Tonelux® Tilt EQ

Tonelux® Tilt EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $99.00


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Tonelux® Tilt EQ


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R. Robertson

15. Januar 2016

R Robertson

Wow! What a nice surprise.
This EQ works really great.
It's clean sounding and simple to use.
The results of using it on tracks let you know right away the price was worth it.

S. Tib

14. Januar 2016

Great Tool easy to use, fast result !!!

This EQ is so usefull, easy to use, fast and musical. It's low dsp, I use it when I dont want to spend too much time in details while I am still finishing a track. It does a great job !
I got it for 20$ with a voucher during the end of the year sales, thanks UAD !!!

A. Tomashenko

14. Januar 2016

A small Eq ...

A small Eq with great potential. Best tone corrector. !!!

E. Bellerose

10. Januar 2016

yes good EQ good price

Does what it supose to do with easy use and low cpu. Good looking reprenstation of the oldschool hardware.

UAD User

6. Januar 2016

Ohh ! Large !

This plug in is absolutely immense. You almost need to commit to some rules in your head on how much you are going to use it cos you can just use it on everything. Part of the toolkit. Epic Bigness. Epic Bizness. Bellissimo! As they say.

H. Engstrom

5. Januar 2016


Biggest wild card in the rooster. For the money, and actually if it costed a lot more, absolute sitter! Use it on vox, ac guitars, drums, overheads etc etc. so easy to use and result is brilliant. A no-brainer in your lineup.

UAD User

1. Januar 2016

simple,easy to use and cheap

i usually use this plugin just as highpass and lowpass fillter,not for its own tilt function. and i like it . cheap,easy,quick

J. Kettle

28. Dezember 2015

Simply Wonderful!

Unlike any EQ out there. Sounds great and very straightforward.

UAD User

20. Dezember 2015



R. Maloney

18. Dezember 2015

Good tool for my toolbox

I like the filters on this thing. Good for cleaning up and focusing a signal.

P. Shrout

15. Dezember 2015

Simple but effective little EQ

This plugin is awesome for quickly carving out problem frequencies during a rough mix. It's filter section is awesome and very easy to dial in. So far I've found a lot of very useful things where this EQ not only sounds good but delivers fast results. Time is money and I'm happy this little guy is a part of my audio arsenal. Great job UAD. I have used many plug-ins over the years and UA tips them all. Love this stuff! Cheers!

M. Antonides

15. Dezember 2015

Many uses

Many uses for this--on effects busses, when tracking, quickly making something fit better in the mix.
Very smooth, high-end sound. Super fast and easy to work with. I will use it a lot.

R. Jason

13. Dezember 2015

Great quick fix

Inserting this plug on all channels in a template I created for client and artist pitches. Makes quick work of eq, so I can mix/SQUEEZE, and pitch that SONG!

In more complex mix situations, it's still very useful, say with a stereo guitar out of phase, or just needed a bit of TLC. A very nice addition to my ever expanding UA plug in collection.

P. Jelfs

12. Dezember 2015

Simple but Effective!

Great little plugin , at a great little price ! Can provide the air / lift you need on certain track like no other :)

S. Ballenden

10. Dezember 2015

Keeping it simple

The tilt is an awesome tool. Smooth filters and just a great sounding Eq. This is sometimes all you need. Sometimes if a track is recorded well this is all you need to get the job done. One of my go to tools for sure.

M. Park

9. Dezember 2015

Nice EQ with character

Sounds awesome on some sources, it's a great alternative "flavor" to the usual EQ suspects. Nice to have as another choice at mix time.

UAD User

27. November 2015

Adds Emotion

Very good sounding on synths. I did a few songs with this and the EQ was the difference between emotional notes and unemotional ones. It's hard pressed to say it changes the sound all that much, but it does make in improvement. Simple and good. Softube puts out great products.

c. Antonelli

27. November 2015

Great Plug!

A really easy to use and efficient plugin!
Not a lot of knobs and that is an advantage!
I like it on guitars when they sound really high, I just turn down the first knob and it is magic! It sounds better!

S. McFadyen

10. November 2015

Super handy.

Really like this one. Good for pre-filtering in effects units. Like it's tone and ease of use a lot.

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015

Very useful mastering tool

Very useful mastering tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

121-140 von 182 Ergebnisse