Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus


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Studio D Chorus


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P. Winstanley

18. August 2016

BV saver...

It is great for so many different tasks but nothing rescues a weak backing vocal as quickly and easily this can...

S. Ghadaban

17. August 2016

Multi-dimensional space! Best Roland Dimension D emulation!

I loved the old Roland Dimension D for years and I was so happy that UAD nailed the sound of it. With the UAD Studio D you can give an instrument another dimension from subtle to wide without too much modulation effects compared to the other typical chorus units. It allows you to transfer an instrument to a complete other dimension away from the rest of the stereo mix. So for mixing it became a really great tool for me. Can't live without it!
(Rem: If somebody looks for a more typical stereo chorus with heavy modulation and thickness I would recommand the UAD Brigade Chorus or the TAL-Chorus-LX or the Sknote DDD more.)
PS: I would like to see UAD may bring out other legendary chorus units too (e.g. TC electronic 1210, Roland CE-300 etc.

A. Keppel-Jones

16. August 2016

My Favorite

I have a dozen or so different choruses but this one seems to work the best in a mix. I even us it live (on a effects bus). Great for fattening up guitars and vocals, keyboards or whatever. The Roland D is my go to when I have the option of using my uad-2.

M. Olsen

16. August 2016

Just noticed there is no difference in sound with Dimension D

Seems UAD is releasing non-branded versions of the Roland plugins with less realistic GUIs, so I'm posting a followup review with 5 stars instead of 4. It would have been helpful if UAD had sent an announcement about why this is happening instead of mysteriously sending out new plugin licenses and not telling anyone why.

M. Olsen

16. August 2016

Isn't this practically identical to Dimension D?

I'm more excited about Brigade Chorus than I am about this plugin for two reasons. The D choruses are not as mono-compatible as Brigade; however, they are more true to the source material. I'm a big fan of Dimension D. I'm struggling to understand why UA released a copy of its own plugin outside of ditching the Roland branding. They sound nearly identical, but I prefer Dimension D over Studio D for subtle sound and aesthetic differences. Congratulations on knocking off your own plugin, UAD. This doesn't provide any noticeable improvement like the LA and 1176 compressors did for their respective UA predecessors, so I find myself a miffed by this offering. But hey, it sounds great.

G. Kranich

16. August 2016

really big sound

nice range and perfect rooming

R. Beld

16. August 2016

Great warm Chorus!

Since it's exactly the same code as the old Roland ones, I again like this one. It gets a lot of use in our mixes in the studio.

M. Gustafson

16. August 2016

Great plugin for making things wide.

I relay on this plugin for it's width. It sounds so good and worth the price.

A. Kosinski

16. August 2016

Amazing. Same like my "iron "Roland

I had D Chorus in my equipment set many years ago. I really missed his sound and work with my Wurlitzer Piano. Now all OK. Thank you, Universal Audio. I'm happy))))))).

Y. Chistyakov

16. August 2016

Studio D Chorus

Sehr gut. Hat mir gut gefallen. Danke UA.

b. berkovic

16. August 2016

Nice update from great plugin

Hi Uad Team,thank you so much for nice upgrade and surprise cause is free,yes Dimension D I using in my production work daily in all project and give some special feel and space in the mix.I wish you all the best in future creations.

T. Munck

16. August 2016

The venerable DimD repackaged

Like the R-branded version of the plugin, this is one of the plugs that can work wonders on giving animation to a sound. Sometimes works brilliantly at the end of an aux send, especially with reverbs! This is the modulation plug to have if you love synthwave etc 80s influenced sounds. DSP usage is nicely low so good even for us Apollo twin users.

4 out of 5 since UA didn't add wet/dry controls to this nonbranded version. Sometimes even one mode button down can be too much.

A. Iliev

16. August 2016

Great GUI, Stunnig sound

I used the previous version of this plugin and i must say that the new one sounds even better.
The stereo image is stunning.

P. Jonsson

15. August 2016

Fab sound

This is one of the plug-ins I use the most. Perfect for creating discrete but important movements. Works great on guitars, synths and for spreading out vocals. Just try it.

U. Borjesson

15. August 2016

For all sublime chorus and lush effects.

You put this on strings, backingvox, pad, rythmguitars, reverb and delay sends, the classic dimension D sound.
if you mix a lot this plug is a tool you will love and always use.

C. Paschall

15. August 2016


Amazing at adding width and depth. I continue to find new uses every day.

J. Sinisalo

15. August 2016

This chorus can be considered a gift

Breakfast went down the wrong way, but a big thank you anyway! :)

P. Degen

15. August 2016

Awesome !

This is the plugin I turn too, to make mono stuff a bit stereo like. Works with, literal, everything and it can't get any simpler then pushing 1 or more buttons to get a great result.

S. Tib

15. August 2016

My go to chorus !

I love this chorus, especially on synth, pad, string.
It's easy to use, great sound and add a nice color to synth that needs more width

B. Jerkins

15. August 2016

So Awesome - Helps pick up chicks

This thing is so awesome...

Not only does it add stereo width and changes it's own name... but it changed my life forever. It helps me pick up chicks now. And I'm not talking about the girl you wouldn't tell your buddies you took home, I'm talking about the coolest girls ever. Like I met this one chick. At Wal-Marts. And she was buying what I thought was a parachute. Turns out... it was undergarments for herself. But that's beside the point. We hit it off right away when I told her about my Studio D Chorus. When I took her back to the studio and showed her the plugin - well let's just say that in spite of the restraining order, it was the greatest night of my life!

Buy it now and start picking up chicks right now!! And add stereo width.

161-180 von 188 Ergebnisse