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Townsend Labs Sphere


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D. Bubien

25. November 2022

Fun Amazing Mic

I’m really enjoying this mic and the endless opportunities it gives you to find the right sound! It’s Phenomenal

UAD User

19. November 2022

Dat mic is amazing bruv

I don’t know how y’all did, but that’s a great job.

A. Vasilyev

18. November 2022

Townsend Labs Sphere - fantasy

A set of classic sound fiction, who are not with us yet, join us and be happy with a large suitcase of microphones, with patristic fantastic noise reduction,

Q. Phùng

6. November 2022

Good use

Sound quality is slightly improved

J. Mendel

5. November 2022

Great tool!

Really enjoy the interface! The sound is a huge step forward in mic modeling. Great work!

t. rosa

1. November 2022

Amazing. Just amazing

I haven't got to use the mic alot as of yet. But the few times I have used it I felt like I was using such a good mic for what the situation is. My only complaint is there is so many options you will get stuck just messing with the apps different mic emulations and such. The mic does so much for the price and it does all of it well. I wont lie and say I have heard all these mics. But I have heard some and the townsend does a solid job emulating. But thats the whole thing dont buy this mic cause of the mic it emulates. Buy this mic because it has so many great options and tweaks that you are pretty much limitless to what you can do. Rap vocal got it stereo guitar. Got it. Silky smooth vocals. They are there. Don't follow the hype of emulation. Just know that this mic for 1500 dollars. Is a steal and a half. I promise you won't have buyers remorse as long as you take your time to learn how to use it. What it offers and take the time to learn and use this mic right and you will have superb sounds. I swear that .The sound of the mic by itself is clear and bright. The mic has a weight to it that makes it feel premium. It looks premium. The case it comes with is solid. This mic is really great especially if you have a small budget. That's the only negative I have about the mic. I cannot afford any of the plugins. None of the other mic emulations nor any of the unison preamps or anything. Which is sad. I understand uad makes quality stuff. But I cant afford to enjoy much of it. I feel blessed with what I have.


1. November 2022

Impressive all round mic

It’s a real pleasure to set this mic with the plugin and record a voice over for instance.
The simulations allow you to get to the sound that fits in seconds. The possibility to handle the proximity effect, off axis parameter... is also a great thing.

T. Lauenstein

31. Oktober 2022


Absolutely amazing stuff. Always running the c800 emulation. Just sounding so clean

S. El Hammami

12. Oktober 2022

Not a gadget

This microphone thanks to this plugin is amazing. It is not just a plugin that does signal treatement on mono wave file. The microphone is recording in stereo and thanks to this additionnal info based on stereo signal the plugin recreate the warmness of famous listed microphones.

G. Gaia

11. Oktober 2022

I am more than happy.

This mic opens up doors to make vocal performances shine though the mix. This mic makes me want to become a better producer. I only wish I would have gotten it sooner. What a amazing deal.

M. Gonzalez

9. Oktober 2022

Great sounding microphone even when not using the additional models

Worth every penny and very forgiving in poorly treated hotel rooms.

T. Kingen

28. September 2022

Finally found 'my' microphone

The Sphere L22 is a great mic unto itself but the emulation software makes it so much more. After careful consideration I also purchased the Bill Putnam Collection just on the strength of the "Sinatra" U47 alone. Very happy with this rig in my home project studio.

H. Ismail

21. September 2022

One Mic To Rule Them All

It was a myth to me at 1st.
But after years of reading the reviews from earlier adopters.. it became obvious about what I've been missing.

The L22 Sphere is probably the one mic to rule them all. It have now become 'my precious' - which sits in the middle of the studio as the daily grail.

I own an actual 416 and 87ai... and after using and comparing this to the mics I own, I learnt the hard way, that I didn't need to burn a hole in my wallet with those previous purchase. In fact I'm ready to surrender some of my mic collection and just stick to this one L22 and probably get another.

Listening is Believing!

J. Marshall

16. September 2022

Really wonderful mic

The mic itself is very nice quality. Great quality case and accessories too. The mic emulations are fantastic. It sounds really expensive. Super flexible, and the ability to monitor the mic emulations through UAD Console is inspiring.
I am not stranger to mic modelling, and this is a great solution. The polar pattern options go way beyond what is possible with the real mics as well. It's a really well thought out system, sounds great, and pairs really nicely with Apollo interfaces.

H. Ismail

14. September 2022

Unbelievable toolkit for any studio.

L22 Sphere and it's mic collection libraries from Townsend Labs is heaven sent. Easy to create your personal vintage mic presets with the app.

A. Pasco

4. September 2022

Amazing sound

One of my favorite UAD purchases. The sounds are so good and it is so easy to use.

Y. Volcy

3. September 2022


I like this plugin

S. Gauri

26. Juni 2022

Just getting my head round all the things

It can do. I am excited to record my flutes and many stringed instruments with the different settings in this plugin.

R. Cassard

24. Juni 2022

Absolute jawdropper — the true Swiss Army Knife of mics.

It's the very first time I've fired up my new Townsend Sphere mic. I'm recording via my Apollo x4 with nothing in the Unison slot and no EQ. Going straight to a linked stereo track in Logic (as instructed).
I add the Sphere plug-in to the channel and it defaults to a vintage Telefunken U-47. I haven't altered ANYTHING and the sound is absolutely gorgeous. Clean, full, deep, spacious.
With the Sphere plug-in alone, I can instantly switch between more than 35 fantastic-yet-diverse-sounding mics... AFTER recording a track. That's an insane level of flexibility. Not to mention changing the polar pattern, axis and proximity effect.
The LD-414 US emulation sounds identical to the 414 I've used religiously for almost 30 years. Can't tell 'em apart in a blindfold test.
And for an extra $200, I now have access to many of Bill Putnam's best mics, and Allen Sides'/Ocean Way's most coveted mics, too.
The Townsend Sphere is like a miracle for any producer or performer who wants to hear performances through their choice of the world's best mics. I now own hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of classic mics for $1500, while gaining mixing flexibility that is literally priceless.

h. jue

30. Mai 2022

good mic plugin

townsend lab l22 it's a amazing mic ,i love it · use this plugin in streamlive so useful

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