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Softube® Amp Room Bundle


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F. Blue

14. Januar 2015

A little disappointing

To be honest, this is the first time I'm not AMAZED by a UA plugin.. probably would not recommend. It's O.K. but not super high quality. Semi usable. Definitely try before you buy.

G. Poulter

23. Dezember 2014

Soft tube amp room bundle

Great bit of software awesome sound and easy to use

T. Eriksson

12. Dezember 2014

Great guitars, quite nice bass

Really nice guitar sounds, both vintage amp & metal amp.
But it seems like the marshall is made for humbucks and the vox and fender amps for singlecoils. Also obviously the metal amp works best with a humbuck guitar.
The bass sounds are also good but they can get a little muddy in the very low mids, but a little compressing in front of the amp takes care of most of that.

Although the best thing with these plugins are recording with them, even if you don't print it to track. The "zero" latency is amazing.

Vintage amp room get a 5,
Metal amp & bass amp get 4 stars from me.

F. Stuart

1. Dezember 2014

They sound like an actual amp!

The Amp Room Bundle not only sounds great, it sounds like an actual amp with flaws and every other detail.

S. Records

6. November 2014

crazy horses

I just loved this bundle! what a great vintage sounding guitar and bass. If you're a Neil Young fan, and love the crazy horses kinda sound, you will feel good mate!
Softtube Vintage amp room + Fatso + killer take = fuck yeah!

R. Sheridan

12. Oktober 2014

Amp room bundle

Great plugins for getting a tone quick or layering guitars, been using this on vox too for a little distortion fx. Not going to replace a real amp or kemper/axe fx but definitely worth the money for laying ideas down quickly.

J. Knox

6. Oktober 2014

Great Sound - Needs A Gate

I've really enjoyed recording with these amp simulators. I also use Guitar Rig quite a bit, but these feel a bit more raw (in a good way), and the ability to change the tone by moving the mic placement is probably my favorite feature.

The one major drawback is the lack of a noise gate. Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to easily gate the signal feed into the amp, which results in a lot of extra noise (too raw for me). UA really needs to add a simple gate to their collection that could be inserted before this plugin. I realize that I could probably insert a channel strip that includes a gate, but I just want a basic gate that won't take up a lot of processing load. Please UA create a noise gate plug-in.


J. Earp

28. September 2014

Why UAD, why?

This is so disappointing - you'd think with how incredible this could be as a guitar front end for Apollo, it would sound a lot better.

You can get some "ok" vintage tones but they're very thin and brittle sounding. The rest of the UAD stuff is amazing so this is a huge let down. I'm so glad I only demo'd these..

If you want thin and brittle, buy these (don't!). If you want thin and brittle to be an option you choose out of hundreds of other guitar tones, buy Guitar Rig, Amplitube etc Pretty much any of the other major amp sims have far more options and better tone.

D. Tirch

15. September 2014

Excellent, but room to grow

This is an excellent and pure amp emulation. The best there is so far. However, there isn't room for virtual pedals in the signal chain before the amp. Which does encourage actual pedal use, but this is the room to grow.

L. Briis

12. September 2014

Great stuff

Fantastic realism in high gain metal amp, and not bad at all for the discerning studio musician. The three vintage amp gives a nice clean sound, with one of the amps also gives a break'n crunch in some kind of the old rockerbilly bluesrock style.
The bass amp is good to have when the bass player step by..

P. Bent

7. August 2014

Very disappointing, very overpriced.

Maybe I haven't worked with it enough, but these amps don't sound all that great to me. Not impressed with the half stack - brittle and distorted, and not impressed with the "green" amp - raunchy and distorted. I really don't care much about bass amp models 'cause direct just sounds better to me. And I don't play metal so I don't know if these amps are good or not. But the real let-down was the "brown" amp. I've used many different Fender amps in my career, and I love 'em. The brown amp is a one trick pony; a wooly sounding overdrive at any volume between 2 and 10. Unlike a real amp the sound doesn't clean up when you turn the guitar volume down. Amps in Apple's Logic sound much better, and the ENTIRE DAW is priced same as "Amp Room."

G. Hall

4. August 2014

digging the clean sub..

The bass room is one of my well used plugins. I find it adds lift depth and realism to not so convincing soft synths and samples. Love the clean sub settings for a quick round bottom in my hands. :-)

J. Vanzino

7. Juni 2014

Good Emulation

This takes me back to the days when we could work in a large room and really be able to tweak the guitar rig for hours to get just what we were looking for. Great sound and unlimited variations using the mic placement feature.

I do have two gripes though that keep this from a 5 star rating. It would be great to choose many more mic's than what is offered (although you can accomplish this some crafty eq'ing but it's not as fun!) and the lack of a built-in tuner.

R. Belew

22. Mai 2014

Convenience and a killer sound

I purchased Amp Room Bundle to use with my Apollo quad to let me have near zero latency. The amps sound quite good and when combined with the Roland RE-201 it provides me with just about everything I need for now. I'm just beginning to dig a little deeper but I'm a happy camper right now.

K. Church

14. Mai 2014

Great product!

I've used soft amp on my current project for bass and guitars. Love the VOX AC 30! Not to mention the other amps are great too. I used to be a amp snob luntil I heard and felt the warm tone I can get out of the VOX simulation. Sounds like the real deal! I have a 65 Fender Blues Jr that sounds great, but these amps sound just as good once you dial them in. Watch the input gain and use a tube preamp in the power strip to give it some power and bam! You'll have an awesome recording amp. I also plugged my pedal board into the Apollo Twin Duo in the instrument port incase you're wondering. As far as bass goes I plug directly into the Twin Duo with soft amp and a tube preamp selected in the inserts section on the mixer. Thanks UAD!

J. Abbott

14. März 2014

Not impressed

Works ok I guess but there are a lot better amp sims out there
Kind of an underwhelming product for $ 200

B. Malouf

2. März 2014

Musical amp sounds

The folks that produced this plug-in are ARTISTS. This is an exquisite and simple design that reaps tremendous benefits sonically and makes mix placement of the instruments going through it effortless.

J. Brown-mccue

13. Januar 2014

Good but not Great

I've found uses for almost each of these simulated amps so they aren't useless.. I prefer Guitar Rig though.
It would be cool if they had offered gate on each amp, I believe it's only on the Metal.
It takes up a lot of cpu. Good but could have been better.

J. Cummins

23. Dezember 2013


Once again great, they so just what they should. Sounds from the past to the present. Now once again get back to work with these wonderful tools! Thanks again Universal Audio.

R. Huard

22. Dezember 2013

great amp

i been waiting a lot to be able to buy me this little piece of art
now i cant live without, love the true sound of it

101-120 von 147 Ergebnisse