Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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J. Braun

1. Mai 2014


Well worth the price of admission. All of the revisions have their own unique set of characteristics. Great purchase!

J. Cunningham

1. Mai 2014


Had it for 2 weeks and already using the grey edition on almost every single track I produce. Warms things up amazingly, and works surprisingly great on bass!

R. Jacobi

1. Mai 2014

Another must have in the engineer's toolbox

The new LA-2A Collection is another beauty from UA, great work! The plug-ins give you instant gratification during mixing with various subtle flavors to choose from. The LA-2A Collection is another must have in the engineer's toolbox. As all the more life-like emulations demand more and more processing power, all we need now is a daisy-chainable Thunderbolt UAD DUO-DECA (12 DSP) card...

E. Chong

28. April 2014

Perfect for multi-takes or comping

When doing multiple takes audio tends to sound slightly different from each other, especially with vocalists.

The worst is when they take a sip of that water, instant brightness.

The LA-2 with its super slow release fixes all this.

Simply (seriously simple to use) amazing.

D. Oastler

24. April 2014

Beautiful Hardware

This software version of the Leveler is so faithful to the original. I am so glad that I purchased it.

P. Jonsson

24. April 2014


Just used it tracking bass - and man what a feeling... And listening back... what can I say: Awesome

S. Cooley

24. April 2014

LA-2A collection, must have

As the legacy version of this was a got to have on many of
my tracks I did not think it could really be that different on the
new collection of these to warrant the expense.

I was mistaken, these have a great sound and expand the options
for coloring quite a bit.

Thanks UA

A. Patrois

23. April 2014

Incredibly authentic

I admit I haven't used more than iteration of the LA2A, so the different versions i cant speak for. however; The one I am familiar with, sounds perfect, using the same pre, going into a real LA2A into the apollo using a true system precision 8, one real, one emulated, mic splitter, accurate down to the sample. Pretty incredible.

R. Bonilla

22. April 2014

Not Even an Expert Can Tell the Difference from Hardware and Plugin

This in combination with the a 1176LN vocals never sounded so perfect vintage quality, hip hop vocals never sounded so great thanks UA

S. Warfield

21. April 2014


Just got my Apollo Twin Duo recently. This thing uses a ton of resources compared to the legacy version. Beware.

M. Casabianca

20. April 2014

Amazing !!!

I've found ways to use each module according to each busses of my mixes.
They sound great on drums, vocals, bass, guitars, piano, horns...every instruments...
Amazing !!!

D. Mclaughlin

19. April 2014


Lovely update of the LA2A. UA is doing a fantastic job with the MKII's.

C. Busch

15. April 2014

Very nice tone

I have tried the LA-2A collection plugs on a wide variety of sources. I like that the three different models have different attack / release times as well as unique sonic characters. When you find the right one for your source and get it dialed in right, they sound great.

S. Tib

15. April 2014

Add some warmth, Live and gentle punch to a bass guitar

I used the LA2-A Grey recently on bass, it adds some depth, warmth, punch, air, a subtle pumping.
I wasn't really impressed by the the LA2A Legacy but when I tried theLA2-A Grey, I understood why so many studio are using it. It just works so nicely I can only recommend you to test it and forget the Legacy version.
On bass I combine it to the 1176 AE + pulteq EQ-1A + Bx Saturator
I used it also on some vocal recorded for a documentary, it added a nice punch and energy.

S. Roefs

14. April 2014

Attack times!

Great to have these different units, mostly because of the differences in attack times. The emphasis feature is truly great! What a major difference with the legacy version. This sounds like the real thing, which I happen to own. Well done UAD!

S. Taylor

12. April 2014

Very Pleased!

Terrific set of Vintage Compressors. Simple controls but very detailed response.

M. Selby

10. April 2014

If you only buy one plug-in. . .

. . . get this one. (Or these three, actually). Between these LA-2A variations and the UAD 1176 collection, I can go from working in the big Nashville rooms to my home project studio and not feel like I've stepped out of a Porsche and onto a moped. These guys really capture the feel and grease of the original hardware versions, are easy to use and just make so many things sound bigger and better and more. . . analog and fat. Great gear for anyone at any level, and a great place to start in building a home studio plug-in collection to make things sound real and right. Essential.

C. Tunnessen

10. April 2014

3 flavors of LA2A

These plugin sounds so incredible. I rarely used the legacy LA2A but this plugin is essential. And the ability to access three different flavors of LA2A is quite unique. UAD keeps raising the bar with every new plugin.

E. Robinson

7. April 2014

there are so real

sound so close to the real thing i hardly notice the difference real wicked

R. Rajaram

6. April 2014

Possibly the best ITB compressors

I demoed these a few weeks back and I pretty much bought them within an hour of demoing. Even when there's no compression happening, they just add body and clarity like I've never heard from another plugin. Beautiful, smooth compression and 3 options of attack and release make this collection a no brainer for anyone looking for opto style compression ITB. The only negative I could find is the level boost on initiating these plugs, but thats an easy fix, just make your own default preset!

781-800 von 1099 Ergebnisse