Sonnox® Oxford Envolution

Sonnox® Oxford Envolution


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Sonnox Oxford Envolution


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i. sözüer

26. Oktober 2019

No.1 Transient Shaper

The UAD Sonnox Oxford Envolution is a powerful weapon for Synthesizer sounds and of course on Drums. do not know a better plugin when it comes to transient edits

E. Reemann

21. Juli 2019

Magic Maker

I'm sure everyone knows the feeling when loop just does not sound right or one shot
Then you throw this baby on and let him do hes magic :)
Love it

S. Hofmann

25. Juni 2019

Very helpful! - The "Sonnox Oxford Envolution" plugin …

I have become very valuable and indispensable.
The possibility with this tool a complete drum track
to give more expression through dynamics, contours and transparencies
is very impressive. The manipulation of the space via "sustain" is ingenious.
A very well working plugin with which I save a lot of work.
A "must have" not just for remastering. - Absolutely test!

H. Zwarts

20. Juni 2019

good results

Ik like the way this plug in deals with the transients. I get good results. Visual feedback is also great. Probably the best transient plug in available .

K. Babic

31. Januar 2019

Transient Control

This is a really cool plugin. Now I got also the visual transient control.

P. Haas

2. Januar 2019

One of the best "transient designer" I've ever used

Great sound
Simple operation
Good visualization
Applicable not only for drums (also for drums subgroup) but also for bass, guitar and other instruments or effects
Nice job!

J. Copeland

23. Juli 2018

Attack is back

Stays on my drums to make them snap. Great for shaping tones on snare and bass. Love this plug and plan on experimenting more with it.


20. Juli 2018

Sonnox Oxford Envolution .... I have only started to understand the depth of this useful plugin

Sonnox Oxford Envolution .... I have only started to understand the depth of this useful plugin. Amazing pre sets, easy to customize and tighten the envelope of any track , buss, or master. Brings the shine and fat to tracks so easily.

j. persinger

14. Juli 2018

Love it

Best inflatior ever

J. Bell

23. Juni 2018

Pretty Un-Beatable

This plug seems to excel in a litany of situations and is super easy to use.
It is able to impart mojo vary transparently - somehow!

S. Tumashevich

17. Juni 2018


the best transient modulator for me.Really like on Drum tracks.

r. dallas

4. Juni 2018

You’ve got to try this one!!!

So, I was thinking...’What’s all the fuss about’? Within seconds of putting this on my go to reference song, and adding a bit of sustain and and warmth, on God knows what, how can you improve what I thought was a perfectly mastered hit record??? This has to be the simplist, most instantly effect plugin I’ve ever tried. A no brainier, just try it, and you will buy it. Stunning...thank you Guys.

C. James

24. Mai 2018

Best transient shaper to date.

Used SPL shaper with decent results. Then I discovered this. Swiss army tool for transient shaping. Huge time saver. Useful on anything with percussive attributes. Magic.

O. Rostovska

11. Mai 2018

Worth of trying - great tool!

It`s true - it`s an amazing tool for Drum Loops - it fades away unwanted sparkling reverb and gives solid platform for you to work with. If you want to give a punch to your drums - it`s easy. Also try it on different synth sequences - you may find it interesting as well!

C. Paschall

14. März 2018

Powerful Transient Shaping

Super powerful transient shaper. Not sure what else to say... takes the SPL Transient designer to the next level.

P. Alves

20. Februar 2018

The best one for transient modulation

Perfect to achieve powerfull and precise transients, mostly on drum tracks. For me it is the evolution of the old Sonnox TransMod.

B. Maynard

3. Februar 2018

Not just for drums

Have to say, I'm loving this even more than I thought I would. Of course it's awesome on drums, but it is also killer on rhythm guitar and keyboards. You can really change the overall tone and feel of a track with this.

Z. King

13. Januar 2018

Master drum shaper & more

Dynamic shaping for punch, bite, tame or enhance attack/decay/sustain/release on synths, drums, guitars, etc. or just glitch out in loads of creative ways. (Try listening to “diff” for creative uses)

Extremely powerful tool. Wow.

A. Eccli

13. Januar 2018

Very Powerful Tool

It sounds fantastic!

E. Andras

11. September 2017

The best transient designer

You can set to precisely attack and release parameters.
The factory presets are also very good and useful. It's recommended for mastering.

21-40 von 67 Ergebnisse