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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2


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C. Huseyin

28. Dezember 2016


The release parameter is very musical and love the new true peak feature

c. seok

27. Dezember 2016

Really nice limiter
Better than L2
Better than ozone

M. Cartwright

19. Dezember 2016

does its job!

a great limiter. does its job nicely. I don't like to squash dynamic too much so I mainly use it to catch peaks. It does that job as good as any limiter I have used. I used to use the L2 waves limiter, but this is my new replacement. still learning the ins and outs of this thing, but I like what it does when used conservatively.

J. White

15. Dezember 2016


The amount of control that you have of limiting a finishedsong is great. It can be pushed really hot or very little at all, depending on taste. It just works.

B. Blair

14. Dezember 2016

Really is the best out there!

When I first demo'd this I couldnt believe how artifact free it was. If you make bass-forward music you won't regret this purchase. Even at extreme settings the low-end remains true to the source.... something I cant say about the L2. The neutral sonics, AB options, enchance function and the pop-up explanations of the different functions make this the best brickwall limiter out there hands down. Easy to use and will give you crushed sausages that dont sound crushed whatsoever.

S. Schürmann

13. Dezember 2016

Five Star

Best Sounding PlugIn Limiter ever heard !

M. Hernandez

12. Dezember 2016

The Limiter of Limiters

I've tried countless limiters and I must say that this is by far the best I've used. Perfect for groups and the master buss!

j. osorno

4. Dezember 2016


me encanta como realza y a la vez limita la mezcla sin que se note la mayor compresión en el master. realmente hace muy bien su función

B. Tochilin

2. Dezember 2016

Kills the L-Series Waves limiter

I have been a long time L-Series user. Tried the Slate stuff but stuck with the Waves L2, L3 stuff. This this makes the Waves stuff sound like a toy compared to the Sonnox Limiter V2. I demoed this for 20 mins and purchases. My mixes are louder and clearer now. With all the new UA stuff like the API Vision, API 500 EQ, Studer Etc. My mastering chain was sort of lacking. This brings it up to par with everything else in my chain. A+++ on this one.

A. Singh

2. Dezember 2016

Mastering Simplified

One of the most ambitious Mastering Limiter. Easy to use with good results.

M. Magi

28. November 2016

World Class Mastering Limiter

I absolutely love this brick wall limiter. Great response on fast transients and bass frequencies.. At higher GR level it sounds great, very musical. ( it's really transparent ). The perfect limiter that can preserve the dynamic and the transient response, but can give you a loud and musical master.

K. Gilroy

14. November 2016


All I can say is Wow! I put it on the end of the chain, burned a CD and bought it! I heard 3db more loudness and my mix and meters stayed the same. Really! It may now be my favorite UAD Plugin. - GILROY

D. van Haarlem

12. November 2016

My new favourite Limiter.... Again!

Long ago I used and loved the Oxford Limiter v1. After that I tried them all: Waves L1, L2, L3LL, Izotope Ozone, Voxengo Elephant, IK Stealth, and then some more. Now I went back to my old 'love' in an updated version: Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2. Of course, all have their strengths and quircks, but to me, the new Oxford Limiter is one of the better sounding limiters. It preserves the 'liveness' of a track very well, even when applying a considerate ammount of limiting and the 'enhance'-fader does an excellent job of adding sparkle to your mixes. Try this one out, I'm sure you gonna like it!

T. Davis

11. November 2016


Occasionally you demo a plugin that blows you away. Fantastic limiter. Just go easy on that enhance level ;-) ...that'll get you in trouble real quick.

D. Rahn

1. November 2016

Very Impressive

Wow... wasn't expecting this much of an improvement. This thing flew under my radar when it was released. Just tried it and I'm blown away. This is the best limiter plugin I've used to date

R. Österlund

24. Oktober 2016

Cutting edge technology

Smooth, warm laser here... love it!

A. Bestit

20. Oktober 2016


I really love it. The Enhance parameter really makes your mix shine and makes it more punchy. Very useful tool

J. Maharaj

4. Oktober 2016


this thing is so smooth. used it in the mastering chain along side the inflator.
could fine tune the edge in the final master,a long way off from distortion and still have the track sounding really hot.
great job.the thing is really close to 5 for me.

C. Mileski

14. September 2016

This one is my favorite

I used FF Pro-L for a few years, then last year when I tried IK's Stealth Limiters I was really quite impressed and switched to that. I was so content that when this Sonnox Limiter V2 came out a few months later, I didn't even feel inclined to try it. However, after recently purchasing a UA bundle in order to also get the new Voxbox & Ampeg, I finally thought to give it a halfhearted try. is something special. TOPS in my book, toppling the Stealth Limter to my ears; IK was 'king for a day' then Sonnox released V2 via UAD. What took me so long?! ;-)

B. Troxler

25. August 2016

Best Finishing Touch

The Sonnox Oxford V.2 Limiter provides the perfect finishing touch to a master. Lots of options as to how the software is applied to a mix. Love the ability to set an absolute, no fooling, limit on the final rendering of a track is very helpful. Also enjoy the option to dither and to dither at different bit rates and with five different algorithms. I had been using the Izotope Ozone software, but was never fully satisfied with the result. I still use that software, but not the unit that does the dithering. The Sonnox Oxford Limited has given me the ability to control the master with a light touch and create exactly the sonic effect I seek. HIGHLY recommended!

201-220 von 242 Ergebnisse