Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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P. Maier

17. September 2020

Awesome LA 2A Sound!

My favorite LA 2A Style Plugin to round up bass, thicken vocals, smoothen big sounding drums. Love it.

A. Russell

16. September 2020


Let me preface this by saying I'm a songwriter that needs to create reasonable work tapes for my publisher to review prior to an official demo recording. I am not an engineer and prefer easy to use plugins with great presets to get the sound I need. i.e. live recording either guitar or keyboard with vocals, presets to get the sound I'm after without too much tweaking, then a quick master with BX Masterdesk Classic. I do own quite a few UA plugins but only write a glowing review about a few of them...this is one...

I use one of these on every track I record...nuff said!

E. Grebeznieks

11. September 2020


one of my best acquisitions, and I don't understand how I used to do without these devices

น. ห้องแซง

5. September 2020


Great Sound

T. Doughty

31. August 2020

Amazing upgrade from the legacyproduct

Took advantage of the sale to upgrade from the legacy version. The flexibility and colour of the latest incarnation of the LA2A is amazing. Definitely worth it - the best sounding compared to other companies' emulations!

J. Geary

26. August 2020


Yeah, not much to say other than once again this guy beats out the competition. The SC control is nice too! I highly recommend reading the manual if youre not sure of the differences. The included LA2 unit s a nice bonus flavor that I did not expect to enjoy so much.

j. mathew

11. August 2020


I loved this compressor soo much . Amazing control on Vocals.

C. Martin

6. August 2020

The best La-2a plugin!!!

Love it on vocals and acoustic instruments. Thanks UA :)

N. Wearne

27. Juli 2020

Bloody terrific!

This is a great plugin collection and I'm finding it very hard to go past the original LA-2a. Particularly for vocals and acoustic instruments. I'm also finding that I'm not using EQ as much or at all. Just tweaking the emphasis seems to do the trick at times. Well worth it...

D. Lee

24. Juli 2020

such an amazing plug-in!

so far so great! It gives more sweetness to the sound.

Y. Alatrash

20. Juli 2020

Super Amazing

its one of the most important Plugins that you must have Super Amazing

c. glakas

17. Juli 2020

LA-2A makes the difference

If you're just making the jump to UAD, be sure to get the LA-2A collection right from the start. Just turn it on and find your in and out levels, and your track will instantly be better. The legacy versions are DSP-light so you can load 'em up on every track in the mix.

S. Shin

14. Juli 2020

LA-2A is the best comp!

It is so nice!! Especially, Gray is so good!

P. Rackley

14. Juli 2020

Killer Classic and new flavors of Grey

These classic plugins are here to stay and you need it if you’re doing vocal and bass!! That’s just the beginning. I don’t know why I waited so long to upgrade!!

A. Hayman

13. Juli 2020

Night and day from the legacy version

Massive improvement from the legacy version which I thought was already the best LA2A emulation around.

J. Loosemore

13. Juli 2020

Sounds like an optical compressor should!!

All three of these have become my go-to compressors. The grey is especially good for my desired applications!!!

D. Dolan

11. Juli 2020

The best plugin EVER

Seriously, there is something about this plugin unlike anything I have heard anywhere else. Immediate vocal presence. Just amazing!

R. Bernatchez

9. Juli 2020

A avoir dans ça librairie

Le meilleur compresseur !!

T. suassuna

6. Juli 2020

Instant Analog Vibe

I’ve been using the legacy version since i got my Apollo Twin, and always loved what it did to my tracks, but the now with the collection it’s really another world, full of body and analog vibe, thanks uad for another masterpiece, wish i had this before!

p. jalowiecki

6. Juli 2020

Amazing Sound

absolutely top class

81-100 von 1055 Ergebnisse