heavy Lifting

I've never had an issue with installing or usage in my Pro Tools-WIN10x64 rig. It's a workhorse and works like a charm in those moments where sessions get heavy. I gave it only 4 stars because I want to buy another Quad or Octo PCIe for my second rig, but they don't give you free plugins with it like when you buy an Apollo. I'd have to buy all of the same plugins again.

S. Williams

12. März 2020

I just bought my second one...

Owning 2 of those gives me total freedom in my workflow...

L. Pauselli

31. Januar 2020

Uad quad Pcie works with Ryzen now!

I read for a week in the forums before buying a new Ryzen configuration ... So I bought: Asus Prime 470-Pro / Ryzen 2700x / DDr4 16gb. My system: Win10 Pro / Apollo Twin Duo Usb / Quad Pcie / Cubase 10.5. It is the best system I could imagine: never problems, a lot of power, very low latency (in a great song I get 5ms of latency). I can open a big project in half the time compared to before and I am very happy with Uad. I hope Uad will give us the opportunity to resell individual plug-in licenses instead of all in a block. Personally, it's the biggest "brake" I feel when I want to buy licenses. There are some licenses that I would like to resell because I don't use them but ... Just for that I have to think a lot before to buy them!

b. zucchetti

27. Dezember 2019

Top Ever !

Finally the top plugs and tools for best mixes! Really !

Bruno Zucchetti Italian Producer S.Engineer Musician (Cremonini-Ramazzotti-Pausini-Biondi-Mannoia-Mina-Emmanuel-Alfareros)

M. Coratella

9. Dezember 2019

Great, just a little complain

The system work great, and the plugins are really gamechangers.
My only complain is that when you are using 90% or more of the uad card, the system begins to be unstable. I was expecting to be able to use it all

m. needham

15. November 2019

more UAD Octo cards

Now I can put more UAD plug-ins across my mix!! Feels like heaven. On the serious side . I use 6 Octo cards in my mix systems and it gives me the freedom to try any choices that feel right to me without having to look at my DSP. I just want to think about the song. Thank you UAD for the wonderful products.

T. Kunz

19. Oktober 2019

Real Pro Gear

I got 3 Octa Cards and lots of the Plugins, they all sound fantastic and helped me to bring my mixes to the next level. Cool thing is that if i can ever work with the real hardware, i already know how it sounds and how to use it!

C. Cata

16. Oktober 2019

Plenty of juice!!

I bought this for my Mac Pro, since there is no thunderbolt. I love having the option of using my MacBook Pro for my Apollo Twin Quad and then be able to mix everything on Mac Pro. Planning on getting another Octo card in the near future.

R. Sewell

14. Oktober 2019

PCIe Octo card

This card has taken my studio to a new level for recording & mixing, the sound quality is amazing.

E. Jones

3. Oktober 2019

Uad2pcie cards

Works flawlessly and an excellent company that stands behind their products & has 1st class support. Been using software and hardware since cubase 3.0. !!!

S. Lutz

28. September 2019

PCIe Octo

I'm new to the Apollo USB Duo core Twin and UAD-2 Plugins. With only 2 DSP's on the Apollo I didn't have the horse power to run the total number of UAD-2 plugins in my DAW that I would like to. In came the PCIe Octo with 8 additional DSP chips. Since I already had the Apollo and the console software I just had to install the PCIe card in a free slot in my PC, reboot and BAMMO! I now have 10 DSP chips (with the 2 in the Apollo) which should be plenty of room to grow. I dropped a bunch of random UAD plugins in a project just to test and I barely made a dent on the DSP processing %. I plan to load up to find my breaking point but I'm golden for now. Installation was basically a seamless integration in my i7 8700 Win10 Pro system. Desktop real estate is running low in my home studio so I elected to not get the satellite version and PCIe. I have 2 more free PCIe slots so in theory I could go up to 3 Octos for 24 SHARC' all within the PC chassis plus whatever others in your external UA hardware. I don't know why UA doesn't market these PCIe cards more as you can uses any AI, dive deep into UAD-2 plugins and not have to worry about USB 2, 3, 3.1, TB 1,2 or 3 etc. The PCIe cards are not platform specific so both PC and MAC. In a nutshell people this review is more so on the overall UAD-2 plugins being so sweet and warm that you'll end up wanting more DSP power and UA gives you options to grow you system as you need to. I have the Classic Pro bundle that came bundled with the Apollo and these are just superior plugins all at ZERO or near zero latency all run on UA hardware that keeps the drain off of your CPU in your DAW which can be a big plus for those running on older CPU's in PC or MAC's.

M. Jones

21. August 2019

Easy install, lots of power

Bought this a few weeks ago, and it's been a powerful addition to my studio. Lots of extra dsp to power great plugins. Highly recommended to anyone who routinely uses UAD plugins.

UAD User

16. Juli 2019

Unusable due to errors

I purchased this card two weeks ago and it has been unstable since the first install. I've followed the instructions on the website and from the UA techs and nothing is working properly. I would like to keep the card but it's not doing me any good since it won't go more than 2 minutes without an error or crashing.


19. Juni 2019

it's like driving in a luxury sedan

I hesitated for a very long time to buy this card because on the one hand I am not a pro, it is a hobby and then many Internet users said that it was no longer necessary because of the power of PCs now.
Puremix subscriber I thought that even if tenors were using them it was because there was a reason, so why not me?

And then, it was without counting on the intrinsic quality of the UAD emulations, even if I have no experience of using hardware references, I must admit that I regret having spent the last 5 years spending money on something other than this card and its plugins !!! it's beautiful, it's powerful, it sounds !!

The negative and frustrating point for a non-professional is the possible non-transfer at a minimum with a special price and agreements with brainworx and Softube.

With almost a month of use I realize that the core quad is a little too low in power for what I do and I intend to take a second one.

Thank you UAD!

P. Procman

22. Mai 2019

For PC: don't buy

Even the plug-ins are goods, the management of the Cards for Windows 10 are not "professional". The obligation to RE-Install ALL the plugs with a simple driver is not "pro". The detection of the cards in the PCI (1.1 or 16) are not reliable. If you want to loos much time to de-install / re-install each morning ... go with UAD-2. I'm very angry about the incapacity of UA to find a REAL solution.

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