Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


Du sparst 58%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Thermionic Culture Vulture


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P. Borisevich

28. November 2021

Invaders Must Die

The amount of headroom, dynamics, richness, complexity and details this plugin provides when pushed hard is not possible to get from other distortion plugins.

G. darchis

15. November 2021

Trop petit

Rien à dire sur la qualité du son, c'est exceptionnel !
mais le plugin et vraiment trop petit, très difficile à manipuler sans ce rapprocher de l'écran. ils reste vraiment un effort à faire pour certain plugin.
un bon design et important aussi !

V. German

13. November 2021

Powerful sound pumping !!!

On drums in a parallel bus. On the bass drum, on the bass, the device shows excellent results!

S. Tydeman

9. November 2021


This Culture Vulture is as much of a beast as you want it to be! Sounds absolutely insane on my drum bus - its like the cherry on the cake, nope its like the cake, actually its more like the cake and the cherry combined - LOVE IT! this plugin is going to get a serious workout.

M. O'Brien

26. Oktober 2021

I would not be without it

It is unique and I love it. But i takes a lot of DSP resources. I still give it five stars because it is so special.

G. Girard

28. September 2021

Crispy sounds!

Amazing saturation tool in my arsenal! Just wished it had new bigger UI like the new LA-3A, DBX160 and 1176 ! They look incredible !! Please keep adding the new UI for the classic plugins !!!!!

E. Ananda

14. Juli 2021

Such Brilliant flavour

I've tried many another saturation plug-ins but nothing compares to this one. Yes, each has its own flavour but the authentic feel of warmth. None of the others can achieve that warmth the triode gives. then just switching to pentode or overdrive: Wow just wow! Simple controls and you can have so much fun trying to get the sound where you want it.

U. Sound

24. Juni 2021

Very powerful

It’s amazing

C. Keepence

29. April 2021

sweet sat

sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeet sat

E. Acuna

19. April 2021

The best

It's really an amazing vst, the best....

P. Nortey

18. April 2021

Just what I needed

This thing here adds color and grit to what I was looking for to give my beats some spice

A. Smirnov

14. April 2021

Real deal?

Got no money for real hardware. Was not sure if I want this plug or not because of decapitator.
Turned out - this feels much more real and handles low end much better that decapitator. So I guess it’s closer to the real deal. Loving it anyway - beef up machine.

P. Jacobsson

14. März 2021

It's a beast!

The best distortion unit in my toolbox. Very warm and fat, beefing up tracks even when used subtle.

C. Knight

8. Februar 2021

Black box for Black Sound.

best distortion. Can make whatever hard distortion you want. Swiss Army Knife of distortion boxes.

M. DeHaan

29. Januar 2021

Also better than the hardware?

This unit seems to sound better on electronic sources than the actual hardware in some ways, and doesn't eat as many low frequencies and there's a bit more flexibility on the gain. Most importantly IMHO, it has a mix knob, which the original hardware doesn't have and really needed.

A. Ashkenazi

12. Januar 2021

Truly incredible on everything you put it

The Thermionic is pure magic on everything you put it, from basslines to vocals to weird glitchy leads. It can just turn anything into super awesome in a unique way that I've never heard before!
Definitely recommend.

J. Neves

12. Januar 2021

Absolutely amazing!


b. zucchetti

9. Januar 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Absolute Top ! Magic ! Must to have !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

A. Thierry

20. November 2020

The Beast

It's my favorite uad tool.. A must have in saturator .. Thanks

N. Assolo

13. November 2020

La Culture du Grain chaud !

Sublime, rien à dire! j'adore ... l'essayer, c'est l'adopter!

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