SPL® Transient Designer

SPL® Transient Designer

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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SPL® Transient Designer


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M. Poncy

17. Dezember 2012

Awesome sustain

TD is huge when it comes to elongating a response without having to overkill delays or verb. Applied discretely, helps to tame the overall attack of acoustic instruments without disturbing intimacy or sparkle. A mixing must.

J. Holroyd

15. Dezember 2012

Snare saviour

Loving this little cracker on baggy snare, when the 1176 just isnt enough this little fella with a boost of attack and a reduction in sustain give me just the silky snap im after.

J. Andaloro

29. November 2012

transient control

solves any transient issues / makes your good transients better. Great on drums. total transient control. super job making this plug-in UA, A+ work and functionality. well worth the $200. Thanks!

E. Neeley

16. Oktober 2012

Secret weapon plugin

Great for moving around the the beat and getting the right sound out of your instruments ,and it does a great job on Vocals as well.. What eve I can't get with the Percision De-Esser The Trasient Desinger Plug-in I can .. Really Cool Plugin.. Good Job again UAD!!

G. Starr

12. Oktober 2012

A must have

Really adds life to the transients, So simple to use.

M. Deason

8. Oktober 2012

Great on Snare Tracks

I use this a lot now to tighten up my snare tracks. It instantly it gives me more punch through the mix and leaves me with more room in the freq range that would normally be gobbled up.

R. Burke

29. September 2012

Owner/Sound Engineer

Built a new studio and adjusted the acoustics to what I wanted. Used the SPL Transient Designer to adjust where the sound fits into my reference. Back out to the sound rooms and control to make adjustments to please me. Not only fixes the track but can help fix the room with effort.

P. Sillaro

27. September 2012

SPL Transient Designer plug in

I have found this plug in to be very usefull in guitar tracks. When set up properly it helps the track sit better in the mix and sound great. It also does a great job to bring virtual tracks to life. I have also found it to be a first class bass plug in.

A. Debicki

6. September 2012

Best value per parameter

This plugin must have the most uses per parameter of any plugin I own. It can fix bad sounds, enhance good sounds, reduce ambience, give instruments more body, make instruments fit better in the mix (in many ways) and so much more. The Transient Designer has on multiple occasions fixed a problem with either a bad recording or a good recording of a bad instrument where other ways of processing just couldn't fix it.
The only slight downside to the Transient Designer is that it doesn't always handle attacks the way I expect it to, but that might be due to unrealistic expectations.

P. Shikata

3. August 2012

so far ..... so good. sooooo good. i haven't even tried it on instruments YET ....... as i am a musician, and a sound designer / editor .......... i just used it on my last edit, for an episode of the tv series 'copper' ....... in which there was a bare knuckle boxing match, and horse and carriage shoot out.

i can't tell you how easy it was to use this plug to QUICKLY design sounds ...... and yes, i asked our lead mixer about the SPL .... which he also uses to suck out ambience on dialog ......

i just immediately started using it and loving it ..... very simple, very effective .....

looking forward to using this and the IBP on drums !!!!!

paul shikata

M. Pace

12. Juli 2012

Quite a responsive product indeed. I've never came across a piece of software so versatile towards using midi signals and getting that 'human' feel using various samples.

SPL Transient Designer really displays that feel of tone and warmth via the impact used from its predecessors.

The Presets on the SPL Designer are suitable for most types of waves that are being processed thru midi.

I would recommend this product to DJ's and producers who deal with heaps of Dance music.

Myself personally. I use it for all types of music.

Thanks UAD for making such brilliant software!


B. Matheny

14. Juni 2012

If you want the thwack/attack of your percussion to cut through a mix, use this plugin. I put it on a djembe that I was having a hard time getting to cut through in a mix and WOW!!!!! What a difference. I had been trying to eq the djembe to get the right sound, no avail. I put the Tansient Designer on it and the djembe came to life in the mix. Superb!

I. Bumba

3. Juni 2012

Brilliant plug-in for drums. I use it sometimes for vocals to achieve the effect simillar to reverb. The effect that I get sounds like a mix of reverb and sustain, which gives a rich tone.

S. Hurtow

20. Mai 2012

What I love about the SPL Transient Designer is that it offers a unique alternative where compression may not necessarily be the most suitable tool for the job. The way the sustain control works is quite remarkable. I love the fact that not only I can increase the sustain, but also shorten it if needed.

Y. Hirashima

29. April 2012

Very easy to use!!

I always use this effect on piano sounds.

To make richer susutain and reduct a noisy attack.

If I use cheaper synth.Trangent deshigner gives me a perfect sound!

With bass drum,Tranjent designer makes natural attacky sound without EQ.

I love this product!

C. Hilding

30. Juni 2011

First off, a transient modulator is something you REALLY should have when you're mixing music, particularly to clean up the atmosphere of each drum sound, as transient modulators will allow you to add/remove snappiness from tracks to make all elements fit better in the mix - such as making a snare more snappy, while softening the attack of the hihats to make them sit further back in the mix. However, the available solutions on the market are not equally good; in fact they're VERY far from equals. A thorough evaluation of Schaak Transient Shaper, Logic Enveloper, Cubase Envelope Shaper, Voxengo TransGainer, Sonnox TransMod (which ONLY lets you modify the ATTACK of a sound, but is very nice for that) and the SPL Transient Designer - a list which reads as the "who's who" of transient modulators on the market - revealed that the latter [UAD SPL Transient Designer] was the ONLY one that produced a CONSISTENTLY CLEAN SOUND, free from artifacts or unpleasing distortion, whereas ALL the other ones that supported sustain produced crackling and muddyness. The SPL Transient Designer is consistently smooth as butter, and only uses two easy knobs: Attack and Sustain. Boost or cut either, and it does the job in an extremely clean and musical way, by having extremely accurate envelope followers "ride" the gain knob for you, therefore affecting the attack and release in a very smooth way. There's NO other tool that even comes near the sound quality of the UAD SPL TD, period.

M. Thomas

30. Juni 2011

I use this primarily for drum attack and acoustic guitar definition. It's also good for controling bleed and room ambience.

J. Kraczewski

29. Juni 2011

This is a must have plug-in! I love stuff from UAD and we have many plug-ins from their collection in our studio, but for sure SPL Transient Designer was one of our best buy. Simple and very effective! If you used some other SPL inspired Transient Designer plug-ins, forget them and buy this one!

P. Van

28. Juni 2011

This plugin is unbelievably good on drums,getting that kickdrum audible in the mix,or liven up the toms,nice to control the snare too,got the demo and my drums were instantly better in the mix!just had to buy it,a must-have secret weapon.
i wouldn't use it on much other than drums but well worth it!

M. Axelsson

18. Juni 2011

This plug-in is great for shaping sounds. I mainly use it to bring out attack in snare and kick. Lately though I discovered it's possibilities when editing non optimal live recordings. Just bring the sustain down a bit and the liveliness decreases. I seldom find myself doing a mix where the SPL Transient Designer plug-in isn't represented on at least one track. Highly recommended!

221-240 von 260 Ergebnisse