Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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N. Jensen

14. Juli 2014

Sounds great

Awesome plugin .. Sounds very similar to the hardware unit in the studio... Good job guys :-)

D. Englisch

14. Juli 2014

Sweet tones!

Happy I've finally upgraded, sounds absolutely sweet!

F. Filho

13. Juli 2014

Discreet and very soft.

Good solution for all situations. Including the master fader.

A. Faur

11. Juli 2014

There is no other emulation like this for pultec

Upgrade. I see some comments about the fact that is not sounding very diferent from the old one. This is not true, i use both because they are diffrent. The new one is very nice and the depth of field you achive with this is great.

Not a native english speaker. Forgive please any strange language inaccuracies

?. ??

11. Juli 2014

Silky Sound!

Previous Version is good. but automatically Increase Gain.
but this Version adds just some more Color. No adds gain.
Sounds SIlky. BUY!

J. Hall

8. Juli 2014

Overall, UAD Ain't DMG

If you want the subtle harmonics ... ohhh and noise and aliasing (yeuk!) that is generated once you use a few instances of these plugins within your mix, then buy the Pultec Passive EQ Collection.

If you want the Pultecs without the noise, without the aliasing, without the frequency limitations, and packaged into a fully-customisable EQ with flawless sound and an amazing top end ... buy DMG's Equilibrium.

Then retire your UAD Millennia too...

M. Penn

6. Juli 2014

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

If You Love Pultec EQ, You got to get this in your Daw, Warm, 3D, Smooth EQ. Nice Upgrade from the 1st version to MKII.

Gotta Love It!!

S. Moniz

5. Juli 2014

Much better than expected

I picked up this plugin to complete the Pultec plugin collection I had. I ended up using 2 of the presets later that day on some guitar tracks. It really added a warmth and smoothness the tracks needed. Looking forward to using it on more instruments.

P. Larkin

5. Juli 2014

Sweet and Clear

This is a very useful collection of plugins. I find I use them the most on lead vocals, bass guitar and acoustic guitars, but work very well on other sounds such as kick drum and room mice. The program and midrange eq can make the source sound have more "body" and seem more "forward" without being obvious. I especially like what the EQP does to lead vocals. Nice work, UA!

P. Macino

3. Juli 2014

Great Go-To Plugin

This is a go to plugin for me on vocals and guitars. Adds body, warmth and a nice top end. I'd consider this bundle one of must haves in anybody's toolbox. It even sounds great and adds a little some thing to a track just by being inserted.

J. Jung

2. Juli 2014

My go to EQ

Never tried the original, but regardless of that I think this thing sounds amazing. Just putting a signal through it adds some butter. The boost and attenuation feature is very musical and is generous in smearing color over the sound source. One of these days I should try out the real deal, but just as what in can do to my sound now, is all that it takes.

V. Watson

1. Juli 2014

Pultec try it you'll buy it!

i had the legacy version of the Pultec and was a little sceptical whether the new version could really be any better. Well in short yes! - Sounds even fuller with excellent high end detail. Brilliant on most everything but for me shines on vocals!

P. Milani

1. Juli 2014

go-to eq

Once I put a Pultec across the mix buss I was simply blown away
Also becoming my go-to EQ for vocals, guitars, drums

P. Macino

30. Juni 2014


These have become one of my favorite to add to a number of tracks. They really help make the sound that I go after, and sometimes just merely having them in the chain brings some of that little something extra a life to a mix.

P. Gharapetian

29. Juni 2014

it's a pultec

having used the original a few times, and owning a few clones. this software emulation comes closer to the original than most other pultec clones i've come across. great job on a classic.

M. Navia

25. Juni 2014


Where are the tubes?. Smooth on bass, clear treble. Great work UAD!. My favorite so far.

J. Jung

25. Juni 2014

My Wonder Wall

Gives that beautiful roundness of a tube every time I put something into it. Nothing is harsh sounding and you just can't get bad sound coming out of it, as long as your recording is good. I've used the hardware version before and astonished to find that it does sound like it. I don't care if it does sound like the original or not, this thing does the job for what you need. Ace, UAD!

A. Schinoff

19. Juni 2014

Amazing EQ

The best Eq ever!
even without touching anything!
Thanks UAD!

M. Derkum

19. Juni 2014

sounds awesome!!!

sounds just awesome! even if you put it into the channelstrip and deactivate it. perfect!

G. Taylor

18. Juni 2014

Using this on everything!

This is perhaps my go to plug-in now. Vocals, drums, stereo mix, sound design. It's simply the best sounding EQ I've ever used in the box. You can balance a mix effortlessly. I've used my emulations of the Pultec - this one is by far the best out there short of having it hardware. Outstanding!

381-400 von 581 Ergebnisse