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Townsend Labs Sphere


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Townsend Labs Sphere


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P. Wahlund

17. April 2021

A sceptic turned believer

When I first heard about the Sphere microphone I was a bit sceptic to say the least. I downloaded the plugin and used it on the sample- projects provided by Townsend. I was quite surprised how good the models sounded and how similar they were to the originals. Some weeks later I was able to test the actual microphone when a friend and I tested the Sphere (with software models) together with 18 other microphones and I was blown away by the performance of the Sphere. Third phase of my journey with the Sphere was when I finally got my own Sphere and started to play around with it. This thing is for real!! I know the modelling is fantastic but to be blunt I do not care if the model captures the original 100% or only 98% these microphones sound fantastic and to be able to have a whole pallet of microphones at my fingertips with a click of a mouse is just great. I use it with UA console and use the U87 models when I sing (or play) and then use the Sphere software on the recorded track to find the microphone the best captures the performance and mix I am working on. But be ware, the modeled mics are so sensitive and accurate they actually effects your performance as you sing when used with the UA-console during recording phase. There are so many flavours of sound in the software package that you will always find a microphone that works with the singer or instrument. The U47 model is great and delivers a depth and warm tone that is stellar. The U87:s sound amazing and delivers a forward vocal sound that requires minimal EQ adjustment and takes EQ extremely well when needed. The basic basic package is great and the other modelling packages available via UA extends the microphone pallet further.
If you find it hard to believe just download the plugin and then download some shootouts available on the net and try it out! You will be amazed :-)

D. Milella

11. April 2021

Incredible flexibility!!!

I've been recording music for decades now and have used many different microphones from U87, U47, U67, Shure sm81, 57, 58, Sennheisers 421, and even other microphone mimicking microphones like Slate Digitals. While all microphones have there place and I would love to have a mic locker filled with the best new and vintage microphones the Townsend Labs Sphere is the next best thing. The clarity is remarkable, the ability to record in stereo is phenomenal, being able to use two different mic sims at the same time is unbelievable, and the amount of control over the many various aspects is the icing on the cake! I really have only begun the process of digging into everything this microphone is capable of and I'm just in awe of it! I would recommend this microphone to anyone even those who have a mic locker to drool over!

J. Manness

2. April 2021

Sphere + Apollo = Perfect Match

It's been fun finding some dual blended mics for trumpet, like the Soyuz 017T with a little 251. The Neve 88RS followed by the Sphere in the first slot works nicely. My current chain is 88RS>Sphere>Ocean Way Studios>LA-2A Grey>Pultec EQ-1A. The 409N is also butter on trumpet.

J. Gellis

27. März 2021

One of the audio purchases I’ve made,

Astoundingly good modeling. I’ll dispense with any gratuitous hyperbole. I am thrilled with Townsend mic and modeling.

L. Moreno

17. März 2021


Es una maravilla de la tecnología.

K. Sæther

11. März 2021

Great, but buggy

I love the plunge, and it works wonders within UA Console, but as a stand alone plugin or within DAWs it doesn't quite do what it's supposed to.

R. Dupuy

24. Februar 2021

It's fantastic

The sound is great and you have so many possibilities and flexibility.
It's fun the team adds mics simulations on updates!

S. Shaw

23. Februar 2021

Amazing. The freedom to hit Record

Townsend mic is a genius product! For quickly laying down tracks, this mic is a liberation. Just hit Record, and adjust everything after the fact: choose a coloration via mic model, choose the sound stage via pickup pattern, fine tune with off-axis and proximity effect. Love it! (Friendly reminder: you'll get a coupon to buy this UAD plugin when receiving your Townsend mic. No need to really spend $199 here.)

J. Shackelford

29. Januar 2021

Soooo many options...I’m a kid in a candy store!!!

I love this microphone! Before purchasing I was recording with Miktek Cv4 (which sounds beautiful as well for $1600msrp) but the options with the Townsend Labs Sphereare ridiculous and the sound I am getting is quite Impressive. It’s not a cheap mic but I need you to understand there are 34 mic models included with this. Not to mention the Putnam & Ocean Way collections (adding an additional $300) which include their own models of specific microphones!! And if that’s not enough, I used it recently on my single “Next 2 Me” using the C12 model. Here’s a link:
Check it out, you won’t be disappointed and you won’t need another microphone...unless you want one that’s not included. Happy Buying!

UAD User

2. Januar 2021


I have not gotten the chance to explore it fully, but what I am delighted about is how the vocal sounds, which is what I'll use it for mainly. Better then any mic I currently possess.

l. chen

23. Dezember 2020

very good

very good

l. chen

23. Dezember 2020

very good

very good

l. chen

23. Dezember 2020

very good

very good

r. sveinungsen

17. Dezember 2020


This plugin has become our favorite tool here at himlalyd. Its soft and has a round good tone. And its easy to use and exstremely versital

B. Sokolovic

16. Dezember 2020

Edit from initial review

I initially reviewed I loved the mic and plugin but gave it 3 stars because of the unrelated UA business practices I’m not fond of. This was not fair of me, especially given it’s a free plugin with the mic. Buy the Sphere mic with confidence. The mic and plugin really are spectacular.

G. Hakim

5. September 2020

Powerful plugin

Awesome plug and microphone! Great technology!!

J. Davis

27. August 2020

Don't even think about it.

Just get this and move on to the rest of your build...Done A++++++


20. Juli 2020

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플러그인 너무 비싸게 파는것이 문제이지 가격을 전체적으로 많이 낮춰 주세요. 최소한 지금 판매하는 모든 제품 가격을 60% 낮춰서 팔며는 전 세계가 몰려 올듯 더 이름이 날리고 더 많은 가치가 상상할수 없을 정도로 올라갈텐데 너무 돈 많은 사람들을 상대로 지구상의 인구 소수를 상대를 하다 보니 돈에 미친 회사이냐 라고 개인적인 생각이 들기도 하지만 그것이 아니라면 가격으로 증명을 하신던가요. 또한 그 반면 돈 없는 거지들은 음악도 하지 말라는 식의 가격으로 보이다보니 초보자들 접근하기에는 모든 가격이 너무 부담스러운 현실 입니다. 이 말씀은 UAD 제일 높은 사장님께서 꼭 보시기를 간절히 바랍니다. 돈이 전부가 아니잖아요. 한번 밖에 없는 인생인데 지구상의 모든 사람들에게 소아 부터 노인까지 누구나 쉽게 상상할수 없는 저렴한 가격으로 낙을 공유하시면 얼마나 좋을까 생각이 듭니다.

C. LeBlanc

9. Juli 2020


This is simply great. So much flexibility in one device and works so well.

r. starkey

8. Juli 2020

Total game changer

The only microphone to buy in this era...

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