SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $399.00


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle


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R. Pressman

15. Mai 2020

Incredibly versatile

Can use it on just about anything. Lots of options with this strip.

I. Korjukin

15. Mai 2020

Amazing tool !

Really liked this flip function. Use this on basses, rhodes, drums and for some vocal FX. Thanks UAD for this quality plugins!

d. lukinov

11. Mai 2020

The king of mixbus.

Now I mix only into this compressor.

D. Cabrera Solana

10. Mai 2020

Versatil y musical

Ecualiza y añade color a tus mezclas. Solo el preamp ya merece la pena. Musical. Añade carácter.La única pega es que consume muchos recursos

R. McCauley

9. Mai 2020

Missing the G Series

This is a very nice set of plugins but we're missing the G Series channel strip. It's not really a 4000 series without it.

A. Reverberi

7. Mai 2020

As close as it gets

For many years I work on E, Gs, and even 9Ks. This feels just like the real thing. Even a simple thing like sweeping an EQ feels exactly like an E series console,... well minus having the actual know under your fingers :)

D. Lacey

7. Mai 2020

Sounds great and very easy to use.

I have used this on everything from vocals to guitars to drums and I love it.

B. Davies

6. Mai 2020

The Juice!

This reacts just the way I'd expect, sounds great 2:1 with a ton of reduction! Very nice

T. Watzinger

6. Mai 2020

no brainer

really awesome channelstrip. I am very used to it and so it is fast and good sounding :) great!


5. Mai 2020

Best Emulation of the original i have heard so far

There are so many SSL 4000 Emulations this is very musical from tracking to mixing sounds amazing


1. Mai 2020


One of the Best ! just try it , after 15mins I just bought it ! what a great difference compare to other company ! feels just like the real thing .

o. fashanu

29. April 2020


This plugins is a must to have in ur collection.

J. Daranowski

21. April 2020


Best plugin for glueing mix together!

V. Kotljarow

18. April 2020

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Very good plugin!

B. Horvat

7. April 2020

One of the must-haves

Great sounding compressor with a nice character which can't be found in similar products from other developers. Flexible controls for modern demands are really nice addition.

r. kopman

6. April 2020

Claissic Sound

I had no idea this would sound identical to the real deal! very impressive

j. campos

3. April 2020

Ssl 4000 g bus

Makes every mix sound better.

b. village

2. April 2020


ill tell yyou hhhhhhhwhuuat these bad boys are bad boys

A. Reverberi

1. April 2020

Welcome home

i haven't worked on a E in about 10 years and this channel strip brought right back home. It definitely captures the essence of an E console, and thank god I dont have to use a Floppy disc to save the automation :)

K. Didvalis

26. März 2020

Warm, soft and musically!

Best classics!

201-220 von 997 Ergebnisse