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AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb


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G. Gadda

31. März 2017

back in the 80's

STUNNING!!!!! Even better than the real thing!!!

Z. H

14. März 2017


It has become my go to reverb. I actually like the fact that it is possible to make the reverb tails brighter than on the hardware version. I even use the echo as it has the right kind of early digital feel to it. I just wish the echo could sync to midi clock...

G. Hassenrück

14. Februar 2017

AMS RMX 16 - my Reverb forever

Dieser Reverb steht konkurrenzlos da. Einerseits einfach zu bedienen - andererseits kommen einem sofort die 80er Jahre ins Haus. Die 80er - das war das Jahrzehnt des Halls in der populären Musik. So bunt war es diesbez. nie wieder. Danke UAD!

I. Karkkainen

16. Januar 2017

Very nice

Drains the CPU but it's worth it. Was not a fan of the interface at first but after a while it stopped bothering me. Sounds fantastic.

I. Lombardo

15. Januar 2017

The best one!

this is the best reverb I've ever heard. It's excellent as delay too.

a. howard

14. Januar 2017

great stuff

I really enjoy this plugin. It's great for creating space.

m. wan

12. Januar 2017

That sounds very comfortable.

Natural and comfortable sound quality
Must have the plugin
Cannot replace

m. wan

12. Januar 2017

That sounds very comfortable.

Natural and comfortable sound quality
Must have the plugin
Cannot replace

N. Antonio

8. Januar 2017

hot sound

The Ambience reverb is just perfect for vocals and guitars, it gives a nice space around the instrument or vocal with out drowning it.

M. Hernandez

6. Januar 2017

The eighties sound is alive again!

This gear have one on Estudio 19 in mexico, when I check my mail few months a go, I found that Universal Audio release the great classic reverb AMS! I love this plugin because this is the sound of future, classic and realistic very used on the 80s but very useable for all the times.
The AMS was used on a lot or my favorite record specially in Joy Division and New Order, for Martin Hannet, for me he was the first or the principal to put tracks in the great experimental direction...
In voice you could have the tone of She's Lost Control track from Joy Division or the classic snare of post punk era, very only and very useable on special tracks, is like another dimension with a lot of possibilities on my mixes!
Thanks Again Universal Audio!
#TheRealDeal #ElRockNoTienelaCulpa


6. Januar 2017

이건 진짜다

이렇게 고급스럽게 걸리는 리버브는 처음이다. 덕분에 음악이 찰랑찰랑거린다. 샤방샤방하기도 하고!! 기분이 참 좋다. 역시 돈은 참 좋은것이다.

F. Batiste III

5. Januar 2017

Great Hip Hop Reverb

Since a lot of Hip Hop is based on sampling oldies. I'm sure someone somewhere sampled a song that was recorded with this reverb. With the AMS RMX16 you can actually play your own loops and make them sound as if they were sampled. Another way I like to use it is on synths to warm them up. This is a soulful reverb.

J. Allom

4. Januar 2017

Welcome back old friend!

Wow Wow Wow!!! I can't tell you how good it feels to have an RMX back in the armoury! This plug is priceless - it emulates with stunning accuracy the original hardware, in every detail. The sounds you can pull from the RMX are as relevant today as they were way back then - it's just such a great unit! Thanks for plugging us back into fun UA!

J. Houtman

2. Januar 2017

Instant classic! Right here!

This is a one of a kind! There are not many reverbs that you can tell instantly what effect they used. This is one you will!

If you are looking for a great reverb that has that special sound..look no further. Put it on drums, vocals, just sounds great! Make sure to watch UA's 5 minute tips video on this one. It has so much character!

I make a lot of synthpop, and this reverb is my go to one! Its not cheap, hardly on offer, but its so worth paying for!

M. Diaz Velez

24. Dezember 2016

80's are back! and with Echo

A reverbs are a "must " on our tools and this one is not the exception. Great sound, very accurate and the 80's sound on your tools arsenal!!!

D. Myers

11. Dezember 2016

Sounds so good!!!

Love using this Reverb unit - finding the interface a little tricky to use but it really does something different - it has a colour all its own - works great on an auxiliary!! 80's vibe for sure! Go get it!!

D. van Haarlem

10. Dezember 2016

This is really a reverb "like no other"!

It was the sound of "back then" and it surely is the sound of Now!
Ambience and Non-Linear, Plates... It is heard all over countless classic recordings. So many ways to use it and get that "enticing" reverb sound. Big, small, long, short; any way you like it. You will Love this one!

R. Howell

9. Dezember 2016


AMS RMX16 DIGITAL REVERB is an amazing reverb. So different than the Lexicon 224 and both so useful, so I got both. (This one does use a lot of DSP @ 40.6% in mono compared to the Lexicon 224 @ 15.3% in mono).

A. David

25. November 2016

Addicted to its warmth

Along with the AKG BX20, this is a reverb that I love to just solo and get lost in. It is magical. Thank you.

O. Us

21. November 2016


My best reverb will remain Lexicon for all times but this is something different. Actually has more to do than lexicon with Chorus for Phil Collins/Eric Clapton style and ambience for gorgeous reverbs..
My desert island plugin no 3.
would love it more with less DSP load but every beauty has its cost.. I remember that i said "yesssss!!!" this is it''' moment when i tested first. Then you really get addicted and have to buy in seconds.. That's the only bad thing about it.

181-200 von 313 Ergebnisse