Precision EQ

Precision EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Precision EQ


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M. G.

4. April 2016


Muy limpio y muy buen sonido. Siempre lo tengo en la cadena de procesadores del Master. RECOMENDADO!!

G. Jennings

15. März 2016

Digging it.

I first read the reviews and thought i needed to try it. I used it in demo mode for a day then made the purchase. I'm thrilled with it. It seems to add a dimension I was missing. And I'm able to put more bottom end in a mix with less worry. I usually find a preset that seems closest to what I'm looking for and work from there.

d. Arthur

14. März 2016

Eq precision parfait pour attenter bas medium

J'ai une pièce qui sonne très bas médium, et quand j'applique le preset qui corrige précisément ces fréquences, c'est magique!
J'enregistre beaucoup de guitares chants, et il y a une transparence immédiate une clarté, c'est bon!

B. Ayazbayev

10. März 2016

Good EQ for mastering

Always wanted to get this eq after trying demo. Finally got it. It does make a good difference to the mastering. Tweak it a little and then compare it with bypassed signal and you will hear what it does. It eq's in very subtle manner without affecting the material.

C. Waldron

21. Februar 2016

Pleasantly surprised!

On the surface it doesn't seem like much, but placing it on the master chain adds a level of clarity to the track that's very had to achieve using other plugins. UA is undoubtedly the best out there and the precision series kicks butt big time!!!

m. Steimer

16. Februar 2016

For subtle adjustments

Precision EQ was made for subtle and clean adjustments, mostly on program material. It does quiet well, with a minimal DSP hit but its GUI definitely deserve a deep refresh.
The concept of this plugin need to be rethink : at least , it lakes a Range dB as on Sontec 432 or Gain Control as on BX_Digital V3.

There is today so much very good alternativ for this kind of work which included more powerfull and more user-friendly tools / options .
Wake up UA 8

D. Gray

15. Februar 2016

Transparent beauty!!

This has quickly found itself in my master path (thats not easy to do! It usually means something else must go). This has been a busy month so not much experimenting was going to happen but this is one of those that you can trust. Great bang for your buck here. Fabulous job!

I. Cunha

15. Februar 2016

Precision EQ

I bought this to use as a tracking EQ and is great to cut unwanted frequencies when tracking. Haven´t used it yet for mixing / mastering but for what I can hear, it's quite transparent and subtle.

L. Kendrick

22. Dezember 2015

Love the EQ Plugin

I use this along with other Plugins on the Mastering... the presets are excellent.. you will find just what you need to smoothly get the nice, sweet sound you are looking for.. Seemed to make my song come alive,... One of the best values out there.. strongly recommend

L. Webster

14. Januar 2015

Precision EQ

Great tool to dial in on your mix and add those small touches to enhance or clean up your mix. Appreciate the work Universal Audio puts in to give us producers/engineers access to high quality plugins....Later Sam Rawsteen of The Originalz Productionz

check out some of the work(production,mixing and mastering) done with universal audio plugins and apollo quad on our website:

B. Kurtcu

12. Januar 2015

Monster EQ

I like. is realy massiv EQ for my Production is perfect. Thank you for this product

C. Cerland

18. Dezember 2014


Je ne m'attendais pas à autant de qualité avec cet égaliseur. Sublime pour le Mastering

W. Schlender

5. Oktober 2014

Precision EQ Plug-In

Very powerful sound shaping tool!! great features!

P. Holubar

25. Juni 2014

Useful mastering EQ

Very useful mastering equalizer plug-in. And with small DSP usage on UAD2 (6,8% only in stereo mode on UAD2 solo)

L. Sicilia

22. Mai 2014

Precision EQ plugin

Questo plug in è meraviglioso!! Mi sembra di lavorare con un apparecchio hardware. Molto intuitivo e lineare nell'impiego. Provare per credere!!!

M. Smith

7. Mai 2014

Great EQ!

I use this before the limiter on a lot of my mixes! Great for subtle EQ in that capacity! Also great in individual tracks for surgical EQ without imparting color! Great tool!

I. Burdukov

14. Januar 2014

Precision EQ Plug-In

Very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R. Mc

21. Dezember 2013

sparkle and shine

you did it again fantastic
great for mastering to get that final something

E. Enger

12. Oktober 2013

Tasty Shaping

I'm liking The Precision EQ for subtle and clean adjustments, mostly on program material. It does a lot very well, with a minimal CPU hit. Loving it.

A. Eriksmoen

12. Oktober 2013


I use this as a master eq. It works quite well. Very sensitive.

21-40 von 74 Ergebnisse