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Suhr PT100 Amplifier


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功. 佐藤

9. August 2023



その若干の不自然さを補って余りあるのは、大袈裟にならないパワーアンプシミュレーターと、Pete Thorn氏のキャビネットの数々で



ただ音の奥行きや広がりの為には、他のアンプシミュレーター同様にOcean wayは必須だと思います。

D. LeBlanc

21. Februar 2023

Hums like a ground hum

Good amp plug-in the gate helps but without it there is a noisy ground like him like the old days.. trued different guitars and cables no go.. plug-in still rocks though.. would like the him to be addressed someday

R. Schudel

20. Februar 2023

Very versatile Amp

Great for crunchy tones !

P. Larsson

16. Januar 2023


Great for about anything...

Z. Abresch

15. Januar 2023

Flexible do-all workhorse

At first I didn't go for this sim, it was really sterile and almost digital sounding. As I dug in more, I realized that's not only part of its sound but also just an artifact of it being so damn accurate. I find myself using all the channels but sometimes doesn't give enough ... soul/oomph.

F. Mandaza

31. Dezember 2022

Great Amp

Bought it for the Clean sound....Great amp for this..

A. Bugella

12. Dezember 2022

Not my cup of tea

I think it lacks punch and has a bit of digital distortion.
I think other UA amp options are better

R. Dann

9. Dezember 2022

Great amp

Sounds awesome. Very happy with the clean tone

M. Pena

21. November 2022


This is the best amp simulation available, ABSOLUTLEY, super happy wit this investment. I use it everyday in my recording studio.

O. Jimenez

14. September 2022

Absolutely killer sound.

I just finished a two-day plugin amp shootout. I tried this amp against BiasFx, Softube Amp collection, Guitar Rig, and Helix Native. This amp made everything else sound like a toy...a cheap, thin-sounding toy. This plugin is by far the closest thing to an actual amp that I've gotten with a plugin. Worth every penny.


28. April 2022

Suhr PT100

This amp simply sounds great, the playability is very high, whether light or overload can debug a beautiful tone, completely can give up my heavy hardware amplifier, the price is also very good, very good!

A. Nemeth

26. Januar 2022

Suhr PT100

Recently purchased this amp to spice my guitars a bit. Really heavy sound.

E. Chen

24. Januar 2022

Nice Amp for my Fender & Gibson

Sounds great.Easy to use. 3ch and Boost, versatile! Buy It and Use it~

A. Lund

17. Januar 2022

If you can only buy one amp sim, buy this one

This amp simply sounds great and is low on CPU. Extremely versatile, goes from clean(really "clean" cleans) to high-gain and everything in between. The boost is very useful to get a bit of extra bite. Pretty much all of the cabs are useful. I have several Apollo interfaces and sometimes I work on a Apollo Solo that does not have a lot of DSP. With this amp sim I can have real time monitoring with other effects as well without thinking about DSP limitations.

G. Yarber

13. Januar 2022

All Around Killer Sound

So I had been building my collection of UA amp plugins for a while and the PT was always on my radar. I love all the other amps for their personalities, but this one to me kind of hits everything. I would say it’s very clean and pure from dirty to crystal clear.

M. Ferguson

28. November 2021


This is a game changer for me…the 3D aspect of the sound of this amp sim is something I have not found in ANY other sim! I’ve always had to mix an amp sim I like with a real amped track in order to achieve a 3D aspect of that sim, but I don’t think that will be necessary anymore…thus sim HAS IT! Great job, UA/Brainworx!! Great versatility too, with the three channels!

The only glitch about this is that my DAW freezes up if I play the track with the Suhr GUI open. But that may be due to my glitchy DAW. Still easily worth that inconvenience!

S. Baker

15. Oktober 2021

Wow! What an amazing amp sim.

This is one of the best amps I've ever heard. Period. The amp sim is so good, that now I want to buy a real one to have for gigging. The responsiveness to picking is dynamic and the tone for each channel is so rich. I'm very pleased I finally bought this plug-in. I'd love for UA to find a way to add some patching options to allow inserting effects into the amps input and/or fx loops like you would with real hardware.

D. Medure

22. Juli 2021

My Favorite So Far!!!

I have enjoyed all of the amp sims from UAD but this is my new go to. Love the tones and the feel I can get from this plugin.

G. Beck

12. Juli 2021

Only solution to make modern tones with UA system.

I like it very much. Gain tones are incredible and IRs are useful for various situations. But still I missing crystal and punching clean tones from real amps.

N. Antonio

11. Juli 2021



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