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SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T


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J. Rapha

12. Juli 2012

assez bluffer par les possibilités de faire ressortir un ou des détails dans le mix,
relativement simple d'emploi, amène de l'air dans le mix en détachant un petit peu
les instruments. je finalise tous mes mix avec sans exceptions très très bon plug,
à utiliser sans modération.

M. Brucek

5. Juli 2012

Jsem naprosto spokojen. Splnili jste mé o?ekávání. D?kuji

M. Kartashev

1. Juni 2012

This one is not for every one but if your toolbox is already have all the basics in it
then this is a tool to check out!
some really interesting and unique sound manipulations and magic can be done with this tool!
Try on tracks groups and masters many unique applications

J. Miguel

7. Mai 2012

For acustic guitars it is a blessing, for VO ... it is amazing, for percussion it is awesome (but not for all, like in the case of the timpani). Anything that has considerate amount upper frequencies that makes substantial part of the character of that sound will benefit from this plugin. It brings forward sounds differently than with an EQ. I definitely recommend it. It is one of those tools that you WANT to have in your arsenal for you will certainly use it, and abuse it. For mixing ... you MUST have it.

F. Durham

14. April 2012

Exelent realism, better sounding than the original SPL version.
I'm owner of the SPL Vitalizer in VST version and sounds ugly besides UAD emulation.
I used it on everything, also a secret weapon in mastering chain!

D. Hrivnak

26. September 2011

I've been using this plug-in extensively for the past few days, and it's become one of my favorite new effects. I own a hardware Aural Exciter, and I thought that this would sound similar, but it's actually really different. It sounds more sheeny than excited in the high end, and I ended up preferring its sound in almost every comparison I did. It's easy to go overboard, however, and it's one of those plug-ins which pretty much requires a reliable monitoring setup to be truly useful.

It adds a lot of clarity and presence to vocals and helps them sit upfront in a mix much easier than EQ often does, but I would recommend placing it after a compressor (I love the LA-2A) to get more predictable and even results. I used it on a choral recording, and I was really impressed with how much intelligibility it brought out in the words without sounding unnatural or overly-processed.

It is good for emphasizing and balancing the low end of a mix, but I found it even more useful in this application by processing the isolated bass track directly.

It's great on analog synths, and I ended up getting really good results out of extreme settings here. In fact, this was one of my favorite uses for this plug-in. It's interesting that such a digital effect could bring out so much rich, analog goodness. Very nice indeed!

Another of my favorite uses for this was on acoustic guitar recordings. I was able to shift the tonal balance in a way that made it much more natural and clear, and I was able to do it much more quickly than with corrective EQ.

On complete mixes I had varying results, but I almost always ended up preferring at least a little bit of this effect in the end. It can be used as a good corrective tool for some poor mixes, but it's much more effective at subtle mastering of an already good mix, which makes sense.

Anyway, it's really a great plug-in, and I highly recommend it. The hardware unit is only about $1000, so that might be something to consider if you can afford it, but I will be quite content with this plug-in in the meantime.

P. Alberti

10. September 2011

love this plug in, great on acoustic/electric guitars. great on snare/cymbals/hihats. in fact any instrument you need to cut through the mix. great work UA, love your plugs man. keep on rocking and keep music LIVE.

S. Smith

1. September 2011

Like taking a blanket out from in front of the speakers on midrange, and the stereo enhancement circuit is good mojo for a lot of material that comes through here. Bass tightening or loosening to taste is impressive too. This is a great tool!

121-128 von 128 Ergebnisse

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