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A. Pütz

21. Juli 2022

Great Steinway Sound

This PlugIn gives you a great Steinway sound. Great to use in Pop/Rock or Jazz productions.

UAD User

15. Juli 2022

You have to bring it

In today’s virtual piano world one Company is the benchmark — Spectrasonics. And Ravel falls far below this standard. This plugin is deceptively priced. UAD makes great products; this isn’t one of them. Get Keyscape instead.

E. Theocharous

13. Juli 2022


Medium Sound

B. McDade

13. Juli 2022

Reverse is added texture

I was running a VSL imperial on a project I’m working on but swapped it out with Ravel to compare the textures. Suffice to say this is now a perm fixture in my template! Try it you will buy it!

D. Willis

9. Juli 2022

You Made Me Buy It

UA, you made me buy this by resetting my demo. When I finally got to try it, I wasn't expecting much since I already have lots of good piano sounds. But there is something about this one... it has a heft and weight to it that just feels substantial. It's that same UA ineffable quality that makes me buy their products -- there's just a "feel" to it that others don't have. I spent almost an hour doing an A/B with 6 other high end piano sounds, trying to talk myself out of it.

The bottom line for me is that this instrument is very playable. Anything that feels more like play and less like work is worth it. And it sits in the mix nicely. In a dense mix, I have to do a high pass filter on it, otherwise it will take up too much space. But it's always better to subtract than to add something that's not there!

I always thought the UA instruments were a novelty, but this is going to be a workhorse for me.

P. Lira

4. Juli 2022

No tricks pony.

I have tried to use RAVEL on my newest projects but every time I compare it with Keyscape and I end up using Keyscape instead. The reason is that I think RAVEL lacks body and a dry focused sound. Even the driest setting is too wet. I really want to use it on a project, but it just doesn't sound very good in the mix. Too roomy, muddy, and harsh.
I produce mostly pop/rock.
I am still looking for that one trick (at least) for this new pony.

C. Huet

29. Juni 2022

Correct but not perfect

It is correct, but the major defect in my opinion is the irregularity of the sounds and velocities: there is too big a difference between the C5 and the A4 Sharp for example.
I don't understand how you can give 5 stars, in any case, they are surely not professional musicians. You have to be deaf not to hear this kind of defect.
It's still usable but not as a main piano. And compared to the competition, it's not worth more than 70$.

D. Hughes

27. Juni 2022

Decent, but has flaws

Got this to have some options when tracking digital piano. There is a lot of body and deep tone in this software. It does have a more intimate feel to the resonance of the piano.

At first it was a huge improvement to the stock plugs in my DAW. However, as I’ve been mixing with this software, I’ve started to notice some slight distortion in the samples. I checked it on 5 different DAW setups at various rooms I mix in. The same result in all of them. It worth the price and I will keep using it from time to time, but I will keep searching for a richer tone that doesn’t have distortion embedded in the trigger samples.

S. Ellis

17. Juni 2022

Excellent Sound

Sounds very real and sits really well in a mix. I’m using the UADx plugin in Logic Pro and haven’t experienced any issues like some of the other reviews have said.

P. Lira

14. Juni 2022

Waste of time. Won't have my money.

I tried the demo version with the intention of buying it after 14 days of tests. Well... it is so glitchy that I refuse to waste my time playing this piano. It is as if a beta version was abandoned by the creators instead of finished. Too roomy as well... not good for most genres of music. I am so glad I tried the demo first.

N. Shaw-Hulme

10. Juni 2022

At the moment it is unusable as a UADx plugin via Spark

The sound is good, great in a mix but and this is huge BUT, I cannot use it on anything except single lines. If I play chords it cuts out and give the reverse sample sound with pedal use. A real shame as it's character is very different to my Keyscape C7 or my Arturia Pi. I would love it to be a flavour I could use as the timbral control is like moving mics around a real piano. I am confident it will be fixed but for now I can't risk it.

P. Morey

4. Juni 2022

Great Sound!

I’m not a music producer or sound engineer. In fact I’m only just learning to play the keyboard and wanted something that sounded right. Ravel does just that, a lovely deep rich sound which makes learning rewarding.

W. Krol

17. April 2022

Thinny sound. Not for the price.

Thinny sound. Not for the price.

T. van Ginkel

14. April 2022

Best Piano Plugin Out there

I make piano dance music so my main focus is always on piano, this is for me the best plugin out there! the character of this piano is beautiful and the extra options are, awesome just what i expected from Universal Audio! Also great that you can now use it in your own DAW! Working perfect in Logic!

P. Leisten

28. Mai 2021

Fits great into the mix

I am confused about the mixed reviews. To me, the ravel fits nicely into the mix. Yes, its a darker kind of piano, but it has a noticeable distinctive sound that separates it from "already heard" pianos. Very happy I bought it!

J. Cartwright

3. April 2021

Sounds Incredible

Amazing work.

M. Griffo

1. März 2021

Truly Incredible

As a professional grand piano player, and an owner of a Korg Kronos, this is one of the best sounding virtual instruments I have ever heard.

I was blown away when I heard it. Truly amazing.

N. Mateichenko

1. Januar 2021


I thought for a long time whether to buy ravel, when uad offered a discount, I bought it did not even try the demo version. I was a little upset because of the midrange sounding, there is no fullness in the lower register. there are still bugs when pressing chords, clicks and sound dropouts. Arturia with her duties in underwear is head and shoulders but the middle and high plastic ones. I hope the developers improve Ravel

D. Dyer

30. Dezember 2020


The mechanical noise issue was addressed!
now I can say this is the best VI Piano I've ever had.

G. Claggett

24. Dezember 2020

Very nice sounds--Very resource intensive

The sounds of the piano are on par with my Nord piano sounds so I am very happy with that aspect of Ravel. When I load the plugin into a mix it runs the Render meter into the red and sounds cut out. So, I have to export the piano track to audio and pull that back into the mix and disable the Ravel plugin to avoid the piano sound cutting out. Hopefully, UA will find a way to make the plugin a little more efficient to make it more functional.

21-40 von 58 Ergebnisse