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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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R. Thomas

27. November 2022

Great Compression

Sounds like the Hardware, improves tone and smoothness of tracks. Lots of character will use all the time.

E. Alexander

18. November 2022

Does wonders for Vocals and Basslines

One of my go to weapons for Vocals and Basslines. Does an incredible job of adding just enough color to various types of vocals. Also, a tank when it comes to compressing the low end without compromising sub. Love that UAD nailed this one--major props to the engineers at Universal Audio!

J. Zhou

17. November 2022

A must-have in your arsenal of compressors!

Simply awesome!

J. Wander

17. November 2022

Great sound but a buggy mess

Great sounding plug-in but so many bugs which have never been fixed. Dodgy VU meter, crashing my authorisations, the release distorting, weird jumps in volume etc. I now use the MK1 which is much more reliable, get that instead!

k. hoon

12. November 2022

I love my comp

luv it

J. Morrison

13. Oktober 2022


Sounds great, especially on vocals! All working perfectly on Windows / Cubase.

J. Tysver-Tate

10. Oktober 2022

Sounds amazing!!!

Didn’t think this would sound as much like the hardware as it does! Staple in my vocal chain!

D. Matas

9. Oktober 2022

Great Compressor!!!

I actually just used it about 30 minutes ago. I mainly use it for some gentle compression while tracking vocals but once in a while I'll throw it on my mix bus. Either way, it's super quick and easy to dial in my settings. Sounds great everytime!

A. Marques Espuga

2. Oktober 2022

The missing piece for pro vocals

This emulation adds the mid-tube-air frequencies that make your vocals step up, as well as the most subtle and natural sounding compression. A must in my vocal chain right after my preamp.

E. Gusakov

11. September 2022

With new Update the problem is fixed with M1 Macbook Logic Pro x , thanks :)

Very nice!

T. Perkins

26. August 2022

Tube tech

Have they fixed the tube tech problem?

r. paduch

23. August 2022

Dang , The Hype Iz Real

recorded myself through mic alng with Neve 1073 pre...recording came out super crispy and clean!! thanks !

J. Rodney

21. August 2022

Sounds good

The plugin sounds good as soon as you slap it on a track. But I notice the meter don’t move sometime. Sooo it’s a little buggy but it’s cool

z. bin

3. August 2022

Fix the problem?? It will take 1,00,00 years!!!!!!!!!

When you try your best, but you don't succeed......
When you get what you want, but not what you need......
I hope you try....... to fix MKii

M. Ramos Jiménez

24. Juli 2022

Great for vocals.

If you need a urban sound in your vocals this is best option for compression works.

S. Fitzmaurice

13. Juli 2022

Unusable in its current state

Extremely buggy - The VU Issue, mentioned multiple times, audio intermittently not passing and when bass runs through in fixed attack and release it distorts - This has been an issue since release. Waste of money.

j. aguilo berrios

8. Juli 2022


Normally i dont write reviews, but this one deserves, just slam this compressor on your vocal and enjoy with that RECORD sound that gives u instantly.

glad that they fix the bug cause i was crying in a corner of my room lol

E. Ananda

23. Juni 2022

The Sound

The thickness the OOF this gives. just try it. trust me!


12. Juni 2022

Game changer !!!!

Since the purchase of Tube-Tech Cl 1B I have not put it down . It’s literally on every mix I do which is in the genre of Hip Hop . The color and texture it adds to elements is hands down the best in my experience. Don’t get me wrong different elements require a different approach and depending on what your aiming for but this compressor fits a lot of the elements I work with. You won’t go wrong with this tool .

L. Gache

9. Juni 2022


pretty much unusable. shame, because it used to be so good

21-40 von 286 Ergebnisse