Suhr® PT100 Amplifier

Suhr® PT100 Amplifier



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Suhr PT100 Amplifier


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J. Davis

17. Januar 2019

This is the guitar tone I’ve been searching for

Pete Thorn is the modern guitar God who has incredible tone and now, my guitar sounds like his amp...not the playing, but that’s the next step, lol. Great plug-in! You can check it out on my next tune.

M. You

13. Januar 2019

PT100 is Real !!!

I used PT100 amp. Very same sound.

J. Parnell

23. Dezember 2018

Veteran Guitar Player Here

Seriously.... I sold my amp when I got this. No more need to mic a cab. Period.

J. Reed

26. November 2018

Love it

I was hoping to find an amp plugin that sounds great and has a lot of versatility. I demoed a bunch of the amps on here and most of them them felt dull and muddy. This one stood out from the rest, I played on it the rest of the day. The 3 channels give you a really wide range of tonal possibilities, from totally clean to screaming drive and anywhere inbetween, and they all sound great!


14. November 2018

Sweet Sounds

Killer plug in, very happy with the clean as well as the overdrive sounds. Not bad for the buck!

G. Ferasson

28. Oktober 2018

Probably the best amp emulator to date

Downloaded it yesterday and tried it most of the day. In a nutshekk this is the best clean tone I had so far. Very Fender like clean tone with solid basses and crispy hights on channel 1. Channel two is great for EL34 typical Marshall sound. It does crunch to quickly in my view and you need to turn down the gain to the bear minimum if you wnat a sound just about to break-up. Channel 3 is overdriven. Good for solos. I am very happy about my purchase. :-)

N. Ilyasov

22. Oktober 2018

Very versatile amp!

I was out of my studio and needed to record a song quickly. I tried PT100 plugin because of my deepest admiration for Pete and it's just awesome! I was able to use it on all of the tracks in the songs. It's so good that for the most time I see no reason for driving to my studio. UAD Arrow + PT100 – perfect setup for my home.

D. Streeter

5. Oktober 2018

The best lead guitar tones I've ever used from a plug-in!

Having played and tested hundreds of amps from vintage to modern, since 1981, I can say it's amazing to have access to such great tone, without having to haul around a truck full of amps (the quality is good enough to use in a live setting, sent to front of house). I would give it five stars, if it could run at 192khz. It sounds great at 96kHz, but most of my projects are at 192, so it's a little inconvenient to have to convert all the audio per session. I spent over a decade having tube amps built and tested to fit my playing style and found that some inline class A power sections using only one tube have an amazing singing lead sound (if designed correctly). It seems the Suhr amp is class AB. It would be cool to see an update that lets you switch between different types of power amps and maybe even different tubes, transformers and different bias settings. To have a real amp do this would be very expensive and weigh a ton, but it now seems feasible with this great technology.

J. Parnell

25. September 2018

Suhr PT-100

I am a studio engineer and professional guitar player. I am so impressed by this amp that I may buy an arrow interface to try and play it live. One thing is for sure... there just is no reason to mic up a guitar. This stuff is next gen. Incredible. I’m sorry but if you don’t think so then you don’t know what to listen for. I’ve driven this thing with a custom les Paul and hot fender strat. Just beautiful.

B. Hill

23. September 2018

Intuitive and great sounding

So easy to quickly pull out a great tone from this plug in. And possibly one of the best defined top ends I’ve heard in the digital realm.

s. muster

21. September 2018

My new favorite!

This one and the friedman are my go to guitar plugins because they sound more real
and are really versatile. Lots of great usable presets!!

D. Jehle

19. September 2018

Very good transparant amp

While still fiddling with, my impression is a great sounding and versatile ampsim. Good clean as well as overdriven sounds. Very usable for most guitarists

E. Pensa

18. September 2018


One of the best guitar plugins made by UAD, I still prefer a real amp but if I need a plugin I choose this over the ENGL, Marshall or Fender. Tons of presets for this one!!!

M. Johnson

17. September 2018

Top of The line

Has 3 Channels
Does Twin without sounding like DI
Does JCM grit
Does the Californian Hi gain
Best preset Amp Sim on UAD
Cabs full of Character. Try this

g. dingott

4. September 2018

Love it!

I really like this plug in. I use it for everything. I haven't tried all the guitar plugins but this is the best so far in my opinion.

g. dingott

4. September 2018

Love it!

I really like this plug in. I use it for everything. I haven't tried all the guitar plugins but this is the best so far in my opinion.

g. dingott

4. September 2018

Love it!

I really like this plug in. I use it for everything. I haven't tried all the guitar plugins but this is the best so far in my opinion.

J. Frisk

2. September 2018

One more tool for the toolbox

I'll be honest, I haven't been impressed with many of the UAD guitar amp plugins (Buxom Betty and Fuchs Train II being exceptions), but this one is absolutely fantastic. Great presets, lots of options to get the sound you are after with little effort required. With the $50 Labor Day coupon, this was a no brainer. I wish the Marshall plugins were up to this quality. No "fizziness", great clarity, and pretty much any kind of tone you are after is possible with this amp. Please do an Orange plugin next (but only if it's also by Brainworx)!

R. Dreher

28. August 2018


if you're a tone head or a fan of Pete Thorn , this is a MUST HAVE Plug In for you !!!

V. Shilov

22. August 2018

Excellent plugin

For me it's the best guitar plugin for a UAD device so far. Clean and clear interface, a lot of presets, each one sounds great, and they named in a way that makes sense and makes it easy to navigate through.

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