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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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E. Ananda

23. Juni 2022

Thick and Fast

Quick go to for me when levelling out some vocals

D. Matas

20. Juni 2022

A must have!!!!!!!!!!

Great sounding compressor, and easy to use. You can't go wrong with this one.

V. German

16. Juni 2022

Magic sound! Very worthy instruments!

Unprecedented sound quality! The bass and voice sound amazing!

J. Harris

14. Juni 2022

Compression vibe it is

Pretty glad I grab this set!

J. McLachlan

14. Juni 2022


I cannot describe the beauty of the LA-2A other than it being absolutely magical. Throw it on anything and it brings it to life.

D. Van der Merwe

11. Juni 2022

Multipurpose workhorse

Does everything. Soft bass compression, slammed parallel drum bus, master bus glue. Or get really creative and put two of these back to back and slam them to max db on drums/Lead. No vst reacts like this thing at extreme settings. Only LA-2A I'll ever need

M. Indovina

30. Mai 2022

Magic in a plugin

There's a real sort of magic to these plugins. When you put them on your vocals (especially the Gray model), all of a sudden they just sound so much more warm, polished, and smooth.

S. Kim

29. Mai 2022

What could I say more?

This is it. What makes perfect to your mix. This sound is the one I've always heard in all the hit records in history. You can do the same thing in your room with the small UAD Apollo gear. Get one and Use it. You'll never disappointed.

D. Gonzalez

28. Mai 2022


I used to be an intern at Ocean way studios (now back to united) and they had about 4-8 in each studio (A-B-C) and I had a chance to not only dial these in but to see the guts of this thing. AND LET ME TELL YOU....YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES.

I used the plug-in and real versions of this unit and the saturation is almost identical. (These plug-in are emulated from a unit in there factory or something and each piece of gear HAS ITS ON CHARATER AND SOUND) GET THESE. DONT HESITATE. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

A. Beltrán

10. Mai 2022

The best UAD plugin

Let’s be honest, this is probably The best bundle by UAD, every single one of these beauties sounds amazing

R. Pulley

17. April 2022

Sounds great

Use it when recording vocals to compress about 3db and it works and sounds great. Great clean vocal sound.

J. Dearness

7. März 2022

Full vocals

I have quite stripped back recordings and these bring a luster and warmth to my vocals

R. Wagner

4. März 2022

leicht zu bedienen, geiler klang.

das ding ist genau das richtige für mich. klingt schön warm und hat parallel schönen druck anzubieten. kann ich nur empfehlen

V. Baranov

14. Februar 2022


The best emulation of LA-2A compressors!!! I recommend it to everyone!!!


24. Januar 2022

Top plugin!

It's a classic, it sounds great. Thanks UAD!

A. Jones

17. Januar 2022


Dramatically put the vocals upfront

R. LeBlanc

14. Januar 2022


Brought my vocals fight to the front!

V. Vlodarchyk

13. Januar 2022

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

This is Fire I used every time

M. Ferreira

13. Januar 2022

The best Plugin of UAD

Amazing sound, almost as the hardware. UAD Flagship!

I. Yunakov

10. Januar 2022


Derek Ali a.k.a. MixedByAli sends me for this gold here

21-40 von 1046 Ergebnisse