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Ocean Way Studios


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Ocean Way Studios


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S. Sobel

29. November 2014

Simply fantastic!

I have a small home studio. My live room has Acoustic Foam up to cut down on reflections. This is great except I lose all vibe (especially on drums) when I record anything in my live room. That’s why The Ocean Way Studio plug-in is so amazing. When added, it just transforms your sounds into something magical that brings your recordings into another realm. For me I have not experience anything like this plug-in. Demo’d it, bought it!

D. Kane

28. November 2014

Pretty amazing.

The room verb is very nice to have for loads of sources, but what I really love is messing with different mic sounds - even better than an eq in many ways, a really easy way to alter the sound of most any dry recording.

C. Nedzynski

25. November 2014

Gave this 5 before, but need to express more!!!

I thought this plug-in was amazing before, but the more I use it, the more I realise just how good it is! It's the small room sounds that just sound out it's level of class. For that tight sound with top studio class and sparkle, it just delivers. Love, love, LOVE it. Probably the one plug I couldn't live without.

C. Nedzynski

25. November 2014

Gave this 5 before, but need to express more!!!

I thought this plug-in was amazing before, but the more I use it, the more I realise just how good it is! It's the small room sounds that just sound out it's level of class. For that tight sound with top studio class and sparkle, it just delivers. Love, love, LOVE it. Probably the one plug I couldn't live without.

G. Tutko

24. November 2014

Cosmic vibrations

I've tracked in both the Rooms , the
Ocean Way Room Simulator doesn't
sound like a Reverb unit ,
It sounds like microphones in
those rooms.. same Sonic Vibrations..
Which is great to have now that I'm
2000 miles from Sunset Blvd..

M. Compton

20. November 2014

One of the few plugins I give 5 stars.

If you want a spectacular sounding space, this is the one. I've never heard of Ocean Way before this plugin but hot damn it just makes everything come to life.

D. Keldie

15. November 2014

Ocean Way *****

Love it! It's just breathed new life into some old tracks recorded years ago on ADAT.

A. Cenerini

8. November 2014


This plugin -- along with the Manley Massive Passive -- are what sold me on the purchase of a UAD-2 card. Was using another "room emulation" convolution reverb previously and this plugin is much more user-friendly and sounds at least as good, if not better. Big fan.

A. Booth

3. November 2014

Ocean Way Studios Plug-In

Used this is on a few sessions since I got this and each time for different tasks. The first time was when I got given stems to master an EP for a band and the guitar recordings left a lot to be desired so I used the reamp feature and it did exactly what I wanted it to do by smoothing out the sound and adding character to the sound. The second time was while mixing a track that was recorded in a small carpeted room, the track consists of acoustic guitar, acoustic double bass, acoustic cello, trumpet, flute, piano and vocals and the recording sounding very flat and dry so used the reverb function to bring life to the tracks. Both instances I was left massively impressed with the plug in and how natural sounding it is even under extreme use.

B. Smith

31. Oktober 2014

Ocean Way Studios beautiful

I just got this so my first impression is WOW! The remic is amazing. Placed it on the master of an older song and it made me feel as if I were actually IN the studio. Haven't worked with the reverb but I'm sure I'll use this on all future projects.

C. Leiria

17. Oktober 2014

Surprising plug-in

This is one of those plug-ins that when you read about it you get septic, but after you use it you understand the power of it.
Only used in in re-amp mode and it can give life to dead recordings but not like a reverb, it's hard to explain. I used it mainly in acoustic guitars recorded at my flat, the recordings were ok but when you put this plug in on top of it, approach the close mic to its max and making it predominant between the 3 existing mics, you can really listen the power of this plug in, it gives a little extra to you sound. The mid and far mics are there to give you more depth to the sound and some of the far mics can give you stereo bass. Used it in the master bus for orchestral material but doesn't always work. A bit pricey.

R. Harris

30. September 2014

Wish my Twin Duo could handle more instances

With a large set of virtual instruments to deal with I'm wishing for way more opportunities to use the Ocean Way and the 610's. In a way I feel as if I'm right back in 1965 for two reasons: Back then I had two or four tracks only and had to bounce down. Today I have many tracks ..but still have to bounce down. I feel like I'll never be able to afford the "big time." With that said, I've respect for the work you've done. It is superb to my ears.

H. Li

19. September 2014

Almost magical!

I love using it to turn mediocre samples/loops into something vibrant and alive by giving the illusion of actual space. The GUI is simple and effective. The sound is very persuasive. The effect is more than essential. It's almost magical IMO.

G. Petit

18. September 2014

Uad - another game changer plug.

Nice job on this one, gents - GREAAT room simulation, flexibility in mic choice and proximity. I am finding this plug in extremely useful to add 'reality' to otherwise sterile tracks, including d/i instruments. Also finding it great to glue together instruments recorded separately - brings them all into the same space. Not using it as a 'reverb' recently - more as a 'room reality' creator. GREAT JOB !

R. Dickerson

15. September 2014

Ocean Way Studio

I read a couple reviews of this plug in before buying it where it was described as a one trick pony. They weren't lying. Basically all this plug in does is place your sound in a room. However it is PHENOMENAL at doing that. I have used it on a number of sources and it adds a depth to the sound that is very impressive. Ocean Way can place elements perfectly in a mix at times when separate reverbs and delays just aren't doing the trick. I have recommended this to several friends of mine who are also on uad. It is a must have for your in the box toolkit.

K. Paktrakettrin

9. September 2014

Awesome Plug-in

Thanks UA, This Plugin Just Fix my Mix Problem and gimme a very Huge Change for my Desktop station!!!

F. Schartner

7. September 2014

Another great win for my studio!!

The ocean way studio offers something totally new for me, especially with the re-mic function. As i am a home studio guy, doing arrangements, overdubs and small ep productions, ocean way is a game changer for me. I have no outboard gear and everything is ITB. My Virtual instruments like drums, synths, orchestral libraries sound so much better with this on the bus. You instantly hear the difference. The mic choices, mic positioning, panning, master eq options are awesome.
It is definitely a plugin you need to dedicate some time to find out whats right for you, but the presets are really really good starting points that will get you in the ballpark asap.
The reverb option is also incredible and sounds just insane out of the box. Thumps up!!

J. Seung

2. September 2014

super fun.

're-mic' is revolution!
nice sound and hyper fun.

L. Lee

24. August 2014


This is a very special & important plugin. The reverb alone makes everything you run thru it sounds amazing.. And the Remic section is just A Game Changer Period!! so much to say about this. Please do yourself a favor and grab this NOW!!!!!

?. ??

17. August 2014


Because This processor can make great ambience & reverb.
I almost set this AUX channel.
After Ocean Way Studios Plug-In bought.
I'm enjoying mix & mastering!

521-540 von 733 Ergebnisse