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Townsend Labs Sphere


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M. Gray

30. April 2022

So far so good.

Lots of amazing tonalities coming out of this microphone and plugins.

I wish the microphone came with a longer cable and that the manual went more into detail regarding the microphones and there typical uses.

Y. Zolberg

18. Januar 2022

The real thing

This is why I switched to the UAD system. The ability to record the microphone selection is amazing. And the microphone collection is very versatile and sounds so real.

C. E Neksum

6. Januar 2022

Amazing mic


L. Jacotey

12. Dezember 2021

The real deal

Sold all my Neumann mics, I love the idea of recording with just one microphone, one less thing to stress about. The sound of the U87 modern model is exactly the same to our ears in a high-end listening room. The Soyuz model is the bomb!

J. Ellingson

27. November 2021

Don’t be sceptical for as long as I was

Slate was good however this my friends is the real deal . Period. I may sell a few mic’s that don’t get used enough because of this

A. Vaquero Taboada

26. November 2021


A good Plug and a good mic

K. Thabthimthong

14. Oktober 2021

Very useful and great quality sound

This plugin help me expand character of my existing microphone.
The sound is very close original vintage microphone.
Thank for create this plugin.

H. Nakanishi

31. August 2021

Amazing with L22

I purchased Townsend Labs L22 Microphone and get this plugin for free. It's so amazing and great cost performance than I own expensive vintage ones.

M. Johannes

28. August 2021

I like TLS L22 plugin

Works well with third party microphones.

J. Dąbrowski

17. August 2021


This is just the best thing I ever had in my life

B. Schumacher

6. Juli 2021

Excellent product, excellent company, excellent support

I'm really happy about the sound quality of the mic. Even when I turned the preamp too low on one occasion the takes still turned out very good with a very good signal-to-noise ratio. The abilities to adjust the sound after recording are really great, especially when recording in sub-par spaces and/or with vocalists where you are not so sure at the time of recording about the "perfect" mic choice yet. The flexibility of course is second to none. With UAD aquiring the Townsend company I hope that the policy for the Sphere plugin will still stay the same: You register the mic and get a voucher in order to get this plugin for free! And this even works for 2nd hand buyers, without paying any extra fee! Now the other two mic collections need the new IsoSphere feature as well, that's all I'd still ask for. Big thanks to the Townsend Labs team and congrats to UAD for purchasing this excellent small company!

H. Blumstein

6. Juni 2021

Absolute magic!

The addition of the Townsend mic sims to the UAD ecosystem is incredible. Especially for vocals, you can literally go through an entire mic locker in a very short time and find the perfect gem of a mic to pair with your vocalist and it can even be done after the fact if you just monitored through the plugin. It is literally magic!

B. Nicholas

28. Mai 2021

Yes! Really great collection of mics.

I purchased a Townsend Labs Sphere L22 mic and of course got their UAD plugin for free. You also get the native version, btw. Anyway, I've demoed this collection alongside the Ocean Way and Putnam collections. I found it worthwhile to own all three because of some very lovely mics in the various collections. That being said, this one alone will hold you in good stead I think. You have plenty of great choices and the options to tweak are endless. It's really quite amazing technology. The Sphere mic, btw, is a really fantastic piece of work and a really fine mic even without the plugin. Very honest, open and clear. It's a great place to start especially when you add in the emulation technology. I also want to give a shout out to Eric Papp of Townsend Labs for their outstanding customer support. They have a great product and are committed to supporting it. As I stated earlier, if you only have this plugin to go with your Sphere mic, you will have a fantastic new mic locker to play with. I would encourage you to demo the Ocean Way and Putnam collections anyway because you really need to hear what more you could have. Enjoy!

B. Ward

27. Mai 2021

L-22 Software

Works great as expected.

C. Bruce

7. Mai 2021

As advertised

Fun to cycle through the mics to see which one makes your artists voice fall into the mix. Comes with the mic so don’t buy this. It’s worth it if you have an untreated room. Not a one trick pony for sure

P. Nyström

30. April 2021

Simply amazing!

I must say im almost in chock! This mic and plug is so great, just go for it and but it, you wont regret it ever.

J. Slavin

27. April 2021

Sphere Opinion

The best 1300 quid I’ve ever spent.... sounds great .....I’ll be demoing the UAD mikes, but that might be a while it comes with 40ish mikes as standard .... really happy with my purchase, the plug in component is UAD so it rocks as usual

P. Wahlund

17. April 2021

A sceptic turned believer

When I first heard about the Sphere microphone I was a bit sceptic to say the least. I downloaded the plugin and used it on the sample- projects provided by Townsend. I was quite surprised how good the models sounded and how similar they were to the originals. Some weeks later I was able to test the actual microphone when a friend and I tested the Sphere (with software models) together with 18 other microphones and I was blown away by the performance of the Sphere. Third phase of my journey with the Sphere was when I finally got my own Sphere and started to play around with it. This thing is for real!! I know the modelling is fantastic but to be blunt I do not care if the model captures the original 100% or only 98% these microphones sound fantastic and to be able to have a whole pallet of microphones at my fingertips with a click of a mouse is just great. I use it with UA console and use the U87 models when I sing (or play) and then use the Sphere software on the recorded track to find the microphone the best captures the performance and mix I am working on. But be ware, the modeled mics are so sensitive and accurate they actually effects your performance as you sing when used with the UA-console during recording phase. There are so many flavours of sound in the software package that you will always find a microphone that works with the singer or instrument. The U47 model is great and delivers a depth and warm tone that is stellar. The U87:s sound amazing and delivers a forward vocal sound that requires minimal EQ adjustment and takes EQ extremely well when needed. The basic basic package is great and the other modelling packages available via UA extends the microphone pallet further.
If you find it hard to believe just download the plugin and then download some shootouts available on the net and try it out! You will be amazed :-)

D. Milella

11. April 2021

Incredible flexibility!!!

I've been recording music for decades now and have used many different microphones from U87, U47, U67, Shure sm81, 57, 58, Sennheisers 421, and even other microphone mimicking microphones like Slate Digitals. While all microphones have there place and I would love to have a mic locker filled with the best new and vintage microphones the Townsend Labs Sphere is the next best thing. The clarity is remarkable, the ability to record in stereo is phenomenal, being able to use two different mic sims at the same time is unbelievable, and the amount of control over the many various aspects is the icing on the cake! I really have only begun the process of digging into everything this microphone is capable of and I'm just in awe of it! I would recommend this microphone to anyone even those who have a mic locker to drool over!

J. Manness

2. April 2021

Sphere + Apollo = Perfect Match

It's been fun finding some dual blended mics for trumpet, like the Soyuz 017T with a little 251. The Neve 88RS followed by the Sphere in the first slot works nicely. My current chain is 88RS>Sphere>Ocean Way Studios>LA-2A Grey>Pultec EQ-1A. The 409N is also butter on trumpet.

21-40 von 159 Ergebnisse