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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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h. kim

16. Juni 2021



D. Long

11. Juni 2021

True to form

I have checked the shoot outs with the other emulations out there and the UA plugin versions sounds more authentic. A cut above the rest. Now that I've purchased it I have not gone back to the other versions that I possess.

L. Tian Siung

29. Mai 2021

Best for almost everything

love all the LA-2A

T. Simpson

21. Mai 2021

Treat it Like Franks Red Hot!

Put it on Everything! Compared to other digital emulations of the LA-2A, the UA version is in a league of its own. The price is a bit higher but the difference in sound quality is extremely noticeable.

o. martinez lopez

15. Mai 2021

Best dynamics

Incredible sound!!, love them!!

M. Hautala

1. Mai 2021

Perfect for vocals

The LA-2A is a classic compressor on vocals. It really makes the vocals even without crushing it. My to-go-to vocal compressor.

H. Warmels

29. April 2021

Great for guitar bass and drums.

Very nice to experiment with the different variants on all my tracks (drum, guitar and bass)
Great to have this. Got it with my Apollo Twin X

A. Parvanta

9. April 2021

Teletronix leveler collection

It is an absolutely must have. This is by far one of the best plug ins that I have in my collection. Universal rocks.

T. Gregoire

9. April 2021

Nice compressor

Very nice comp, only need a mix nob...

C. Gramaglia

5. April 2021

Best comp in the Apollo x bundle

This comp is just great. Put it on everything

J. Kent

5. April 2021


Amazing sound from this plugin. Gives a great replicated analog touch to everything, especially on vocals

B. Wisda

4. April 2021

WOW. Best LA-2A emulation yet.

I've used the hardware version of the LA-2A and love it. This is damn close, if not perfect.

B. Wisda

4. April 2021

WOW. Best LA-2A emulation yet.

I've used the hardware version of the LA-2A and love it. This is damn close, if not perfect.

A. Wadkar

23. März 2021

One Of The Best Compression Plugin Ever

Adding A Analog Warmth That Audio Quality More Improve

M. Ramos Jiménez

20. März 2021

The best compressor for vocals.

Add that analog warmth that all producers look for.

A. Hanley

16. März 2021

At least it sounds good...

This collection would be so much better with just a little extra work on the usability side of things - copying the hardware 100% is not always the best plan for a software interface. The main problem for me is that this is 3 plug-ins when it could be one. It would be great to be able to quickly switch between models with a menu rather than loading multiple plug-ins. You also need to reference the manual in order to know the differences in sound between the units and the manual covers all UAD plug-ins so it's not the easiest to digest. The UI design has a dated look (and not just because it's copying the old hardware).
My UA PCIe card recently died after less than 6 months of use, so I can't use these plug-ins anymore, but I liked their sound while I could run them.
So overall not the best user experience, but at least they sound good.

N. Gonzalez Cabrera

15. März 2021

The Standar for All

These are the best compressors emulation ever , vocals instruments , all cool emulation ever

I. Sumenkov

3. März 2021

Please add a Mix Knob!!!

Please add a Mix Knob!!!

I. Sumenkov

3. März 2021

Please add a mix knob

Please add a mix knob!!!

R. Williams

1. März 2021

Gives your music that special sauce

This plugin will give your music the bump it needs. It adds a nice bit of warmth and texture!

101-120 von 1134 Ergebnisse