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Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ


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R. Schudel

22. November 2023

Precise Dynamic EQ

It needs a bunch of DSP and unfortunately no FFT display in realtime mode.

G. Kaloudis

28. Oktober 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

A truly amazing tool!

H. Kjærgaard

24. Oktober 2023

Didn´t work with Soundcraft Realtime Rack

Wasted my money buying the new version for Realtime Rack, only to find that unfortunately this version is not compatible with Realtime Rack

D. Matos

7. Oktober 2023

Work perfect

Very very good

p. rabinovich

18. September 2023

Much more than you expected from him!

Oxford Dynamic EQ matches the precision of the most surgical dynamic equalizers on the scene, but its enormous musical quality is what really makes the difference. This product is definitely essential in any Mixing and Mastering studio.

D. Pejakovic

4. September 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Nice tool!

B. DiMaria

15. Juli 2023


Just look at the UADforums, not good.

J. Mateo

28. Juni 2023

good but not amazing

This thing sounds amazing fantastic eq. but I have noticed some instability issues. that and it uses so much dsp from my shark chips that it is unusable in a real time situation. but my main concern is the stability .

m. corder

7. Mai 2023

Just what I needed!

Tame the flub of some heavy guitars, & used on my master channel im so happy I found this here!

g. mouezan

23. April 2023



L. Hong Lun

2. April 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ 導致 Console 崩潰!

它會導致 UAD 控制台崩潰。你們都可以解決這個問題嗎?

C. Luebeck

30. März 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ causes Console to CRASH!

This is a great sounding EQ but it's causing UAD console to crash. Can you all fix this, please???

G. Whitmire

3. März 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Crashes

They need to fix this!!! Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Crashes

F. Lamarre

3. März 2023


Great clean EQ BUT :
- No Sidechain (unbelievable !)
- No visualisation on the fly. That woul be realy useful to slve problems faster when using it live. And be able to activate / deactivate it.

M. Wennesjö

9. Januar 2023

Make my daw glitch!

This plugin makes my FL Studio glitch really much and I've never had this problem before. Please fix this problem! The plugin itself makes a good job! I like it!

n. hatz

29. Dezember 2022

very nice, but consume to much of ram memory

it sounds very clean, but if you have 8 gigas of ram memory on your computer, i´ll be dificult to use this sofware.

M. Morgan-El

23. Dezember 2022


This plugin sounds magical the way it attenuates any frequency band it's placed on. Highly recommended

J. ter Borg

6. November 2022

One of the easiest dynamic EQ"s period

Transparent and easy to use like no other dynamic EQ I owned!

Y. Dirkse

30. September 2022

Uad's Oxford Dynamic EQ crashes !!

Bought the plug-in for use in a live situation, but it crashes Console and OS-Monterey. After a hardware reset and re-installing Uad's software it still crashes. It seems that many of us having the same problem with this plug-in. Please fix this!

J. Ng

17. September 2022

Essential tool for mastering

That’s the exact thing I want for mastering other than my UAD/Sonnox EQ for mixing & sometimes for mastering. Now I got both & it’s complete & perfect.

1-20 von 160 Ergebnisse

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