UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection


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UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection


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R. Polson-Lahache

14. September 2019

Swirl...but also has dirt!

First, record your mix dark and commit. Then place this compressor on the master and the stereo field widens...then put on the Chandler Curve Bender in mid-side mode and just add some sweet blossom to the frequencies. Boom.

B. Bradley

13. September 2019

Powerful Compressor!

I love all the LA2A UAD models I own and use quite a bit. This 176 is a great addition to go with my 1176's and LA2A's! Very BIG compression. Great for guitars and vocals! Can't wait to try on bass. Easily worth the asking price.

J. Moreland

7. September 2019


First off, shame on UA for not releasing these babies sooner. Second, thank you so much for taking the time to get these perfect. I’d always heard that the 176 was the bridge between the LA2A and the 1176. No, these are much warmer than an LA2A and can be even more aggressive than the 1176. Both of these units can be used for almost anything - but that 175b turns a DI bass into something akin to a Justin Chancellor/Tool bass sound in seconds. And while I love the flexibility of the 176 as a compressor, you can use any of your other favorite comps for Drums, Guitar, etc. and then add it at the end of a bus chain (switching the 176 attack to OFF). It will change the character of anything run through it to something from a bygone era. Just like any number of “Analog” summing boxes/plugins but gooier and more dimensional. And while I can’t find it in the manual, I am 99% certain that when using the 176 for this purpose, switching between 2:1 and 12:1 ratios will result in different distortion brought forth (2:1 warmer/12:1 brighter). These are just awesome, beautiful sounding coloring tools.

S. Parikh

27. August 2019

UA 175 & 176 Tune compressor

I used for mostly vocal and really nice

B. Schulz

25. August 2019

This one makes a huge difference

I have many 3rd Party compressors in my DAW, but this one is the only one that brings out the musical dynamics of a song I was longing for so long. I found no mix that doesn't benefit from that vibe.

M. Hunter

24. August 2019

Must have compresser

Really like these, I use them a lot on vocals annd drums

K. Swaby

22. August 2019

Just stunning!!!

Warmth, weight, depth and character for days........

An absolute must.

T. Platt

22. August 2019

Dynamic - Literally!

These plug-ins retain all the subtlety of their hardware parents whilst introducing a quality of their own. Already they are taking over as my absolute favourite for a wide range of instruments. Most importantly they reflect and enhance the dynamics of the performer rather than "controlling" them.

M. Diaz Velez

21. August 2019

Warm and beautiful

This HW emulation makes the things better, warming the audio with just few movements... amazing!!! Thanks UA!!!

H. Bendall

21. August 2019

Another fantastic addition.

These are just beautiful. Harmonically, dynamically amazing and smooth as anything else ever made. Using them a huge amount. Thanks for these!

M. Jewell

20. August 2019

What’s old is new again

I was mixing a song and had reached for everything, outboard and in the box and nothing have me that thing I was hearing in my head. Then I realized I hadn’t started my demo on this.. wasn’t expecting much. Literally piped it in and mouth dropped wide open. What tube tech, 1176, La2a and others couldn’t do for me this plug did. I would give it 100 stars if possible. Thank you UA!

G. Loopez

20. August 2019

smooth and warm

I slapped these on some drum busses and vocals .. I just love how this 175B sounds

D. Marais

11. August 2019

The best things were made many decades ago

What a wonderful addition to the suite.

Thank you for these iconic processors.


11. August 2019

Winner combination

Early in my career, I was a cutting engineer at A & R studios. It was a minimalist room with a very manual, mono Neumann cutter, and a simple tube console. My outboard processing consisted of a Pultec EQP – 1A and a Universal Audio 176 Compressor. It was always enough to get the job done.
I love the version of the EQP – 1A that UAD has produced. It has the silky, smooth top end as the hardware version. I use it all the time. Since the software of the UA – 176 has come out, I’ve used it on vocals, drums and guitars, and it’s awesome. It’s ironic, that after all these years, I’m once again using some of the same processing I used in my days at A & R with continued success.

M. Haverly

9. August 2019


From now on this will be one of the first plugins I reach for. The limiter is what I have closed my eyes and imagined a limiter to do for quite some time, yet for certain sources, never found the ideal solution for. This is a gem. It is a feather in the cap added to UA's own amazing heritage.

D. Taylor

7. August 2019


You can really appreciate this great piece once you hear it, simply remarkable.

O. Lamas

7. August 2019

Man!!!!! Don't Believe the Sales Hype!

I downloaded a trial expecting this to be another hyped plugin.
Well, It's not. This is totally new to me. The flavor, the smooth grit and vibe is amazing in rock vocals. So, do not believe the hype. Try it for yourself, another great flavor from UA.

M. Boltz

7. August 2019

Very nice color

Very smooth and adds a nice color to tracks. I went back to a few tracks that were mixed and added this to vocals and some synths and it really improved the way they sat in the mix and gave the track a gorgeous vintage tube vibe.

C. Knox

7. August 2019

At Last!

Finally...and with this update and download UAD get it right for the customer as well! props damn..the..torpedoes!

S. Smith

6. August 2019

From clean to warm to crunchy--but always sweet!

Responds to everything the way you'd expect the hardware to do. Depending on headroom and gain staging, you get tone that goes from clean to warm to crunchy, but always sounds sweet! Hard to make it sound bad. The compression aspect leans to the soft side on the 175, and at 2:1 on the 176, so don't be afraid to see it moving the GR meter a lot! Besides with the MIX knob, you can cheat some original dynamics back in. This is in a very sweet spot in the UA line-up in terms of usefulness and aesthetics.

41-60 von 62 Ergebnisse