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Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


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L. Messina

14. September 2013


Very simple and highly effective plug in by UA. Always wondered how can I get my mixes as loud as the pros with out clipping then I found this gem.

L. Messina

14. September 2013


Very simple and highly effective plug in by UA. Always wondered how can I get my mixes as loud as the pros with out clipping then I found this gem.

C. Anderson

9. September 2013

The make betterer

Really difficult to describe what this plugin does other than its somehow a magic make better plugin. Although take that with a pinch of salt, turning it up to 100% certainly seems to make sources come alive until you listen in a whole mix or use on too many tracks. Its very easy to overdo it but when you need that help just to lift something through a mix this might just be the magic button you where after.

R. Ramos

27. Juli 2013


This software has the ability to bring out the musical information of the second and third plans that are hidden. With this you make the audio more dense and rich. Be careful not to exceed it and flatten the dynamics, especially noticeable when listening at higher volumes.

S. Hughes

10. Juli 2013


This is one of those 'does one thing and does it well' plug ins that comes in really handy. I've used it on a few final mixes now and the clients have all smiled so far when they get the on / off demonstration.

Not one single person has as yet said... no thanks.

I haven't read the manual yet, so I probably should so I can get the most out of it, but I think it's another great UAD-2 tool that I'll use daily.

I see so many negative reviews here from cheapskates moaning about the cost of these plugs but c'mon guys, we're saving freaking thousands of dollars using these great plug ins instead of having to buy the hardware units that don't sound any different generally.

This tech is just plain brilliant, especially when used with an Apollo.

T. Reis

5. Juli 2013


So simple to use but with great depth. Finding more and more uses for it every session.
Killer on the Stereo Out.

S. Nevarez

29. Juni 2013

Volume boost with no coloration

This is a nice tool to enhance the volume of your recordings. I keep it simple to preserve the dynamic range of the recording. At extreme setting it will add distortion to the whole mix, which is not for me, so I mainly work with the INPUT and OUTPUT sliders. Is that simple.

C. Mcgowan

17. Juni 2013

Oxford Inflator

This plugin is one of the most useful and pleasing processors I have encountered. It's easy to use and versatile. I use it on individual tracks, groups and anywhere else I need to make the most out of a sound without destroying it's dynamics. I'm very happy with this purchase as I knew I would be. Thanks, Sonnox and UAD.

T. Wirz

17. Juni 2013

A complete game changer!

At first I was just pleasantly surprised with the great sound of the plug in having the clip switch in the "on" position. Switching it off and cranking up the input knob made me go: "Wow!" Like the infamous curtain that gets lifted.

R. Masters

14. Juni 2013

This is a good plug.

If you don't like it your not using it right..................

G. Ortner

13. Juni 2013

The Soundblaster for you UAD System

The Sonnox Oxford Inflator is one of the best maximizing plugins. A really good alternative to Precision Maximizer. I use both for maximizing the audio levels.
Its so amazing how this plugin works. It sounds absolutely awesome for me.

Thanks to Universal Audio to made this possible.

G. Piazza

12. Juni 2013

A different path to the maximizer effect

The Inflator is another path to Maximizing. Since uses a different algorithm than the P. Max, is sounds different - more 'Metal' than 'Jazz', more modern, more surgical, slightly less 'tubey'.
It is easier to get too heavy-handed with the Inflator, but it is a good alternative to the P. Max for Mastering.
I also found less use for the Inflator on mix busses and individual instruments than the P. Max.
As a mastering engineer, it is a great alternative to the P. Max and other 'maximizers', harmonic enhancers and 'Exciters'. It definitely has a mature sound - no shoddy programming here.
Demo it and decide. And experiement! It has a wide range of sounds for so few controls.

J. Hudak

10. Juni 2013

really best of all Loudness enhancers

Thank you UAD for making sonnox plugins available for us who trust uad platform...
This Inflator plugin really shines when i need to port my sounds into iOS platform !
They sound much apparent, louder, brighter, on iPhone/iPad/ and other small speaker devices. Hope rest of the sonnox plugs will come soon.

R. Romagna

9. Juni 2013

Great and easy to handle plugin

My swiss-knife of choice to make sounds/instuments louder and punchier. Even great to put the Inflator in the masteringchain before the limiter to punch the hell out of the songs!

T. Correia

7. Juni 2013


Just amazing... i've heard about the inflattor a long time ago, but i just got it from UAD platform because it's the BEST, and obviously it's outstanding! it's amazing! one of my best picks ever...

E. Negussie

5. Juni 2013

Awesome plugin

To be able to just dial in better sound with just one fader is incredible.
I love this plugin!!!

S. Renius

1. Juni 2013

STephan Renius


the Inflator is a very cool tool for my summing mixes. It is a little bit more than subtil.
I've waited a long time ;-).
it takes more than the original from Sonnox.
Please more Sonnox Plugs for UAD !

The best

G. Piazza

29. Mai 2013

Good alternative to Precision Maximizer

The Sonnox Inflator is another way to make mixes louder without squashing them.
It doesn't work on everything; if a mix already has a lot of saturation and harmonic enhancement, the Inflator can make these elements harsh and unpleasant, but when a relatively clean mix needs that extra upfront sound (in your face), the Inflator makes a nice alternative to the P. Max.
Try both; invariably one works better for a given mix. It is not always clear which one and sometimes neither is appropriate.
Make no mistake, the Inflator has a different sound than the Maximizer - less 'tubey' and more surgical and aggressive (at higher curve settings). A good tool for mastering engineers.

U. Borjesson

24. Mai 2013

Just a bit better

In all my masterings where I need life in a lifeless track and the Pultec-Pro is not enough, the Inflator is just what to put in there a few % and the track is back in life:-)


M. Arnold

22. Mai 2013


I already used the "original" Sonnox PlugIn and loved it for the vocal group or for mastering. Easy to handle and great sounding - and finally for UAD2 :-) Thanks, UA!

361-380 von 384 Ergebnisse