Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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B. Morris

5. Juni 2014

LA-2A collection review

I've been using the LA2A collection for nearly a year now I believe and have really implemented it as part of my main dynamic control tools.

Favorite applications:
1. Leave vocals - 1176 with slow attack, fast release followed by the LA2A grey getting about 2-3 db of compression on the high spots.
2. Drum Overheads - tames harsh cymbals and pulls everything in together.
3. Bass - Typically with bass, Ill stack the LA2A first and get maybe 2-3 db on the high spots, then add another compressor (often 1176) behind the LA2A to give a slightly more constant compression.

I typically prefer the Grey and Silver models, but each has its own vibe Also really love the emphasis control. This is a MUST when used on vocals.

Loving these comps

M. Northorp

5. Juni 2014

Amazing sound and value, buy this!

As soon as I tried out the LA-2A collection demo, I had to have it. It really sweetens every vocal I've tried it on, and having three LA-2A's to pick from depending on the sound I'm looking for is just incredible. Combine this with the 1176 collection and your vocal chain will sound first class. I can't believe that I now have the sound of this legendary hardware in my DAW for this kind of money.

P. Macino

29. Mai 2014


Works like an instrument and becomes part of the mix. I've tried other LA-2A Clones and Similar Plugs, and this collection, particularly "The Silver" has become a go to and in every mix.

T. Hauge

28. Mai 2014

Another choir boy...

This plugin collection hardly needs another glowing review to convince potential buyers at this point. That being said I am very pleased.

M. Payne

25. Mai 2014

actually flexible

Between the 3, you have a lot of options. If you want to keep it fast, keep the gain reduction low.

You can also use LA3A beforehand it it gets pushed back too far.

F. Amendola

14. Mai 2014

simply perfect !

i love it on bass & vocals ! it sounds just amazing .
A must have !

C. Macdonald

13. Mai 2014

Superb compression

I love the LA-2A's. They sound amazing on vocals and horns, and one of my favorite things to do is run the Silver and Grey models in series for extra color and even more gourmet leveling possibilities!

S. Malmo

11. Mai 2014

"My Go-To" Vocal Compressor

Previously using Logic Pro 9 native plugs to compress my vocals, I would often have to work very hard to employ serial or parallel compression techniques, fiddling with the settings until I could get my vocal to sound good on its own, let alone within the mix. The LA-2A plug's simple settings and distinct and sought after "coloration" allows me to spend more time focusing mix overall, rather than fussing over the vocals. Use the LA-2A when you need your compression to be "transparent" with a just a little added warmth.

P. Charell

10. Mai 2014

LA-2A Collection

Love these!!! Especially the LA-2 and the warmth you get just by putting it in the chain.

M. Smith

7. Mai 2014

Good, not great

This is a really good upgrade to the UAD 1 version. I find myself using it less often though. I can't tell if it's the love affair I'm having with the newer 1176 revision or I'm just not that bowled over by this one!

On vocals and acoustic guitar (if I want "that" sound) it's really good, but when I need gooey color I'll find myself using the new Fairchild more often.

I also think all these "revisions" should have been free for the users that actually bought the original version (maybe not the folks who got it for free though?)! Considering this is my 3rd UAD device (2 previous ones discontinued), I've invested quite a bit into the company! Funny they decided to give 1/2 of the 610 plug for free to Apollo users. Kinda weird!

J. Braun

1. Mai 2014


Well worth the price of admission. All of the revisions have their own unique set of characteristics. Great purchase!

J. Cunningham

1. Mai 2014


Had it for 2 weeks and already using the grey edition on almost every single track I produce. Warms things up amazingly, and works surprisingly great on bass!

R. Jacobi

1. Mai 2014

Another must have in the engineer's toolbox

The new LA-2A Collection is another beauty from UA, great work! The plug-ins give you instant gratification during mixing with various subtle flavors to choose from. The LA-2A Collection is another must have in the engineer's toolbox. As all the more life-like emulations demand more and more processing power, all we need now is a daisy-chainable Thunderbolt UAD DUO-DECA (12 DSP) card...

E. Chong

28. April 2014

Perfect for multi-takes or comping

When doing multiple takes audio tends to sound slightly different from each other, especially with vocalists.

The worst is when they take a sip of that water, instant brightness.

The LA-2 with its super slow release fixes all this.

Simply (seriously simple to use) amazing.

D. Oastler

24. April 2014

Beautiful Hardware

This software version of the Leveler is so faithful to the original. I am so glad that I purchased it.

P. Jonsson

24. April 2014


Just used it tracking bass - and man what a feeling... And listening back... what can I say: Awesome

S. Cooley

24. April 2014

LA-2A collection, must have

As the legacy version of this was a got to have on many of
my tracks I did not think it could really be that different on the
new collection of these to warrant the expense.

I was mistaken, these have a great sound and expand the options
for coloring quite a bit.

Thanks UA

A. Patrois

23. April 2014

Incredibly authentic

I admit I haven't used more than iteration of the LA2A, so the different versions i cant speak for. however; The one I am familiar with, sounds perfect, using the same pre, going into a real LA2A into the apollo using a true system precision 8, one real, one emulated, mic splitter, accurate down to the sample. Pretty incredible.

R. Bonilla

22. April 2014

Not Even an Expert Can Tell the Difference from Hardware and Plugin

This in combination with the a 1176LN vocals never sounded so perfect vintage quality, hip hop vocals never sounded so great thanks UA

S. Warfield

21. April 2014


Just got my Apollo Twin Duo recently. This thing uses a ton of resources compared to the legacy version. Beware.

761-780 von 1089 Ergebnisse