Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus


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Studio D Chorus


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F. Carvalho

14. November 2019


This tool simply adds a nice depth and width that I couldn't find in any other chorus before. I like to use in parallel too.
Idk exactly how it works as it only has a few buttons to change the "taste", but it does a great job. I recommend.

Thanks UA!

B. Telkamp

13. November 2019

5 Star Chorus

Used it on a synth bass. Instantly giving it a smoother, more lush sound.

M. Bramley

11. November 2019

the Dimension D is Analog excellence!

I'm from London.....use it and you 'feel' the magic!....and that's from an old engineer that remembers DECCA,Abbey Road, Trident 'LET YOUR EARS DECIDE!'

Many thanks Universal Audio guys!

M. Hercog

10. November 2019

Ultimate vocal widener

It‘s the best plugin to made wide modern sounding vocal. Before owning it I tried with various plugins from Waves but there is no plugin as this for that fat wide vocal.

R. Ren

6. Oktober 2019

Video Error !!!

Why does a demo video for the Galaxy Tape Echo play on the Studio D page???

R. Ren

6. Oktober 2019

Video Error !!!

Why does a demo video for the Galaxy Tape Echo play on the Studio D page???

R. Heksch

3. Oktober 2019

Very subtle And gentle but with great impact

Its so funny how so little can change everything so much. I got it in the bundle, never even wanted. After one try is nearly everywhere!

J. Maasakkers

18. Juni 2019


Great tool and really good sound!

D. Revuelto Lorenzo

17. Juni 2019

A new Dimension

A pleasure, your mixes come alive and open in space. A new dimension.

R. Gun

13. Mai 2019

not so good emulation

Yes there is a similarity, but A-B-ing the smothness of the analog is not there.
The real thing has no audible swirl or phasing charakter, the plugin does quite notable.
And by the way the former called Roland ones where better.
On the other hand, try to get the original - not so easy.

S. Fodo

15. April 2019

Studio D Chorus

I love it!!:)

M. Noronha Andrade

26. März 2019



M. Sudhakar

2. März 2019

Very Nice Sounding Chorus

One of my favorite Chorus Plugins, that i use for Vocals in every Mix!

A. Lee

20. Januar 2019

Studio D Chorus

This and the Brigade chorus are the best available as plugins of any manufacturer. I've tried so many disappointing chorus plugins - most sound harsh and don't integrate the delays well. In contrast, these sound super-smooth & sweet, integrating the delays so perfectly. 10/10 for me

A. Anzalone

20. Januar 2019

Very good for vocals

Awesome tool for vocals and guitars

T. Paul

17. Januar 2019


This tool is great for adding wideness without making it obviously sound chorused. You can even use it on lead vocals.

M. Bentel

15. Januar 2019


Love what it does it really adds another dimension great adding width or taking off the edge .. which it had a dry/wet knob !

F. Abel

15. Januar 2019

Fantastic lush sound

I have some Chorus plugins. Soundtoys, Valhalla, Logic stock plugins and others, but none of these have the sound quality of this plugin, not even close.
For vocals, guitars and synths (Synthwave) this toys is simply unbeatable.

G. Rothwell

10. Januar 2019

Studio D Chorus

Sweet sounding adds that extra touch to single notes making everything pop out of the mix.

T. Høirup

7. Januar 2019

Spot on Dimension D

Adds life and dimension to guitars and vocals. I like to use it very subtle, and the effect still make a noticeable difference. Just lovely!

61-80 von 188 Ergebnisse