Precision Enhancer kHz

Precision Enhancer kHz

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Precision Enhancer kHz


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J. Pruess

29. Dezember 2013

Great Plug in brilliant Hi-tones

This is one of the best hi-tone plug ins what I have tested. Many thanks I'm realy happy with this plug in . All the best from Spain !!

E. Macapinlac

27. Dezember 2013

Great enhancer!

This plug in is easy to use and gives your not so good recorded tracks a different sparkle. Highly recommended.

O. Szattelmayer

21. Dezember 2013

Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In

Now I know what did I miss before from productions . It gives a nice character to the sound .

R. Remus-nicolae

15. Dezember 2013

The Precision Enhancer kHz

The Precision Enhancer kHz could help by spicing up the dull lacking top end frequencies or poorly recorder material, adding extra 'air' to mixes and providing sweepable high-frequency emphasis selection and also speed control for a smoother or for a more aggressive response. Compared with the minimal control of classic enhancers the Precision Enhancer kHz provides more control.

A. Zilkov

14. Dezember 2013

good one

i like the way it sounds, although exciting is somewhat dependent on the input level, which looks unusable with very dynamic performances. But in some circumstances it may even turn out like a "smart" exciter =)

S. Goldstein

13. Dezember 2013

Superb plugin

Excellent plugin! Just what I was looking for. HIghly recommended!

S. Brown

19. August 2013

Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In

This is a game changer. It just works, and with little to no diddling you can add air and three dimensionality to a mix. I have used BBE and Aphex hardware units for years and this plugin does the job with less artifacts than either of the hardware units. Job well done UA Folks!

M. Åkesson

11. Juli 2013

Makes your session shine!

Seriously, It really is a great enhancer that is easy to use and sounds great! I´ve used it on most instruments and vocalists and it brings a new colour.

T. Scudder

9. Juli 2013

Now part of my master chain...

It really is amazing how this plugin works on both separate tracks and the master...I use it every time now.

F. Stoica

25. Juni 2013

Great tool

Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In is one of the best choise I have made, it is a powerful exciter suited for a large area of instruments. Glad to own Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In.

L. Franco

6. Juni 2013

Amazing at Vinyl Record Restoration

The Precision Enhancer kHz has become an indispensable tool in my vinyl restoration chain. Removing vinyl crackle and clicks is a delicate thing, and even though I audition these processes to make sure none of the actual music is being removed while applying these processes, the reality is that some of the crackle and clicks from the original vinyl transfers do interfere with the upper frequencies of the recordings, so some of the brightness is lost (especially when trying to restore records where the crackle is almost as loud as the audio).

This tool adds additional harmonic content to the upper frequencies in ways that you can't get by using any single EQ or Dynamics Processor. Highly recommended for this type of restoration work!

W. Wei

6. Juni 2013

Great plugin!

I'm almost at any time will think of him, he let me live tracks, and flat tracks, plug in after him, just like women do, like beauty, before and after great!

A. Anyn

16. April 2013

Precision Enhancer kHz.

That so this that directly is noticeable that there is a good tweakability level.
This plug-in literally inhales life in "dead" tracks. It is good (if without fanaticism), practically on any tools, adding "air" to a voice and overheads, "silver" to acoustic guitars and light to violins. Perfectly is suitable for restoration operations.
Some modes of settings do it more to the universal, than other similar plug-ins. Thanks of UA for their laborious and necessary operation!

C. Van

22. Februar 2013

It does what it has to do

I never used a lot of enhancing plugins on my projects... Not that i don't have them, but they were sounding a bit like "metal" i think... If i compare this one with the air enhancer, standard in pro tools, then i have to say that this one is not comparable... It is easy to use and does what it should do: enhancing your tracks with precision, and sounding very clear. It gives your vocal recordings a sheen and polish that i have never seen in other enhancers. A wonderful tool, i use it a lot, most of the time on vocals.

L. Hughes

7. Februar 2013

This thing is just the ticket!

I've tried many tools such as this. Most sound artificial and cheesy. This thing however (used in moderation) can transform a badly recorded bass or electric guitar track. It can be perfect to get difficult sounds to 'sit' in the mix. Love this plugin!

G. Piazza

15. Januar 2013

Okay - depends on your needs

I bought the kHz since the price was so good. I don't see using it too much though. It is probably good for tape restoration and maybe drum overheads, but it adds a high frequency expansion that in the digital environment seems too much. In fact, I am often doing the opposite - high freqeuncy compression of drum overhead mics (or de-essing),
The quality of the plugin is good; it's just that I don't have much need for it.
I find occasions where, if I need to present the highs better, I usually use the SPL Vitalizer (highly recommended - that combined with the K-Stereo is a good way to save MP3s).
Good product - depends on needs.

A. Visser

9. Januar 2013

add some extra

the percision enhancer is a verry usefull tool to add just that bit of presence in your vocals or instrument.

A. Fragkos

20. Dezember 2012

Precision Enhancer kHz

From the best plugins without doubt!You should all have this one

M. Becker

28. September 2012

Great for Dialogue

Certainly finding it's way to the front of the line in my tool box for helping me to get dialogue to cut through, and to help fix muddy field recordings (and stereo mixes). Worth it!

D. Dixon

17. Juli 2012

I haven't use the Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In extensively except on vocals but the improvement it has made it the clarity and crispness is amazing. Combine with the Pultec® Pro EQ Plug-In my vocal mixes are shining more than ever.

61-80 von 100 Ergebnisse