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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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J. Chiccarelli

25. Juli 2013

New Pultec Plug Ins

The Legacy Pultec collection was my favorite Pultec emulation out on the market. However, that's all changed now. The Passive EQ collection certainly surpasses it. There is more size and tone to the sound. The inclusion of the HLF is something I wanted for years. It seems that with everyone wanting LoFi recordings with lots of character i can never get enough radical telephone filtering type devices that restrict bandwidth and add enough color.

E. Portugal

24. Juli 2013

Legacy Pultecs sounded good, but these ... !

I was Mastering a record in Logic and I had the Legacy Pultecs on virtually all the tracks. Exactly amidst this project the Pultec Collection was released and I gave it a try. The material was very dense and rich in harmonics, so the color and effect of these plug-ins were all evident straight away!
The legacy sounded good, but next to these, they sound candy-like! Amazing

M. Arias

23. Juli 2013


One of the best emulations heard body and texture
just wonderful

D. Lynch

23. Juli 2013

Absoulutly Monsterious !!! Pultec Passive Collection

Absoulutly Monsterious !!! Thanks UA you've done it again and I love how you've revised this classic and vital piece of gear. With all the warmth and caracter I would expect from the real things you've really nailed it down to the finest details. It's things like these reissues of "classic collections" that confirm I've gone the right way with using UA's stuff.
Excellent !! Stunning !! Empowering !!!

E. Greedy

23. Juli 2013

Positively Pultec

I thought the (now) Legacy Pultec Pro plugin was great, but it has now been surpassed. It is now fairly rare when I have plugins other than UA in my session.

I would love to see a EQP 1a3 emulation now :)

C. O'neal

23. Juli 2013

Studio One support

I haven't used the Pultec Pro yet.

Just wanted to comment on J. Battel's review below. I use Studio One Pro v2.5. Works just fine. I have a UAD 2 Quad PCI card. Zero problems... great investment.

F. Fraikin

17. Juli 2013

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

This is it! You guys nailed it! I’ve test it on two mixes of the same song using only Pulteq as eq.
One mix with the legacy and same setting and the other exact same mix with the new ones. I encourage everyone to try so. The difference speaks for himself.
First the 1176 and LA2’s than the API and now those, I frankly didn’t expect such an improvement on the Pultec :-). Thanx UA

J. Lutin

14. Juli 2013

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Very good plug
i like it
ths u univerasal audio
you are the best

J. Ferraro

13. Juli 2013


Love this EQ set, something for really any application. I love how you can coax up the weirdest wooliest sounds for drums and synth, or just use it like a normal eq. Without even doing anything it adds some unique and subtle flavor. UAD has been picking winners lately with the plugs they've chosen to re-model. Miles beyond the originals!

M. Olsen

12. Juli 2013

Not the trump I was hoping for...

The Pultec Pro (classic) has been the primary EQ in my mastering chain for several years. I just completed an A/B test. I like the smoothness and warmth of the new set (sans lo/hi-cut). But by comparison the new EQs jointly lack the punch of the original. In fact, I'm going to be sticking with the original for my mastering work. It's just not worth sacrificing the midrange punch I get through the original.

I anticipated this would be a no brainer upgrade for me like the 1176 and LA-2 compressors were, but it's simply not. I pray to my higher power that UA NEVER discontinues the older versions. Ultimately, it's probably good to have both versions, but for now, I'll spend my dough on something else.

T. Hill

12. Juli 2013

New Pultec Collection - GREAT Upgrade

Been using the Pultec-Pro plug for years. Just purchased the new Pultec. Ran some A/B tests over the last few days.

The new Pultec has much more character than the old. You can really hear the tubes and transformers. The highs have greater definition & more air, but more smooth. The lows seem bigger, fatter, bouncier, but are again more smooth. The Q on each band seems to be different, not wider, just a different curve resulting in better definition between each band. Especially true for the MEQ-5. The MEQ is much improved & can really be used surgically now, not just to shape the mids. The HLF-3 is a nice addition.

The whole package exudes class! DEFINTELY a worthwhile upgrade! Now if they'd just have included the EQH-2...

O. Knight

11. Juli 2013

Wow! It just keeps getting better!

UA just keep raising the bar. This really is another evolution in the standard of tools available to us in the digital world.
Does simply placing this plugin in the signal path improve things? Yes! Does it sound like the hardware? Yes!
I don't have an original 1A here in my studio at the moment so I can't do a proper A/B, but this plugin instantly gives me the feel I am looking for, the same feel I have always got when using the hardware. Is it going to be exactly the same as the hardware? Well, no! But try to find two hardware units that are exactly the same as each other! It sounds like a Pultec.

An amazing update, a great price, low DSP hit, and THAT sound!!!

Once again UA you have captured and recreated magic.

This really is Pultec!!

M. Curran

10. Juli 2013

Now hold on...

What's going on here? I own the Pultec Pro, and use it often. Is UA repackaging it with another module, and charging $299 for it? Is this a complete reworking of the plugins? If so, is there reduced pricing for owners of the old ones?

A. Leardprasopsuk

9. Juli 2013

Unbelievably Smooth

Didn't really like the old one as it's a bit harsh but this one UAD really nailed it. It now lives up to all those hypes about these EQs. It's incredible how I can add mid-range tone and nice clean air into my tracks without any harshness!

661-674 von 674 Ergebnisse

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