Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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J. Pineda

13. September 2013

Great EQ!!

I love the warm sound of these new Pultec Collection, I used it on drums and vocals and it sounded awesome!

J. Vawter

8. September 2013

Nicely updated Pultecs

In a busy or dense mix, you might not notice much difference over the legacy version, but on airy or sparse material it shines, much like the Manley. The new filter is just beautiful, icing on the cake. Ideal for any sound that needs to stay clean and natural. Although it does have a definite color, the tone shaping is more like sandpaper than a chainsaw. Engineers printed it for decades because it's pretty hard to mess anything up going in. Coming from that background, if I had an Apollo I'd probably print it even today. Now the slight downside: although the plugins are neatly stacked in the graphic, they are individual instances. Unless UA comes up with a chainer, it would be nice to also have a stacked version, like the Pultec Pro.

T. Prilesky

2. September 2013

Very Happy

This plugin sounds big and three dimensional. Going between the new Pultec Collection and the old Pultec plugin really shows how far they've come. Good job UAD!

Y. Kawahara

27. August 2013

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

New UAD's Pultec Passive EQ Collection is nice sound bifore one.

S. Schmidt

19. August 2013

Next Generation Pultec With Air And Dirt

I do not regret updating from the legacy plugin to the new Pultec ... it is a great EQ for Rock'n'Roll productions. The newly modeled tube characteristics make the difference: Now the Pultec collection has more "air" and "dirt" and "balls" and what you can call it - however, it also consumes more DSP power!

Z. Ou

18. August 2013

Huge different

Great upgrading.

Low: more deep, more punch, larger, silk smooth, analog hardware sounding. old plugin sound soft, dark, small, digital software like.

Mid: Total different, UA you should back my $79. always using Helios 69 for mid freq, now 69 is out my fx rack, replace by new Pultec. large, powerful, but right position, no "in your face" feeling.

Hi: Pultec haven't "open air" sound like API 550, this is original hardware different. old plugin hi-freq have "squeeze" sounding, now gone.

Filter: Alway using Cambridge eq for filter, now replace by new Pultec. more nature, more analog like.

Old Pultec is a great EQ for lo-freq, no one can beat it in lo-freq. but now UA killed it by himself. UA you are a winner who conquered yourself!

A. Jukic

17. August 2013

The Real Deal

To my ears this Pultec sounds like the real thing. I love it as I do all my UA plugins.
As stupid as this sounds, I wouldn't bother with the hardware ones. Get pretty damned
close with a few tweaks. Hardware Shmardware!!!

R. Szafranski

16. August 2013

Rski Pultec

Many years ago I was informed from a friend the Pultec EQ are a must have, during a mastering mix down, although difficult to obtain

Enter the digital age, the first generation UAD2 Pultec was a welcome addition, when I was a proud owner 2010

The newer on is ever so good, audition wise, hard to express in words.

The HLF 3C is a welcome master buss audition, it has a unique character of attenuating the bottom of a mix, that plug in is one of my go to effects now.

I like the concept of three separate plug ins, very cool

C. Huber

16. August 2013

incredible!! another milestone

The pulteq eqs always have been the plugins i use on many channels on my mixes,, on guitars, on drums, vocals, orchestration, you name it.
i love how the new version updated sounds, the high-end seems to be much smoother and more natural. which is a good and a bad thing
especially if you want to have more of an aggressive sound, the new version doesnt sound as aggressive anymore, but i still use the old now called legacy plugin on those parts.
hopefully they newer gonna discontinue the legacy version!

G. Maga

14. August 2013

crystal clear

Love the high-pass filter and I use it on drums a lot. It just gets bigger when you put it on. Also, some of the guide vocals tracked in my bedroom with my crappy $100 mic eventually stay on the final versions of the songs because of this eq. Definitely worth the buck!

N. Anzai

14. August 2013

more accurate than ever

I've been using legacy Pultec Pro for more than 10 years. I still remember when I used it for the first time. It was the very first plug-in I could hear the difference even when all the knobs set to flat. That was the moment I decided to start mixing without big analog console.
Now this new version has made me smile again. I've just used this for the mastering of a sound scape artist and his response was "Wow, what you've done? What did you use?"
Actually I didn't need to turn any knobs much. Just going through this plug in makes a big difference like the real one. I can say this is competitive to that blue hardware.

Y. Kim

14. August 2013

Used extensively mixing a new single

Compared to the old UAD Pultec,
this new beast really shines on almost every track.
Vocals, snares, bass, and drum buss...
Whenever I put this plugin in tho the chain, the sound stands out!
It's a little bit CPU-intensive, though.

B. Nicolas

13. August 2013


excellent Eq collection, thanks audio universal.excellent Eq collection, thanks audio universal.

B. Busch

13. August 2013

Totally Worth It

I have found the orig Pultec was decent, but it had a fizzy texture that often just didn't sound right to me. I'm pleased that the newer models have a bigger, more refined sound, and much smoother texture. While I'm not an authority on the sound of the orig hardware, I have owned and used many clones, and the new Pultec collection sounds closer to and more interchangeable with the hardware.

I'm grateful that UA has revamped some of these earlier plugs that just aren't as good sonically as what they're capable of today. So get over it folks! They're not trying to rip you off, just give you improved options. That costs them time and money.

I'm also happy they did the HLF 3C. While not as sexy, it sounds good and is very useful.

B. Berkovic

13. August 2013

Pultec Passive Eq Collection

One more great collection,thank you Uad for this release

G. Gassert

10. August 2013

Pultecs are Cool

I have many different Pultec style plugins and they are all different but good in there own way. There is something about this one that's very different from the rest . It seem much more tube like . And the Hi /Lo cut module is way useful for me , I never got the chance to use a real vintage Pultec . But compared to all my pultec style plugins This one has a definite Tube vibe .

S. Stoerrle

10. August 2013

Excellent EQ!

I take the Pultec in past time very much for my Vocals. This new Collection its more warm and fat. Thanks UAD for the new Pultec - its great!!

S. Froudist

9. August 2013

THE boost EQ

I don't really care if this collection exactly replicates the hardware or not, what I am impressed by is the sound...this is one of the few EQs that I will use to boost signals. It is sweet, musical and, well, organic sounding. The legacy Pultecs were good, this update is GREAT. You can get ugly or be subtle, and it still sounds delicious! Thanks UA! After 80 albums or so, it is great to still find gems like this for my production workflow.

Steve Froudist,
Awesome Wells Studio
Western Australia

M. Kartashev

8. August 2013

Silk and crunch!

Absolutly love this one!
the new version is more precise its easier to get to a sweet spot
also the new HLF-3C filter is a very welcome bonus (:

love this on Cymbals and on Kick and bass for added weight
also love the mid crunch you can get with it

Top product!

J. Oettrich

6. August 2013

Great Sound

... and really an improvement to the legacy version . Its worth the update

581-600 von 626 Ergebnisse