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AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb


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K. Kouchian

8. Oktober 2014

Very close to the real deal

This is a very good plugin.
It may sound silly to some, but what i miss is the noise part of the original hardware.
i wish they would have modeled the AD/DA circuits, cause this part really sounds amazing.
I also wish they would have include all the modes from the AMS, as in the update you can get from the company in LA who fixes those. (i think it is 6 additional mode).
I compared some recording of the effects i have using the same modes and sometimes it doesn't really sound as huge (especially with reverse and non lin mode) but still I'm really happy UA and AMS-Neve did it.
I demoed it for two weeks and two days ago i started a session and i realized i was missing it and went straight to the cart! five stars if they'll add the AD/DA noise

M. Bradburn

6. Oktober 2014

Just fabulous

3 things :-
My new go-to unit
Makes everything sound better
Buy it, now....

G. Barlow

2. Oktober 2014

AMS review

Being the owner of this unit for many years I'm extremely pleased it been made into a plug in ! especially as most my time is spent out of the studio these days !!
Well done UAD, another classic !

G. Gabler

24. September 2014


THANK YOU !!!! I've been waiting years for someone to FINALLY emulate this unit, and for some reason no one has......... GREAT JOB, THE PLUGIN IS AMAZING !!!!!

More so, I'm still waiting on the AMS DMX. That IS THE UNIT I've been holding out hope for. I've spoken with many plugin manufacturers about this at many AES Shows over the years. I've also some time ago, personally written Bill Putnam about this.

Please guys, bring us AMS DMX next !!!! Glenn Swan

Proud Apollo Quad + Multi UAD Plugin owner.

M. Hoomans

24. September 2014

The real sound of an RMX16 now available in the box!

I have been using impulse responses from the RMX16 in many of my productions for the last few years. After playing with the UAD AMS RMX16 plugin for about an hour, I knew for a fact that I would never have to use those impulse responses ever more, as this plugin sounds so much more alive, and since it's algorithmic, it's so much more flexible than those static impulse responses.

The Ambience algorithm to me is worth the price of admission alone, it's such a nice reverb with a special character, that somehow blends with the rest of the mix in a way that is simply stunning. It's a reverb that sounds "just good" when listening in solo, but it becomes amazing when hearing it in a mix! 5 stars from me!

M. Tonkovic

22. September 2014

Pretty and Ugly

Great sound and I love the ambience alg.
But I must say this is the ugliest UAD plugin ever.
I know the hardware unit looks a bit like an old calculator, but this plugin looks even worse. Just look at the on/off button. Yuk!
I know it doesn't reall matters how it looks, but it matters to me.
I like looking at pretty interfaces while listening awesome sound they play out for me.

I would take off two stars, but I won't because of a RMX coupon I got. ;)


M. Moore

20. September 2014

One Of My Favorites

This has been one of my favorite reverbs since the 1980's. It was my "go to" unit in almost every mix I did that called for reverb. I did a lot of R&B mixes and I used it almost exclusively on ballads. I was waiting on UA to come out with this guy for quite some time now and I wasn't disappointed. It gives you that lush AMS sound and they really captured the factory presets.

I have a lot of UA Plugins and I said that I wasn't going to buy one more until they brought this one out, and I picked it up the day it was released!
Now I'd like to see a DBX-165, a Lexicon PCM-42, or an AMS Delay and I'll scoop those right up too!!!

R. Virili

18. September 2014

Great sound...

... but so much money for me. I would like to buy more and more from you UAD, but for a no professional user like me who loves recording and making music at home, it's not easy to get all the bucks : - ) Great sounding plug.

F. Blanc-garin

18. September 2014


It's been years since I've Used RMX16.... and I must say that non lin and ambiance are my all time favorite classic on it....
But having gone Live, mixing FOH, taking the RMX16 on the road was like killing it....

Now, Thanks to AMS NEVE and UAUDIO, I can take it wherever I have to mix, and have Multiple instances of it... what a luxury.... and top of the tops: no noise... at all....

Long live AMS RMX16, long live Apollo 8 !!!!!!

P. Moshay

17. September 2014

Better than my AMS Hardware unit

I have the original AMS RMX16 and the only difference is my old unit has an often unacceptable noise floor for ballads and quiet material.
Its a spot on port over to the computer world.
This plug in will change your mixes dramatically for the better, specially on drums.

R. Edwards

17. September 2014

Fabulous AMS RMX 16

In the 80's when this was first released, it instantly became my first-choice reverb device. It was the original "Fairy Dust". The Ambiance programme became a classic reverb for it's musicality, character and overall richness. Increasingly, it's become harder to source a decent, fully-working hardware version from hire companies. With the arrival of this superb re-incarnation from the original coding of Mark Crabtree, life will have come full circle. The Apollo version is identical, and still has the identifiable character and life, without the noise. All the original features are lovingly re-created, all the pre-sets, including another classic, the Non-Lin. Go on, give your mixes some magic, it really is very special.

G. Hadfield

17. September 2014

Holy pepperpots Batman

I rarely review. But this reverb is just fantastic!! I had to say something. Everyone appears to be blown away by its use on drums, vocals and maybe some nostalgic effects. I've found that it can give a blissful, blurring glow on sustained strings with the non-linear program, and a Rhodes sounds just delicious with the Dark Plate preset. It truly does respond musically when you want it to. Personally I prefer not to hear the obviously electronic artefacts on a transient's tail, but on sustained material the glow it gives I just LOVE!

L. Hughes

16. September 2014

One word Superb!

Anyone that says this is too 80's (as has been said elsewhere) is overdoing it. This thing sits in the mix brilliantly. The Ambiance and NonLin and programs are superb and this thing is so easy to tweek. Sure the others are great too, but I'm still playing :-)

T. Marsden

16. September 2014

Well done had and neve

So its out and I've put it through its paces ,so far so good the presets sound good , the only thing i can find fault so far is the digital distortion if the input is pushed ,which would not happen on the original unit.
All ready placed it in a template in cubase .
Well done ,and worth the wait!

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