Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


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Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


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UAD User

15. Dezember 2018

Secret mix weapon...

This thing is literally the easiest way to get your LUFS up on the master. A little inflation and you’re already way closer to the in your face EDM sound that you hear from all the big producers.

F. Batiste III

8. November 2018


This thing makes whatever I process with it sound better. Individual sounds and busses alike can benefit from this stellar plugin.

P. Burns III

22. September 2018


I’ve heard great things about the Inflator and knew that I needed this plug in for my tool kit.I use it mainly on the main mix bus,and I find that that it can impart that “magic” touch to my mixes.Just a little goes a long way!Highly recommended!

A. Abbruscato

18. September 2018


Incredible plugin!

T. Manfai

15. September 2018

Magic plugin

I’ve been using the native version for a long time. After becoming an Apollo user, this was my first purchased UAD plugin! Magic tool!

I. Tealdi

20. August 2018

magic powder

add this on 2 buss and you'll have magic

A. Dimino

13. Juli 2018


What a cool plugin. Makes my drum buss much more present in the mix.

Q. Martis

10. Juli 2018

Mixbus gadget

The inflator brings a mix to life by predicting percieved loudness and adding harmonics.
Nice Plugin for the Mixbus for that extra little shine .

K. Lučinskas

3. Juli 2018

It does what name says.

Easy to use, great results.

P. Nortey

3. Juli 2018


This Plug-in is just amazing it make your music louder without destroying it it’s just amazing

S. Lozano

21. Juni 2018

Really Natural Saturation

Inflator brings a smooth dynamic push up to your mixes,

R. Gregory

20. Juni 2018


Best maximizer plug I've ever used and then some!

J. Pitcher

20. Juni 2018


I'm not sure how it does it, but I am impressed with Sonnox Oxford Inflator. I applied this to an individual instrument, in this case a violin solo, and my perception is that the sound is wider, has more harmonics and most importantly it sounds smoother. And I've just started playing with this. I can't wait to try it on other aspects of the mix, including the main bus. Great plugin.

E. Oooka

13. Juni 2018

Work is quick!

Anyway it is simple and easy to use. It is a gear that can not be used for mastering work.

J. Stuart

14. Mai 2018

Expensive, but worth it

Works very well. It seems to expand and enhance the fullness and harmonic pleasant tones, without cranking up the up the harsh tones you'd need to eq out, provided you don't overload it. Really wonderful tool and highly recommended.

H. Johnson

6. April 2018

Intentionaly the first extra candy I bought from UAD

Any time you want to add life to something, put a Sonnox plugin on it...

K. Volpe

3. April 2018

Oxford Inflator

Love this plug. Not on everything but for most tracks. Real handy for quick mixes for clients as well. Another great UAD plug.

B. McDade

20. Februar 2018

indescribable 'brilliance' ??!!!

Adds some special sauce to your channel! if you can figure out what it does, let me know, but its brilliant!

T. Tsubaki

19. Februar 2018

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


N. Leonard

16. Februar 2018

Thanks UAD!

Invested heavily in UAD, and approaching owning half the plug-ins available, and I recommend this one highly - used with Oxford Limiter, SSL G 4000 G, Manley Massive Passive Mstr, and others it is providing commercial-release sounding quality mixes in Protools, and my output is now sounding light years ahead of what it did last year before I became a UAD product owner. Oxford Inflator just gives weight, depth and volume to a mix buss in a way I can't tottaly pinpoint, louder yes, but just that little bit extra 'something' too. Buy it.

61-80 von 244 Ergebnisse