Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle

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Precision Mastering Bundle


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G. Chantraine

19. Februar 2005

By Far, the best software limiter around. Better than Wave, Ozone or even Voxengo. It's more transparent, more musical. It fattens the sound without crushing the dynamic right away and it's the cleanest I've heard.

I would definitely recommend this purchase ! :)

C. Finster

14. Februar 2005

Well im sure im just repeating 90% of the reviews on the PL, but this thing absolutly crushes the L3.
Its also kind to a drum sub mix.

Chris Finster-

Geomana Studios.

P. Inder

9. Februar 2005

The sound of the Precision Limiter is very warm, natural and open ended. It's a great plug-in for use on things like drum overheads, or on inependent tracks or virtual instruments to give them that natural rounded analog limiting effect. However, as a mastering plug-in, I found that when compared to my Alan Smart C2 hardware compressor (on an insert on my TDM system) this plug-in doesn't provide the dynamic headroom and volume required to master mixes for release on air or for general release.

The puzzle has still yet to be solved on how to create a mastering plug-in that can provide an impressive volume output whilst retaining the clarity and musical definition/separation of the audio material without breaking up and getting muddy when pushed to the ceiling, the fatness and transparency like a dedicated piece of expensive analog hardware on the output bus. But for those without mastering hardware, this plug-in is the best thing currently available. Waves don't come close when it comes to analog emulation.

D. Vermuijten

4. Februar 2005

This thing just blows me away !! It has a very transparent sound and is now on every track I make . It has the edge that some of the waves plugs are missing . 10/10 !!!

J. Talbert

30. Januar 2005

The most transparent limiter I've ever used. Easily, the Precision Limiter has all but eliminated my usage of the Waves L2 or L3. Of course the Waves limiters are still useful for some applications, but I find that the UAD-1 Precision Limiter provides added level without coloration or loss of sonic detail. And the K-System metering provides more useful decision-making feedback on final levels than a simple peak meter. Definitely a favorite.

J. Talbert

30. Januar 2005

Very nice EQ. Its sonic transparency is well suited for mastering applications and makes a perfect companion to the Precision Limiter (which is now my absolute favorite plug-in limiter from any manufacturer). Please release more mastering plug-ins! Perhaps a multi-band compressor?...

K. K

23. Januar 2005

Wow!!! Finally, a EQ I can call upon to actually sizzle melody into the audio. I liked it on a lot of levels. The sound is absolutely marvelous!!

The stepped function is a great addition. Wished all plugs had that very ingredient in design. More Mastering plugs please!!!!!!


K. K

23. Januar 2005

Hi All,

KAyo here.
As far as Mastering is concerned..................... nothing even comes close to the punch and tight floor you get from the Precision limiter. I tested not only the L2, but also the new L3 Maximizer and Multimizer, both showed weakness in sound compared to the Precision Limiter. The audio floor just doesn't have the same hold and class. Simple as that!!

Don't listen to me, just try it.

J. Carlo

21. Januar 2005

This is an absolutely beautiful plug-in.

When I first bought the Projekt Pack, I was very impressed with the quality of all the plug-ins, particularly the Pultec Pro. A friend of mine insisted that I test drive the 14 day trials since I hadn’t done so already. The two stand out plug-ins were the Cambridge EQ and the Precision Limiter. I immediately bought them both and they have now become two of the most heavily used tools in my home studio.

I dread using words like "warm" or "transparent" to describe audio, although I understand that words like these are simply used to explain a tangible idea of a particular sound's character. In the case of UAD's Precision Limiter, I'll keep it simple and state that this is a very easy to use plug-in that provides outstanding sound quality.

L. Rimes

21. Januar 2005

I have to say that I was very impressed with the transparancy of the limiter.
It outperforms the L2, L3 and any other plug-in limiter designed to make your music loud!!!!
Great work guys.

C. Castro

16. Januar 2005

I wouldn't go as far as to call this unit competition to the L-2 for mastering. The L-2 provides more "level" to the ear at the same reading of the VU's. What this does do really well is compress a drum sub mix, much better than anything that Waves has to offer. I have to say that for rock drums, it adds much more usable punch that even the Fairchild.
If you're looking for that "modern" in your face drums, this is the one that will do it and much more!!! It works really well on rock guitars as well.

J. Knight

7. Januar 2005

UAD rocks I compared it to the new Waves L3 Ultramaximiser and it blows it away UAD knows what they are doing

K. K

16. November 2004

Having bought the UAD- pak, I happy to convey my absolute satisfaction regarding the card, and clarity of audio.
As a Mastering engineer, its turned out to be a great addition within my kingdom of plugs that actually work and perform well.

The Fairchild is something I truly enjoy using.

Just one criticism: the buttons response is somewhat flaky and bit weak. Especially for delicate mastering. Annoys me and the client if the rotaries respond jumpy. Not really a audio issue.

Thanks to Team UAD


F. Lopez

13. November 2004

Pure analog tone. It is as a real hardware hand wired.
When i listen it, i believe it is a hardware and i look for it in my rack, but, it is in the UAD-1 !!!! Into the PC.
L2 is crunchy, and L3 changes your eq and stereo imaging. L2 screams, howls, if you hear with the Precision Limiter.
Precision Limiter is really warm, bottom, nice, analog.

S. Hurst

21. September 2004

WOW...transparent, deep, and wide open. Thank you for allowing me to finally ditch my L2. Thank you UA.

J. Scrip

16. September 2004

Excellent transparency - Excellent metering. Well done as usual. MASSIVE Mastering has a new digital limiter. And suprise - It's SOFTWARE!

Z. Ivancic

13. September 2004

I have compared this with Voxengo Elephant. UAD is a clear winner.

M. Nielsen

9. September 2004

I've been using L2 for a couple of years now. The Precision Limiter blows it away. TOTALLY transparent loudness. The L2 is still a little crunchy (the L1 is really crunchy), and when you start pushing it, the audio kinda feels a bit overinflated and distorted. The UAD feels like a REAL hardware mastering limiter. YEAH!!!!!!!

J. Kallstrom

7. September 2004

Works great for getting a hot, distortion-free signal!

M. Fletcher

5. September 2004

Hey UAD have done it one more time. This plug is brilliant. It is transparent and gives enormous amounts of loudness and clarity to masters. This thing has become my secret weapon for all productions. Contrasted to the Logic Pro Ad-Limiter there is no competition. The Ad-Limiter gets muddy, affects perceived EQ and quickly gets bogged down in complex pieces.

The interface is cool - like the input knob and the meters. AUTO mode works great. Takes seconds to set.

Certainly one of the best plugs for the UAD1. Even beats the Cambridge in amazement factor.

Cheers guys

621-640 von 641 Ergebnisse