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SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection


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S. Bergstrom

13. Januar 2019

Great update!

I have used the old AAL 4000 G Bus compressor for many years and I think its great and gets the job done. But this update is really a so much better. I did not think it would be a difference but its huge! Great work UAD!


12. Januar 2019

Good Comp Good Bus

The Best of the World!!

G. Jackson

9. Januar 2019


This compressor is a must have in your plugin collection. It’s super easy to use and its the subtle glue that holds stuff together. Love it on the master bus!

R. Bouma

30. Dezember 2018

Worth every penny

On a mix bus the right glue. All humans know the sound, they just don’t know where and how. This is one of Many missing links for a great chain. The best algorithm so far

R. Arafat

29. Dezember 2018

Real bus compressor

This is one of the best bus compressor ever used

S. Yakimovich

26. Dezember 2018

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

It was an old dream of mine.Finally it came true and I'm happy now. It's bomb. I use it on almost all instruments.

J. V P

19. Dezember 2018

Great version of the famed bus compressor

Sounds like an SSL bus compressor. Even in the hardware world, it’s not my first choice for the mixbus. Just like the hardware, it can narrow the stereo image and the low end can get weak. The built in side chain is a welcome addition!!

Great for smashing drums, loops and parallel compression.

Gets a 5 star for being authentic.

T. Feswick

14. Dezember 2018


Finally a piece of software that does exactly as it was advertised to do. A beautiful work of art.

隆. 杉本

14. Dezember 2018



T. Urbanski

14. Dezember 2018

Next purchase on my list!

I wasn't too sure if I really need this one as I already have the Glue compressor in My Ableton Live 10 Suite. I did a few comparisons and I must say that this one sound better. The difference is subtle and in the color.
This will be my next purchase.

M. Schmahl

13. Dezember 2018

can't resist!

One of the best compressors on planet earth, bringing the glue to my tracks. UA has made it in collaboration with SSL. This is a must have plugin!

J. Walker

9. Dezember 2018

Of course!

If you're new to mixing, or have not stepped into high end processing, you are in for a real treat. This processor is everything that you've heard. It's "Glue", it's "Polish", it's "Sweet". Try the demo before you buy, put it on a bunch of stuff. Piano tracks, Drum busses, Backup vocal stacks... A/B your mix, and hear what you've been missing. Happy mixing fellow mixers!

T. Marrison

7. Dezember 2018

Near as dammit

I had a hardware SSL X-Logic G compressor and replaced it with this. Sounds so close, difference is negligible.

i. sözüer

6. Dezember 2018

Must Have Uad Plugin

I use it again and again on drum bus and in seconds you have the desired effect..Thanks UAD

B. Ellingham

6. Dezember 2018

A Great Update

A Fantastic reboot of the original UAD SSL Compressor, the addition of a Mix control meets the needs modern mixing methods.

I. Kulikov

6. Dezember 2018


Best classics

V. Trachuk

6. Dezember 2018

Nice MasterBus Comp!

I like it! Love this character and glue!

N. Smith

28. November 2018

Great Bus compressor

It only took me a few minutes to realize this plugin was amazing. I compared it to my hardware ssl comp and couldn't tell the difference. Great value.


28. November 2018

nice glue

all glue.
strong glue.


28. November 2018



181-200 von 359 Ergebnisse