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Softube® Amp Room Bundle


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F. Whitehead

27. Juli 2013

I wasn't sure at first...

After using more processed amp sims such as Native's Guitar Rig and Scuffham's S Gear (which are also great amp sims) I wasn't sure that I liked Softube's Amp Room at first. If you want effects (compression/delay/chorus/doublers/reverbs) then this isn't your amp sim. But, if you just want a great tube amp tone that fits in the mix nicely, this is perfect! Very easy to get great sounds! My favorite amp currently is the Fender model.. Crank the volume, treble, and middle to 10 and keep the bass around 2... Control how dirty you want your signal by how much signal you are sending the amp by the pre. That setting is my go to with my Fender Tele but it also works great with a Les Paul and a Gretsch. The bass amps are killer, too!

S. Renius

27. Juni 2013

Softube Bundle

Hey guys,

The tool sounds very warm and makes the experiment imagination.
A good Idea from you!!! Cool!
Stephan :-)

How about emulations of Elysia products? That would be a good idea for the future :-).

A tool for editing the voices (and Bass) would be great. In the manner of (Waves Vocal/Bass Rider, The Breath)

J. Mcnabb

11. April 2013

Amazing feel

Responds so well with pedals. Records flawlessly with my PT10. AB'd with some very skeptical guitar player friends and the amp room had them baffled and in most cases the amp room was the more desired tone. Have also used it live when my amp went down and the sound tech was amazed. A+

S. Beckham

27. März 2013

Amazing isnt enough

I love AmpRoom for the sound and real time Apollo power, but it needs to host other UAD plugs (ex)-EP34 ,as part of the preset instead of having to set that up later in my D.A.W sends to get the same exact sound.
Left thinking ruins the creative flow..and every bit helps immensely when creating.
I INSIST that UAD make a much faster preset menu!
Quick scrolling of presets on ALL plugs i s NEEDED! NO more click/scroll/load, LAME!! When looking for a sound I wanna hit the down arrow on the keyboard and that's it..NEXT! UA..Please make better preset flow/speed, AND..
Transfer of sounds from Console to Daw Drag and drop would do nicely here!!!
Ideally having Amp room with FX inserted then dragged to my Daw would RULE!! As 4 all UAD plug

J. Cox

20. März 2013

Great emulations

I have both native and UAD and have close to, if not, every amp sim out.

I love them both. I monitor using UAD version on apollo coming in and play back using native. I have 2 prs's one P22 with peizo pickups and outputting peizo into one amp sim and bridge pickup into another on the apollo yields a guitar tone that I've not heard before. I love it.

Bass amp room is out standing!

If you forget these are plugins, they sound amazing.

We primarily use them to sketch out arrangements and riffs. However I've re-amped to amp room and used amproom more than any other re-amped sim.

Record a di of guitars along with a miced amp. Shootout the amp with amproom. It's not bad :)

A. Viken

14. März 2013

Softtube Amp Room Bundle

Hey, I'm not a guitarist myself, but I have been visited by several guitarists who have tested the product and the feedback has been overwhelming! Sound and playability are absolutely amazing according to my friends! This is great!

D. Kane

12. März 2013

Super Versatile!

This plug in allows me to really fit the bass into a mix without going through the trouble of re-amping (Thanks for that!). Having the high and low shelf EQ curves on the DI is very helpful, too - nice touch! Also, vocals sound great through this - as do drums.

C. Soulos

10. März 2013

Stunned and amazed

Is there some reason this shouldn't work? Yes, the way guitar amp sims are handled in the digital domain, whether hardware digital or VST, generally falls far short.
But I'm finding I'm using the bass amp for the balls it imparts. It just feels like the ideal set up, Amp and DI, mixed and phase corrected. And it feels like what it says it is.

I'm also using the amp sims even after I record through an amp. Something tightens the sound but doesn't wring out the life.

I just finished a Psychobilly album and used the Gtr amps to customise the sounds to the exact space I wanted.

I'm not using Guitar Rig or my PODxt anymore... well, not as much!


B. Plamondon

1. März 2013

Bass Amp Room puts you in the room

This may be a bass guitar plugin but it also works great on guitars to add depth and space.

D. Colombo

1. März 2013

The best ever solution for tracking and sketching

With this bundle you can track guitar and bass with no latency and ... No sound at all :) models are great even if the number could be improved . Great sound but should give options for pedals. Quite limited in options compared to Amplitube and Guitar rig, but I find this bundle the best friend of an Apollo rig if you track with no amps and just think of reamp or simulation later on. The bass amp is really great. I got rid of all Pod and alike, this pluging bundle does what I need and then I just shape the sound later on. Waited for this a lot. Now finger crossed also BX rocktrack .. Could join the happy UAD platform ??

S. Hughes

28. Februar 2013

Surprisingly good.

I decided to take a chance and buy this bundle. I currently have a POD HD for guitar sounds, as well as a ferocious Marshall JCM900 stack out in the live room, as well as some terrific guitars.

Every time I've tried a software amp package, I've been sucked in by the hype and bull that comes with the territory, only to be bitterly disappointed and out of pocket every time. You'd have to have shit in your ears to say that these things sound good.

However, the Softube Amp Bundle has finally delivered. I've been using them instead of the Marshall or the POD HD. They're ugly boring looking plugs but the sound is solid.

So great to have guitar amp plug ins that actually deliver. Only the REAL guitarists out there will know what I mean.

C. Knox

28. Februar 2013

Already reviewed but Please Give Us Nigel!!

Please UA re- release Nigel as well...such a great plug I bet its even better now with UAD2....please.....?

C. Knox

28. Februar 2013

Already reviewed but Please Give Us Nigel!!

Please UA re- release Nigel as well...such a great plug I bet its even better now with UAD2....please.....?

C. Knox

28. Februar 2013

Already reviewed but Please Give Us Nigel!!

Please UA re- release Nigel as well...such a great plug I bet its even better now with UAD2....please.....?

M. Knutsson

27. Februar 2013


Im not impressed by these amp simulators. They sound harsh and thin.
Im very impressed of a lot of the UA plugins i owned/tested, but this bundle was a big dissapoinment. I compared it to Avids Eleven and Softube just doesnt sound as good.
I hope UA will develop a really good amp simulation plugin in the future.

R. Masters

25. Februar 2013

Not as good as Amplitube.

I realy like how simple these amps are but I know this isn't the best amp sim out there. Amplitube is the best 1 I know of. You guys should get them on board.

C. Soulos

25. Februar 2013

Knocked out

I might say I don't miss Nigel now.
I do like Nigel a lot but it's gone now unless I roll back a few UAD versions.
But these amp sims are just gold.
I'm actually humbled.
It took no time at all to finish off the 2 mixes I was holding my nose over before, two Western type Psychobilly tracks. I was able to tweak the amp/mic set up in no time at all, less than a minute it was a done deal for each and every guitar, lead, rhythm, melody.
Now I have a good bass amp I don't need to mic up the mini Ampeg rig the neighbours were gonna hate me for.
Thanks UAD

B. Chapman

22. Februar 2013

Not up to snuff.

The idea of being able to track with an amp sim on the front end has got some appeal, but the bottom line here is they just don't sound as good as many plugin sims. And, why would you want to limit what you can do to the sound after tracking? Axe FX is still the best thing going, if you can't mic up an amp. It's expensive, but a lot of bang for the buck. I fully support the idea of UA producing their own new fangled amp sim. I think they can probably do a better job than this.

S. Chapin

19. Februar 2013

Ok I guess

Metal plug has some useable stuff, but first impression on the vintage
plugs is that none of them react very well to the guitars volume pot, especially the Marshall, which also sounds kinda buzzy.. UA is great at listening to their customers, so I'm confident they'll clean up the issues in subsequent releases, but I, like other reviewers here, also hope for the return of Nigel.

R. Lecuyer

19. Februar 2013

Bring Back Nigel to UAD-2 PLS!-2

To be clear, Softube amps are a great addition especially with Apollo, I'm so very happy with it but in all honesty, I do miss Nigel now that I have Apollo to go but can't have Nigel with it, fortunately still being able to experiment and enjoy it on my very old system which is not portable/in the field which is where I would need it most for band recordings...Thx UAD for everything else as usual... ; r )

121-140 von 146 Ergebnisse