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Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ


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友. 村上

6. September 2022

it doesn't work properly.

My computer goes down.

it doesn't work properly.

友. 村上

6. September 2022

it doesn't work properly.

My computer goes down.

it doesn't work properly.

N. Vinjor

3. September 2022

Crashes Logic and Luna

Hi, every time I launch this plugin, my system collapses, both Logic and Console ???

Y. Akai

20. August 2022


I have tried several dynamic EQ's and this will be my main tool from now on.
It has great visibility and allows me to quickly achieve what I want to do.

S. Schwab

13. August 2022

Causing wrong Expectations ... and Disappointment

On the video I found made by Sonnox itself I could see the Key Input Knob for external Side-chaining. So I thought, this will well be part of the UAD-plug-in - unfortunately I was wrong! No knob to select external side-chain, very disappointing and somehow not fair to show side-chain in den Sonnox-made-video and then not to support it in the UAD-Plug-In!

J. Autrata

22. Juli 2022

external sidechain

!!!! Please !!!!

We all understand that UAD is classic and super good. But please... and if only for this plugin... an external sidechain :)

p. jack

16. Juli 2022

Please, we need External Sidechain

I just purchased this, and realize there's no external sidechaining. Will we see an update in the near future?

T. Young

18. Juni 2022

Recently purchased and already loving it on my mixes.
UA has the best plug-ins

M. Jonkergouw

14. Juni 2022


Honestly I haven't used this plugin very much so I but I did the other day and it crashes with the latest UA software and Monterey 12.3 and 12.4.

K. Perkowski

12. Juni 2022

Don't waste your money on that shit like me 0/5

This plug in crashes on logic pro 10.7.4 and reason 12.2
system: MacOS Monterey 12.3.1
uses too much dsp 60/100 for one plug in $150 lost....

J. Boehme

16. Mai 2022

Side-Chain signal path not clear

Working without sidechain enabled does a good job.

In the manual I see the following explanation:

You can select to feed the side chain with:
• Stereo (both channels equally)
• Left only
• Right only
• Mid only
• Side only

This looks like the sidechain control signal is taken from the main bus after the master fader.
But if I would add the dynamic eq e.g. to a voice channel and select one of the available sources the voice would already be part of the master out signal.

Do I understand someting wrong here? Which point in a complete mixer workflow (input - pre fader - post fader - subgroup - main) is taken as sidechain source when I place the plugin on a voice channel and select on of the options?

J. Metzger

20. April 2022


This plug in crashes pro tools , even if it’s the only plug in , inside a session . Uad needs to sort this out , I paid a lot of money and now all of a sudden it doesn’t work .

G. Justen

21. März 2022

Ich vermisse die sidechainfunktion

Leider fehlt die sidechainfunktion. Ansonsten sehr gutes Plugin mit tollen Features und Klang.

c. colombo

15. Januar 2022

Wonderful Sonnox product

A very nice tool with many smart options.
A Clean sound and a super clear display
Love this plugin.

V. Dalloz

22. Dezember 2021

No wave form or EQ curve analysis

Great sounding Plugin but does not show the EQ curve either on track or master BUS inserts. Option supported via other DAWs when referring to online videos.. @UAD any idea on the concern ?
External SC not supported as well.


17. Dezember 2021

It’s a keeper

This one is a keeper… it’s more than an eq…

P. Fricker

22. November 2021

No external side chain in Logic Pro.

There is no external side chain when using this EQ in Logic Pro. Im sure it has lots of other functionally, but why have a side chain function if there's no external side chain input?

M. Vogel

16. November 2021

good tool

It does the job - nicely and transparent!

E. Amador

12. Oktober 2021


Demo it first. I use a X4. I tried waves and fab filter. I own fab filter. This one won. definitely worth $250.00. It's super transparent. The best thing about it is the compression techniques it has. I use it on my vocal chains & occasionally on my master bus. It really helps push vocals. I also use it on drums too. Only downside is, it's DSP hungry. If It could use less dsp that'll be dope!

D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

The name says it all... exactly what you expect. Works great.

21-40 von 160 Ergebnisse