Precision EQ

Precision EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Precision EQ


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D. Ralph

23. August 2007

AHHH i hate UA! They keep making me open my wallet!
I'm almost out of moths.

This is the only plug that i have reviewed but have not purchased, this is solely because at the moment i've spent me last pennys on the Neve 1081.
So what do i like about this? It's subtle! it's so subtle that it could get away with having three b's and still never need to pronounce either.

For what it's intended for it fills the position to a T, gentle EQ's of a final mix.

Without doubt the next plug i shall buy as soon as my wallet recovers.
No doubt a more helpful review will come at that time too!

N. Hollis

9. Mai 2006

i got this eq a few weeks ago and now i use nothing else for my mastering work, really does sound like a well rounded analog eq up there with best of them,returned my faith in mastering in the software domain,no one else has come this close before,again UA keep up the stunning work,and keep us guys smiling.

Z. Marc

9. Mai 2006

woow, this is just breathtaking, the only eq-plug in that allows me to turn the knob into the "plus" zone without sounding unnatural like all others. first i wanted to buy a hardware tube eq to master my trax, but this superb eq saved me thousends of bucks :-) now i have the sound of the big guys...

Thank you for creating such a great tool.

A. Jan

19. Februar 2006

Good EQ. Tried the demo version.
Strangely enough, in most cases I went for the Pultec and/or the Cambridge during the mastering process.
So I decided to do without it for the time being. But I will remain open to change my view.
I think this question is really dependent on the material of your daily work in your sound studio.
Having said this, I am really happy to say: With the UAD-1 card I got the most natural EQ I have ever heard: THE PULTEC. It helped me find perfect solutions for vocals, gitars and symphonic instruments.
Together with the 1176, the Fairchild and the Teletronix, all of which you can normally use far more than ONCE (I am just making myself clear what luxury I have been given), you get a huge contribution to a better sound for so ridiculously few money.

D. Riggs

27. Dezember 2005

There is a God and he uses the UAD plugins. You know I thought that this would be the most boring.....but actually it can be so subtle in changing how you feel about a mix and in conjunction with the Limiter and the Multiband.....well it is monsterous. When I originally bought the UAD-1 I was heavily swayed by the Powercore. Thank goodness I chose correctly. The best set of plugins anywhere. Period.

R. Teague

22. Dezember 2005

The Precision Eq is the closest thing to a 'better' switch I have ever seen on my DAW. The high end detail and sparkle is stunning. In combination with the Precision Limiter we where able to get results better than our last album; mastered by a very reputable mastering engineer and at a fraction of the price.

I can't listen to mixes done before I purchased this Eq and I would dream of mixing without it.

Thank you UA for making me look so good !!

R. Lynn

9. Dezember 2005

This is the most "musical" EQ ive heard for my DAW!!!! As per-usual UA has

done it again!!

Thanks for making my anolouge friends jealous!!!!

Rlynn GraceNote Studios, Lake Oswego OR

P. Warren

27. Juli 2005

I have the Tc powercore and the UAD 1 card and the powercore plug ins all sound horrible,except for the Sony plug ins that are $550 each.The UAD 1 is spectacular and also works better.I would love to trade my Powercore for another UAD 1 even though it cost more money.I would also love to see UA develop a Lexicon reverb plug in as well as an Eventide plug in.This would make it mandatory for every studio in the world to have many UAD 1's.Peter Warren

J. Treeby

27. Juni 2005

I just got a 2nd UAD-1 (Project Pak), the Precision Equalizer, and Precision Limiter after selling some
rack gear. The Precision Equalizer is the best EQ I have ever used for sweetening up mixes. The Precision Limiter is a great alternative to the L2, meatier, and more...I have to say it ... "analog."

On Nuendo 3 at home, the UAD-1 beats the sound of my Waves / Pro Tools HD rig at work. With the free VST to RTAS wrapper that came with my Project Pak, it also makes my little MBox a serious challenger to my PT/Waves HD rig at the office.

I own all the UA plugs except for the UA Plate 140 and CE-1 chorus. Hmmm, what else can I sell to get those?


E. Ok

21. Juni 2005

Very warm sound.

Use it for Groups or the "Master Mix".

Cambridge EQ and the Precision EQ: A perfect Team for me.

Thanks Universal Audio !!!!

A. Rutkowski

12. Juni 2005

Coming from an Analog goon that recently went hybrid (analog to digital dump for mixing) the UAD plugs are amazing. I thought the Pultec EQ's were awesome and then I did a free-trial of the Precision EQ for a few sessions on an output (inserted before the UAD Prelimiter of which destroys the Waves Lim plug) and I'm totally floored. Again UAD plugs allow me to do things I thought were only pleasing via outboard vintage analog gear or at my console. EQ's have been a sore spot for me regarding digital EQ's until I heard UAD plugs; bar-none the BEST EQ's (also limiters, verbs, compressors, and well - pretty much everything I exclusively use, for digital mixing)

The above-standard and care that goes in to every plug is much appreciated and well used.

D. Wegner

11. Mai 2005

Sitting in Front of an Sontec 6 Band Parametric an think about to use.....but what's that???....
A very powerful Plug-in changed my Mind....and it works great!.....
Gratulation, to build this for all the people who make Mastering and more.....

Dieter Wegner
(Mastering-Engineer, Cologne)

J. Talbert

30. Januar 2005

Very nice EQ. Its sonic transparency is well suited for mastering applications and makes a perfect companion to the Precision Limiter (which is now my absolute favorite plug-in limiter from any manufacturer). Please release more mastering plug-ins! Perhaps a multi-band compressor?...

K. K

23. Januar 2005

Wow!!! Finally, a EQ I can call upon to actually sizzle melody into the audio. I liked it on a lot of levels. The sound is absolutely marvelous!!

The stepped function is a great addition. Wished all plugs had that very ingredient in design. More Mastering plugs please!!!!!!


61-74 von 74 Ergebnisse

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